Thursday, September 30, 2010

Astroturf Rally.

Tom's Journal.

My nasty old knee...arthritis.

This is so "cool"... NOT! It seems like these Liberal folks who are having a big old Liberal Rally have really shown their true colors for all to see and read about! This is a 'Free-be'-- thank you very much, but I wanted to draw more attention the the 'New' Methodist church with this post/ article, please. Look how they have forsook the BIBLE in favor of ever sort of loose, immoral, perverted, homosexual, conduct and threw in with the devil and his gang! Wow! Anyone with one shred of love for Jesus and the Bible would never continue their support or membership with an errant, unholy, demon inspired 'church!' And just look at their bed-fellows...Ha! And yes, I WILL send this post to some folks in Ohio...

I knew that my once, great, dignified, beloved America was already dead in the water, for forsaking the 'apple of God's eye--Israel, and for more than 50 million murders of the unborn babies, immorality, etc., but this news cements the case closed. No matter what people vote in November-- I believe the majority of Americans have left good, common sense --and left the Lord Jesus Christ completely. ['wide and spacious is the road leading to destruction.' ~ Book of Matthew]. And come to think of it--we are no better or different than the ancient Israelites who constantly rebelled against their heavenly Father- Jehovah, and had to be chastised time and again. When some great, big tragedy visits us-- we come back to God, just like after 9/11, etc., but it isn't too long before we mess up again as a nation and choose corruption and sin.

Real Christians sin too-- but they have the Holy Spirit to guild them back to the 'Rock.' When we accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior, we don't get up in the morning all PERFECT and CLEAN...but it's a long road to recovery with hard work and prayer every day! The more we crack open that fine, holy Book-- the Bible, and read/ study/ pray for help, understanding and guidance-- the faster we change in to the "NEW MAN" [or woman] that God wants us to be-- for our own good, and ever lasting life! Some of us progress faster than others, but getting to heaven is our goal and final 'touch down.'

I went to see Sharon again this morning, and she seemed to be attentive and better, except that her BP and BS [blood pressure and blood sugar] was way too low, and the staff doesn't know why, yet. They had her in ICU yet, and also physical therapy when I got there. I think the stress is wearing at me too, and it's almost time for my 90 day knee shots for pain at the VA, having much trouble walking short distances. I think I am losing some weight, but I KNOW that Sharon is, and her appetite isn't very good. Hey! I just figured out a good way of spelling, "Weight" = W- Eight = [W-8]!
I know that Sharon doesn't care to be in the hospital, is bored, confined and tired of being sick and disabled. The Pastor and his wife went to see her today too, and offered some advice on area Rehab places. I am worried about my power scooter lift in my truck failing at the wrong time, and Sharon asked me to take care of it NOW, before it does fail. I would be pure dead in the water without it, and like a hamstrung bull. I get along fairly good with all my machines and helpers-- but just think of how our ancestors suffered.
Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.


The Left's Big Astroturf Rally

Posted: 30 Sep 2010 02:13 PM PDT

By Mark Tooley Institute on Religion & Democracy A superficially wide coalition of about 300 left and far-left groups, from the AFL-CIO to the Communist Party USA to the United Methodist lobby office, is sponsoring a rally in Washington, D.C. this Saturday to match and counter Glenn Beck’s successful event on the National Mall last month.Called “One Nation Working Together” (ONWT), the rally will

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The "Gay" Deathstyle.

Tom's Journal.

Real Christians don't go around pointing fingers at every sinner they see-- because they are sinners too. But here is the difference, people who PRACTICE sin or that particular lifestyle make a big statement to the world and to God-- they don't get a hoot. The problem is... gravity. And if you 'mess with a bull-- you'll get the horn.' The same with perverted sex-- you are again playing 'Russian Roulette.' "Do you feel lucky, punk?" ~Clint Eastwood. 'A man's got to know his limitations.' What really gets us 'normal', average, hard working Patriots annoyed is when the Administration/ Gov't and the "News Media" try to cover up or fail to print the TRUTH about homosexual results and disease-- we feel like we can't trust those two groups at all!! And now they want to teach that crap life style in schools! No thank you.

