Monday, July 19, 2010

Support our Young and Old Veterans.

Tom's Journal.

The following is from a Vietnam Veteran buddy who is in the business of helping/ assisting/ mentoring we fellow warriors who already PAID the full price of being a legal citizen of the USA. Veteran BENEFITS are NOT handouts, freebies, welfare, alms for the poor, or anything like that!! The original 'DEAL' PROMISE, CONTRACT was, and still is: "If we fight for our country, it is our contractual RIGHT to get proper medical treatment at ANY VA hospital, at any time, no matter where and when you served in the Armed Forces of America! Period. The VA does NOT usually volunteer this information for political reasons-- so they can 'save money' for other liberal, left wing spending-- like giving aid and comfort to ILLEGAL ALIENS! Shame....

I used to feel a bit guilty about accepting VA- Gov't benefits in the beginning after a long, hard fight to get what was legally mine, 30 some years ago--- so another fine Vet named 'Ragman', from my old helicopter outfit set me straight. But, hey! We should not have to live like a refugee, poor and sloppy, in a card board box, while a liar with a far Liberal agenda, and dubious "citizen" lives in the WH with the air temp jacked over 80 degrees in the Winter time. Get, study, learn and research to get ALL OF YOUR LEGAL BENEFITS, and now! Your spouse can benefit too, with the 'hidden' CHAMPVA provisions that the VA does NOT want you all to know about. Please, do your homework, now! The day might come when the Gov't takes it all away... especially while Mr. obama is in power.

This simple message MUST be spread to ALL COMBAT VETERANS NOW! America has the reputation of dumping on it's Vets anyway-- and now we must hold the Gov't to account to pay it's dues to the Vet! Please share.

Tom Schuckman
Jesus is Lord, and Heaven is my Home.
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70

Today I met with another Vietnam Veteran. Like so many others, he's avoided the V.A. since he returned in l970. We all remember what a "factory" the V.A. hospitals were like and the horror stories we all heard of men dying in shabby rooms. Reason enough to not go back.
Anyway, he told me about the problems he's having and I let him know that there was certainly a good claim for disability. Again, like so many others, he said he really wasn't interested in that "hand-out" stuff. He'd worked all his life and he didn't need anyone thinking he was getting a "freebie". I can't tell you how many vets have said things exactly like this. Maybe not the exact words, but the meaning was the same. This is what I told him.
"Today, people think they are being trendy and paying for coffee or something for the next guy in line. They call it "PAYING IT FORWARD." Well, the TRUE inventors of paying it forward are ........VETERANS! I don' t care what war a man, or woman served in, we paid it forward long ago. I don't care if it was the battle fields of Europe, the Islands of the Pacific, the Bitter Cold of Korea, the Steaming Jungles of Vietnam, or anywhere else for that matter. Men and women go to war. They go because it's the right thing to do. They go for the love of their country, and they go because someone has to. They don't ask who, what, where, or why, only Yes Sir! We all did our duty, to our country and our countrymen. A law was created to care for us should be be injured or harmed by disease while in that service. I don't care if you came back and got taken care of right away, or if you waited 35, 40, or 45 years. Our servicemen and women pay it forward. It's time the American people recognize that this is not WELFARE. This is a law-created, given right we have."
So the next time someone says he doesn't want any freebies or handouts, remind him or her. If you served, you already paid for it in advance.
God bless you

Tom Schuckman :-)

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~Billy Graham

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