Monday, July 12, 2010

Peril at Sea.

Tom's Journal.

I love the part of this short article with the statement: 'that this prophecy is one the strongest points of our faith in modern times--near future.'

My son, Andy, came over in between his 2 jobs today to take a look at a possible roof leak, but he didn't find anything-- and also to give me an estimate for painting my house a few shades darker of blue than it is now. He painted the house about 6 years ago and it looked very good,IMO. But I have been spending too much lately, even if they were for necessary things and repair. Anyway, Andy is an unbeliever [although I love him dearly], but I believe in hope and the power of prayer. I just don't try to shove things down his throat or use too much 'push.' I bet him $2K today, that I knew who would win the next war in the Middle East involving Israel and her warring Muslim neighbors, but Andy would not commit. I love a little "shock and awe" but was completely serious about the bet/ wager. For the record, I have been wrong a few times in the past-- but that was MY fault in making an uneducated guess, or not getting the true message of the Bible, when ONLY GOD KNOWS WHEN THE LAUNCH will come.

From my own 35 years of intense bible studies of how many times the Lord Jehovah forced His chosen people, Israel, to depend on HIM ALONE to win the victories...but when they refused-- they lost. God will make it look so that Israel won't have ANY friends to help and protect her in the whole world!! The OT [Old Testament] is full of battles where the Israelites were vastly out numbered by the heathen nations-- but guess who won? The Lord God even commanded His people: 'Do not multiply your horses' so they would not depend on them to win battles and wars. But, as usual, what seems like logic and wisdom to erring, unbelieving humans-- is 'FOOLISHNESS WITH GOD.' ~1st Corinthians 3:19. And worldly, unbelievers say that WE CHRISTIANS have the 'blind faith' ...Ha! It makes me laugh with total contempt-- except that not too many years ago, I was steeped in false religion too, and on the high way to hell. It's still hard for me to grasp that God loved me so much FIRST, even when I didn't have my act together and was a profound, prideful jerk. And that's just one more reason why I sin less these days-- for all the many chances God gave ME to get right with Him, I would be loathe to sin against Him on purpose now at the 'end game.'

And as I have said so many times, 'we can NEVER buy or work our way to heaven, but we can obey the Lord's commands and do His work of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in due season-- RIGHT NOW. Who would know better than Tom Schuckman [with all my near death experiences and terrible injuries-- and my wife near death many times] that every day we wake up it's another gift from God and we ought to be about His business instead of all the stupid, mundane baloney we see on TV, Liberal controlled "News," or the movie house. If we have to wear blinders like a horse to keep our eyes on the prize-- that heaven is our home-- then do it! Just like the majority of women I've known hold their precious house, or their children as their chief prize and concern, above all else. Matthew 10 says, that we must CHOOSE between Jesus and everything else! But how many house wives have EVER cracked open the Bible with their small kids on a weekly basis? Well, have your all made up your minds?

I got my knee shots today, PTL, and Wednesday I go back to the VA to take care of a broken tooth at the gum level. Yes! That ought to be a gas...LOL. I just hope and pray that I can be in a good mood the following next few days.

Tom Schuckman

Peril at Sea

Posted: 12 Jul 2010 12:48 PM PDT

By Jim Fletcher Prophecy Matters Israel today is in peril as never before: diplomatically, militarily, politically, culturally…just about any “ly” you’d care to name.That’s in human terms, you understand. I adamantly reject the notion that Israel can be or will be destroyed. Idiots like the one that runs Iran have come and gone for thousands of years, and Israel is here. This one single factor is

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Anonymous said...

Dear Husband Tom,
I know I should be praising God for my healing and I also know that the power of prayer is a great healer. I am living proof of it.
I do not know what God has in store for me, but I know my work here on earth is not complete until He says so.