The article is so funny, but so TRUTHFUL. What a skilled writer! Enjoy.

The "Gay" Deathstyle

Posted: 29 Sep 2010 09:14 AM PDT

By Matt Barber Liberty Counsel One has to wonder if Reuters reporter Julie Steenhuysen will soon be joining the millions of other Americans relegated to Obama's swelling unemployment lines. She evidently didn't get the media memo last week and violated the goose-stepping left's Orwellian requirement that we all adhere to obtuse notions of political correctness.Having contracted a rare case of

Who's YOUR Daddy?

Friends, What is the definition of INSANITY? Short of being an anarchy [yet, that might come soon enough...], how can the normal, average person in America get a handle on news cited below, by Bill Wilson? Let's take off our horse blinders, please.

If we are honest with ourselves, a good chunk of America is 'over, and self medicated' or drugged up/ anesthetized/ inoculated/ numbed, so that they can live with the daily stink/ stupidity that comes from the White House and the Congress.... and the beat goes on. Except that things WILL CHANGE and perhaps violently when the nation's "money tree" is picked bare and naked... LOL! Put the Bible aside for a minute-- and just think logically with your [our] God given intellect for a change! 2 +2=4 !! If we don't put enough money into our checking account,and write out too many checks without enough money to cover them --to pay the monthly bills, we could over draft our account! Duh... This is a no-brain-er, dear friends and readers! The Administration is playing 'Russian Roulette' with our country's economy with a stupid, silly GAME that we can't afford the the stakes way too high now -- and our very lives are on the line. Actually, 'the few are leading the many to Socialism' which has proved to NOT work! Who did this happen? WE WERE ALL TOO COMPLACENT, AND WE KICKED GOD OUT OF THE SCHOOLS, CHURCHES AND OUR HEARTS! "LOVERS OF PLEASURES MORE THAN LOVERS OF GOD..." 2nd Timothy chapter 3, verse 4. At least Andy accepted a small KJV Bible from me last night, and I pray that he accepts the Lord Jesus some day SOON. If my beloved son and daughters don't make the Rapture, I hope that I have prepared them for the 'Trib.' But I think they are still allowing/ letting the every day rat race to dominate their minds and hearts at this point. They love me, they love the Lord, but the devil knows how to shake his worldly, material glitter in front of their eyes and mislead them like the Piped Piper. Sad...

I have been in 3rd world, war torn countries--steeped deep in poverty, where young boys and pimps were selling their sisters for a few bucks, in Vietnam and else where, even here in the USA. Most other world economies are also hanging by a thread, and even if a country like Japan goes down--WE ALL GO DOWN THE TUBE! Do we really want to experience what true abstract poverty is? I just read this morning that MILWAUKEE is the 4th poorest city in America! Wow! And the violence on Milwaukee's North side is fast approaching Detroit and Chicago's-- mostly 'those' who voted for the Democrat- Obama.... and I will explain that some time.... lol, just before I'm ready to die, when no one can do me any harm. But for now-- most are not ready for that Truth. I was telling my son last night, ALL THE CURRENT POLITICS are just a 'smoke screen', a distraction from the devil to eat up these last precious days and weeks before the Lord comes back, and that will end what is called, the "Church Age" where the Saints are Raptured up, and then the Tribulation will kick in and bring extreme woe to the world. We DON'T want to be here when that happens! I had a difference of opinion with a good friend, name Joe B. [but that's OK, to stimulate the mind, and still remain good friends], when he said that some will remain behind to teach and prepare the "good" people Left Behind, but I don't want to be in that number, please Lord. My OWN thoughts on this matter are that there will be some knowledgeable men Left Behind, with good Bible back ground... but who didn't take a stand for Christ, for some reason, who will take the lead and preach/ teach to those with good character-- what the Bible says so they will become "Tribulation Saints" who will either be martyred or survive through Armageddon. I welcome any comments/ ideas on this subject.

