Monday, August 16, 2010

Israel at the Rubicon.

<<< Tom's old power lifting days, about 12 years ago. But wishing won't do me any good. Not looking forward to bionic knee replacement-- but need to do something drastic for better mobility and less pain.

Dear Friends and Readers,
I well know and understand how hard it is to make a living, hold on to our jobs, and/ or maintain our present lifestyle. Been there -- done that. But there is an African proverb: 'When two bull elephants fight, the grass gets trampled.'

Do NOT think that there won't be ripple effects coming from the coming war between Israel and her hateful Islamic neighbors surrounding her. Unwise, cowardly indecision of this present American WH will have everlasting negative effects on us-- as the Bible fore warns that 'All who are enemies of Israel will suffer latter BIG TIME!' If we are not FOR Israel-- God figures that we must me AGAINST His favored nation and chosen people-- irregardless of their blind, rebellious state now. God can change that equation in a heart beat! When/ After this battle starts-- it will be TOO LATE for America to change her mind! But then, me thinks that God is maneuvering the nations so that only HE, GOD, will be the only One defending and delivering His chosen people. He has ALWAYS done that in past history. God wants all to understand that only He is the salvation of His people, the Jews. And then Israel will come back to God and accept Jesus as Lord.

21 August 67 was the date that I joined the Army, and it is embedded deep within my mind. According to the article, 21 August is when the Russians will transfer more nukes to Iran-- and then the 'window of opportunity' will close for the Jews to make their move. It's kind of funny how I was hoping and praying for this very thing to happen, but now I just wonder about my coming knee replacement surgery at the VA....Ha! Yet, not my will, but God's Will be done. If we are truly that close to something Big happening, ought we get with the program and prepare now?? I know that we should be prepared all the time, and Christianity is not some religion-- but our given lifestyle. Ours should be one of biblical AGAPE love. History teaches us that Islam is a religious life style of HATE and VIOLENCE! God will judge.
I expect to be attacked for telling the bold truth, but I am ready to die for my beliefs too. I am a humble, lowly, Soldier of Christ. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Warm Regards,

Israel at the Rubicon

Posted: 15 Aug 2010 12:26 PM PDT

By Sean Osborne Eschatology Today After years of endless debate, delayed decisions, additional deliberations, bald-faced lies and disinformation, followed by economic sanctions packages piled upon other ineffective economic sanctions packages, coupled with incessant Iranian and Western bellicose rhetoric which would have been considered casus belli in years gone by, the announcement made on

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