Sharon's blood pressure is too low this morning, and she doesn't have an appetite. She didn't even eat the oranges I brought her. My own gut feeling is that her 'multiple organ damage/ dysfunction' is dragging her down, and it's a miracle she is still alive. I know that her friends will always say, "Never give Up!" But if a sincere Christian is struggling with 'quality of life' it's not wrong to have a desire to 'go home to the Lord in heaven' where there is no more sorrow, pain and tears. Most people, even 'Christians' just don't 'get it' because they love their lifestyle on earth and their materialism with lustful, selfish hearts-- just like Job's wife! You may say, 'Oh, Tom is just in too much physical pain and mental anguish right now...' and perhaps you'd be right. But I also see so much sorrow and grief in others, in the world--pain and suffering, and people not knowing the way out, not knowing the truth of the Gospel, and Jesus Christ! Why would a person want to remain on a SINKING SHIP, when a sturdy life boat can take them to safety and save their lives and their loved ones too?? Titus 1:2... 'God cannot lie.' God has NEVER broke any of His promises-- great track record! Much better than Obama-Care, and that Hopey-Change thing! Who's YOUR daddy?


Name: Amy Baxter --- for painless needle sticks.
Company: Buzzy
Location: Atlanta

Farrakhan, Ahmadinejad, Black Panthers and the White House

Posted: 28 Sep 2010 12:11 PM PDT

By Bill Wilson Word of Life Ministry The man who occupies the Oval Office showed the Iranian world just how weak and pensive he is in responding to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's remarks at the United Nations. On a Persian-language BBC satellite channel, the US president characterized Ahmadinejad's remarks by saying,"It was offensive. It was hateful. And particularly for him to make the

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Complaints.

Tom's Journal.

What an incredible day already! Poor Sharon had to be transported back to the hospital at 8PM last night because her lung was filling up with fluid again. The people at the Grand Prairie Rehab place FAILED to give her the medication, LAXSIX, that prevents more fluid build up in her lungs... and what a bunch of incompetent jokers there-- 'taking care of my wife!' Dave Lyons, one of the staff at Grand Prairie, just called me up to see if we wanted to reserve Sharon's old room there that my Chrysler Humana Insurance is paying about $258/ day, [and it's all about money..] so I told him to call her doctor to get more info on that matter. I had to repeat myself to him constantly, and I also told him that their 'Hispanic' female front desk/ receptionist could BARELY speak English! I over heard other guys having a tough time understanding her too when I was there visiting Sharon yesterday, after church. Pity...that they put incompetent people in positions where finite language skills are needed... like ENGLISH!

So, Sharon is having a rough day again, trouble breathing, up on the 8th floor--ICU--at KMC- Kenosha, WI. I just called pastor with that info. Pastor George Schlegel is a GOOD, HARD WORKING, and very busy man, and I doubt if he gets enough sleep at night. He has a charming, beautiful wife that is very cordial and kind, and a blessing to us all. We have a good attendance at our Union Grove Baptist church, with many caring, kind people. But like ALL churches, Satan is trying to thin our ranks with complacency, laziness, and a cooling off, IMHO. It's the same old 20/80 percent thingy, where 20 percent of the people pull the load-- while the other 80 percent sit on their back sides faking it. This is true in ALL companies, organizations, and groups.... sorry, but it's a fact. Hey! Not every one can be an 'over achiever', like me and you.. LOL! Ha! Some Liberals/ Progressives/ poor people who lived on welfare for 5 generations might say, "Why even work, when you can live well off the Gov't and taxpayer?" I say, first of all, Real Christians know what the Bible says about working hard and not being lazy, so we have good work ethics, and perhaps SOMETHING [some pride, a roof, and food on the table] to show for our hard work, and God's blessing. 2. There will surely come a day when America's credit will run out, and over spending on stupid things will come back to bite the Gov't in the behind-- and all will suffer! My fellow patriots and Christians brothers: Let us pay off our credit cards and live frugal-- but live well in the Lord, and He will provide!

|I have already posted that financial experts predict that America will experience HYPER-inflation in SIX MONTHS! I encourage all my friends and readers to hunker down, pay off debt, and invest in certain commodities, NOW! If you want to know more-- email me:

I don't want to post this info, for fear that too many might make a 'run' on the markets to buy it all up... I hope you will understand. But it's just basic logic and common sense, IMHO.

Too, I pride myself in having good knowledge of home remedies, herbs, etc., and I am wondering if some of you have trusted ways to care for yourself in sickness, injuries, new Flu bugs, and SORE FEET and Arthritis remedies ?? My feet, ankles, knees are SO SORE and painful. I will now get some HOT water and dump/ add Epsom salt so I can at least do my chores, duties today. Also, Apple Cider Vinegar, is a important ingredient to help people deal with life's discomforts. Let us pool our efforts and home remedies, ideas, thoughts, and knowledge, for when the Obama-Care fails in our soon coming, bankrupt economy, dear friends. Very FEW people know or understand what HYPER-inflation is in America! And please prepare for civil unrest, violence, riots, and food shortages, and police failing to respond-- just like Katrina.

But those trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ will have that special "edge" and salvation! OUR survival depends on our personal relationship with God, but we must be strong and depend on the Holy Spirit, every second- every day. The fingers are on the triggers, and things could start popping any time now in the Middle East, and believe it or not, the tiny country of Israel is the most important key and "lynch pin" that will "end the Church Age" -- and the Rapture will soon follow. The majority of earth's population will not believe/ understand this fine point-- and will there for be 'Left Behind.'
How many of YOU will respond and post a comment today?

Who Goes in the Rapture?

Posted: 27 Sep 2010 01:51 PM PDT

By Terry James Rapture Ready Our new book, The Departure: God’s Next Catastrophic Intervention into Earth’s History, will be officially released October 2, God willing. I say “our” book” because a number of the most knowledgeable authorities in Bible prophecy have written chapters on the most relevant topics of our day. All issues and events involving what we consider to have prophetic import are

Tom Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, and Soldier of Christ. PTL!

Have a great day!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Apostasy.

Tom's Journal.

It seems like the EV. LUTHERAN CHURCH of America has given in to homosexuality by welcoming 3 Lesbian pastors back into the fold in St. Paul, MN., lately.

What Would Luther Say? — A Church Apologizes for Church Discipline

Posted: 25 Sep 2010 09:31 AM PDT

By Dr. Albert Mohler The great moral revolution on the issue of homosexuality collides with the total surrender of a liberal denomination, and the result is the church’s apology for having once stood on biblical grounds. That was the picture just a few days ago, when the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America welcomed three lesbian ministers into the clergy roster through a “Rite"

This is to be expected in these 'Last Days', of course, and much more to come. You see, dear friends, there will be NO Last Days revivals!! 2nd Timothy 3:13, says, "But evil men and seducers shall wax [grow] worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived." Well, that pretty much takes care of the American Dream about the Tea Party, Glenn Beck and even honest, hard working people who want to CHANGE THINGS FOR AMERICA-- for the better! I just ain't gonna happen, brothers and sisters!
First of all, these plans don't have God's backing, and His Book says other wise. People pray the "Lord's Prayer"-- 'Let your kingdom come..' but it doesn't sink into their bone heads! People on earth are determined to have things THEIR way-- instead of God's way... and they are going AGAINST God's Will! And they are allowing Satan to lead and deceive them.

Did you ever watch a dog stare into a fan on a hot day? Well, that's exactly what MOST humans on earth look like when a true Christian tells them about God's Kingdom that is coming. 2 things: Most people have NEVER picked up a Bible in their life....too lazy, stupid, illiterate, or too proud. 2nd: Without the Holy Spirit --one cannot really understand what the Bible says. That is true for many church 'leaders' too. And the ones who understand the Word and have compromised with the devil, or deluded/ watered down the scriptures will be MORE accountable than the so-called "lay people" that they are leading to hell. Isn't that cool? Many in my own family and relation are on that nasty highway to hell right now... and they could care less! They would NEVER consider giving up their honored place at church nor their family ties/ standing/ relationships, to take the correct side of Jesus Christ, and the Bible! Oh well... And if you choose to stay/ continue with Babylon the Great-- the 'world empire of false religion' [in Revelation], YOU WILL ALSO SHARE IN HER PLAGUES! If you think that I am coming on too strong-- just check out apostles Peter and Paul, as they don't mince words either!

You need only check out the 'News Papers', TV or the InterNet to verify what I said about the Lutheran church and the Lesbians. And to think that I always liked and respected that denomination... shame-- pity. I expect this to be just the beginning-- and this means, of course, that they are shifting over/ taking sides with the Liberal/ Progressive/ SOCIALIST side, along with Obama and Pelosi, etc! Very soon, there will be few real Christians who follow the Bible left in the world, persecuted big time, already. But that is exactly what the Good Book says will happen in these Last Days. Jesus will Rapture up millions-- but Billions will be 'Left Behind.' Now... we have to ask ourselves, have we Christians honestly done all we can to share the Gospel of Salvation to the real extent of our abilities?? Or do we just sit in church like a bump on a log, and then run out the door after the last prayer? [And that goes for the church I attend too] How much time do we spend on the computer and TV compared to reading and study of the Bible?

You may ask or think... well, old, disabled Tom Schuckman, is hurting, dying and pained, and that's why he wants the Rapture to come tomorrow... or yesterday, lol. You may have a good point there-- but the reality is that God is never slow keeping His promises, and He has NEVER lied! Who knows that I may not need knee replacement surgery at the Milwaukee VA hosp., and maybe the Lord will come before that time--- or maybe the Lord will take me up tonight! People die and get killed every day, and I can barely walk at this point in time [but I'm not going to miss church tomorrow-- and I will visit my wife, Sharon]. Though every man on earth forsake me-- the Lord God will take care of me, one way or another. I just hope He lets the dog out 3 times a day so the house won't get stinky... I am still calling up every one I know to baby sit my Rotty, but no volunteers yet.


The Last Days Apostasy of the Church - BPT (Andy Woods)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Appostasy in the CHURCH.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
My wife is being transferred to a good Rehab facility where she has been before in hopes that she will progress and get better-- but that is a 'relative' term, as we all know that she is NOT expected to get better, or function at home any more. I told her in person today in the kindest, most loving way that I just cannot take care of her physically anymore, and especially after my upcoming surgery in Oct. But I will support, visit, insure, take care of her when she goes to a nursing home in the future, if and when that comes. I reminded her that things could change drastically over night-- and certainly in the next 6 months, if -- but more likely, WHEN, --the war between Israel and her barbaric Muslim neighbors trade bombs and rockets....and small country Israel has to defend herself. Can you all believe what the president of Iran just said in front of the UN last night ?? And I bet our president will still bend down and kiss him in a few weeks, again ...Ha! Hey! Some things just never change-- and the stupid, large percentage of our own nation still don't get it! Sorry....

I tell you that things just keep getting more clear for the real Christians every single day, even as we KNOW that the vast majority of humankind will never understand or believe that the 'Storm' is coming just as the Bible says, and soon. And I should not get so frustrated and over excited when people don't understand my King's English and my God given 'gifts' of teaching-- that this is exactly what Jesus foretold at Matthew chapter 10... read the whole short chapter to get the gist. 95% of my readers won't find the time or energy to do that! How many of my readers are brave enough to pass this post on to most of their friends? Fact is, most of us still have one foot in the world of Satan-- and the other in Christianity-- somewhat -- I'm guessing. Both of my kids are going on vacation right at the same time I am having knee surgery, even if they have NO money to spend....Ha! Just read 2nd Timothy chapter 3, to get the real picture of these 'critical times' where there is NO natural affection anymore, and all the once -sacred things are tossed into the trash heap. But that's OK, because I know that the Lord will take care of me-- one way or another. Even death is a way out-- and I fear death NOT.

I feel more and more, every day, that the Truth is far from the people, but the Book of John frankly tells us all about the TRUTH! Actually the TRUTH of the Gospel is so simple that the upper 'educated class' in America and Europe reject it for it's simplicity! "GOD is Love." People just can't see farther than their own lustful satisfaction. I USED to be that way-- before I found the Lord. Most likely, if I would have followed Jesus' example-- I would not have had so many misadventures and negative experiences.... but I was too proud and 'knowledgeable' when I was younger... lol. That just shows you how much a good, godly parental, Christian, upbringing is worth! And again, Obama is just part of the problem, as the entire world is under Satan's spell and domination, but the Lord Jesus will clean things up completely, and soon.

I advise and encourage EVERYONE to re-read the book of John again, and yes, it is simple, but full of Truth. I heard on the radio while coming home from the hospital: First John, Chapter, "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world..." There will be many false Christs, false prophets [teachers that will turn from the original Truth of the Bible- in these last days]. The CHURCH is already infested with APOSTASY right now, and many misled-- and surprise MANY, even some of the "Elect"! The ONLY way we can 'sort things out' is by being very familiar with God's Word, the BIBLE! Just attending some cool sounding church with great music won't get you Saved, or feed your the pure truth of the Bible -- but might even get you LOST in hell! The time for the lazy, dizzy, sleepy brain is long gone, and we Christian are ordered to keep our wits and stay awake... for the Lord is coming-- just like a 'thief in the night.'

It's becoming harder for me to travel, getting in and out of my truck and lowering my power scooter which is my only life line and means of shopping, visiting. There is no way I have enough strength right now to even charge up the battery, as I am usually very exhausted at this time of the night, 8PM. And I have been going to bed early, right about now. Laying down is the only way I can stop the pain at this juncture of the road... and I can only wonder how I am going to mend after the operation home alone. The 80/20 Fact is alive and kicking, even in our own church... and my dog can't help me much either. i don't even know who, if any, will pick me up from the VA hospital after my brief stay after surgery. Yes, Beware Apostasy, even in your home church, and a drifting off to sleep.


This Week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'

Posted: 24 Sep 2010 08:18 AM PDT

By Hal Lindsey The Hal Lindsey Report Summer is gone and Autumn is upon us. The changing of the seasons serves as a reminder that everything in life changes. That's why it's so important to found your life on something that doesn't shift with the sands of time and the winds of adversity. And what could be more solid and enduring than the most precious words in all the Holy Scripture: "God so

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Tom's Journal.

Sharon's doctor in Kenosha, WI., had to stick a long needle into her back this morning to draw out over a quart of fluid from her Right lung, which was then collapsed, but they corrected that soon after. We call each other about 6-8 times a day for updates, chats and info-- and I just called her in between this very post. We think that she will be breathing better tonight. She was on dangerous ground up to this time with labored breathing, etc., and that's got to be scary for any human. I could think of better ways to die...

My son, Andy, was over to visit and help me today too, and he likes to work! You don't hear that now days from many grown children OR adults. I was 'striking while the iron was hot' telling him about God's grand prophecy and promises to those who accept the Son, Jesus, and try to follow the Bible in these 'Last Days' of great temptation and violence/ economic times. Sometimes we even have to ask God to tear out the love from our heart concerning an 'unbelieving mate/ girl friend' who has no love for holy things/ God, or the Bible. Just like our original father, Adam, who had the chance to ditch Eve [after she sinned big time--on one simple rule], and follow God, but was thinking of his own pleasure and companionship-- and so we were all born into sin and corruption. God would have provided another female for Adam, probably much better! Adam made his choice and KNEW what he was doing. The apostle Paul said that 'it was the WOMAN who was deceived/ beguiled' [by the devil]-- NOT Adam!

Satan knows how to trip our triggers, and what buttons to push, as he has for the past 6000 years. In this area I have fallen flat on my face and made a fool out of myself too many times, until I finally figured out to live on my own, by myself, own my own house -- with my own income. And then hook up with a CHRISTIAN lady WHO VALUES the important things in life-- God and the Bible. And yes, that IS rough and hard to do now days, with greedy gold diggers lurking and lying at every corner [and men are the same]. But we ought to know by now that true Christians are a minority, hard to find, and is it worth goofing up so close to the 'Big Storm ?' Paul said: 'Do not become unevenly yoked with UN-believers.' By the many articles that I post, including this one tonight, it only a matter of time before God's chosen people, Israel, are FORCED into war with all her surrounding, hateful neighbors! How long can all these daily provocations go on with bullets, rockets and mortars launched by the Muslims-- before Israel must defend itself??

Obama is not the least bit interested in Israel's well fair, but continues to snuggle up to all the Muslim nations who overtly want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth -- see the enemy's speech in the USA from tonight... again. I told Andy today that Israel is the "Lynch Pin" that will set off the Big Firecracker, and most Christians I know believe that could be precipitate the RAPTURE, and then the Trib! So, it's a delicate thing we do to 'temper' our words when we share the Gospel of Salvation without sounding like the 'grape kool aid' people or some cult. And indeed, that is just what the God haters, unbelievers and even many CHURCHES now love to spread around and mislead about REAL, TRUE Christians who actually teach from the Bible! I have heard other mature Christians claim, 'what a genius Satan is-- to masquerade as the 'Angel of Light' and climb right into our Christian churches to spread more lies about Jesus and the Bible!!'

I keep pounding the table that we must get deeply immersed in God's Word.. and use a pure translation that is not watered down and twisted. The KJV may be harder to understand for those who are not schooled with 4 years of proper English, but the text is pure and clear. but even our fore fathers LEARNED to read the Bible well, and so what if it takes a little effort! Please visit:

Pray and Study every single day! We will need every once of faith, trust, power, strength, plus the Holy Spirit to survive what's ahead, dear friends. "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"


Jews Pelted with Rocks at Feast of Tabernacles

Posted: 23 Sep 2010 08:06 AM PDT

By Aaron Klein WorldNetDaily Riots near the Temple Mount that left at least 10 Israelis wounded were instigated and partially directed by the Palestinian Authority, according to a senior Israeli security official speaking to WND.The security official said elements of the Israeli government yesterday asked the PA to cease its involvement in instigating the clashes, which included Palestinians

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Right Prospective.

Tom's Journal.

I am so happy again that 'some one else of note' has posted my very same thoughts about what really matters in this country and the world! ALL men are sinners and imperfect and ONLY GOD CAN PRODUCE THE RIGHT FORM OF GOV'T-- eventually from Jerusalem--after the Storm. What we have now is only temporary at best and very corrupt, and NO political party will save America.... Only God can and will Save men and women, with the right hearts and minds!

I realize that many of you good folks already know about Jan Markell, and her selfless, wonderful ministry, but I just hope that a few new people can pick up and follow her on her own email and web site, from here on out. She is great, sincere and very knowledgeable.

I saw Sharon today and brought her some fresh Granny Smith apples and carrots, which she requested, and I know the staff won't kick about THOSE items... lol. She was very foggy and sleepy today, she said|: from her regular heart medicine, etc. I gave her my own copy of the DEFINED KJV Bible, with larger print than the one I gave her when she was admitted on Sunday. But I just wonder if she will stay awake long enough to use it. We talked about her going to a Rehab place to fully recover, I hope --during my own recuperation from knee surgery. She said she could not cook any more, and I just can't handle and take care of her anymore when she is in so bad of shape-- and she trashes the house and scatters garbage all over never picking it up, making it hard to live in. At least I can keep things straight and under control, having been raised right and disciplined-- and please don't read this the wrong way. I am sure that if she was really well and healthy-- things MIGHT be a bit different.

Right now, I can barely hobble around to do the basics, but with the total peace, quiet and relative cleanliness and order I have now-- I am started to 're-claim' my mind, and there is much less stress to me to deal with. Even though it's lonely for me-- I do quite well on my own. If only I had a few more Christian email friends to visit with, things would be almost tolerable and pleasant. I am just wondering if the VA might move me up to have the surgery sooner, as I have to call them up tomorrow for "something" scheduled on Oct. 5th..... Hummm.

I will have to find someone to care for my dog when I am in the VA hospital too, and better ask around now! Seems like I have too many irons in the fire right now, and I am about to see how many REAL friends I really have pretty soon.
I have to write down all my "chores"-- and to-do list to help me remember.
Thank all of you for sending your prayers and well wishes for my wife and I, especially on FaceBook!
Biblically, Everything is going down right on the money, just like clock work, plain for all to read.... that is: for those Saved Believers who have the Holy Spirit to help them understand. We remind ourselves that things could happen any day or hour-- and all the other things that we thought so important will count for nothing as we are Raptured up to heaven with perfect bodies. The brutal, corrupt, politics, economy, future violence and shortages will be things that those 'Left Behind' will have to deal with, not us.
The whole world will KNOW that the God of the Bible delivered Israel out of the hands of all her enemies this soon, up and coming war in the Middle East... but it will probably be too late at that point-- because we feel that the Rapture will follow right after THAT event. I suppose that my Blog posts are somewhat repetitive in this central theme of repentance, salvation, redemption and Rapture, but this is [should be] the most important interest right now in September of 2010! I am happy to be exactly who I am and what I am doing right now -- a humble, lowly servant of the Most High God in the universe, my Lord Jesus Christ. Pray that my children seize this important opportunity NOW, of getting Saved, and in heaven's role call, please. I know that they alone can make that decision, but please, Lord, incline their hearts.

Tom Schuckman

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Renewed Hearts vs. Renewed Ballot Boxes
By Jan Markell
September 22, 2010

Most patriotic and Christian Americans are stunned at what our leaders, both elected and appointed, are intentionally doing to this country. These are primarily godless people who loathe capitalism even though it is the only system that works in any country on the planet. So, much of America watches as the Left forces socialism (or Marxism) on us, destroys our economy, and couldn't care less what the American people think. They have no shame and virtually boast about their corruption. It seems to be a badge of honor.

But such behavior is not just a Democrat or Republican issue. The depravity of human beings is cross-denominational, cross-cultural, and affects every human being. Our very nature is fallen and those we esteem most highly can succumb to anything as a result. Corruption, greed, and selfishness are equal-opportunity character flaws.

But the "flaws" in America's leaders are, for some reason, "on display" before the entire world now. Of course they don't compare to a Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, or the mullahs of several violent nations, or the leaders who throw Christians into the gulags of North Korea. Those men are absolute evil.

Yet something is seriously wrong with some of America's people in high places. They have shut God out of everything. They mock and scorn Him. They laugh at righteous values.

America was built on the premise that our government derives it legitimacy from the "consent of the governed," but I guess that is now history. Many of America's leaders now want a secular humanist socialist machine running our nation with an agenda so corrupt it is staggering. For many, their god is government and others consider themselves a god. Their conscience is seared. Their heart has grown ice cold.

I believe God is allowing this to happen as a way of showing humanity that it needs a heart transplant. It has now been proven true -- although history has reminded us for centuries -- that the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked. Today mankind does what is right in his own eyes. The Bible is not the standard. We can see how man is born a selfish sinner who must first be taught right from wrong. But God, because of His mercy, still reaches down and touches many. He transforms the lives of the most wretched every day!

Much of mankind is parading around like selfish fools. This is outlined in the Bible just as all else that is happening in our world is scripted in the Bible. Today's haughty and proud seem to be outlined in Romans 1:28-32: And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do things which are not proper, being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, malice, full of envy, murder, strife, deceit. They are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving, unmerciful; and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.

I guess that covers just about every negative character trait known to man! God seems to be shining a light on these people so they stand out in today's world as an exaggeration. But their character flaws are not exaggerations! Their characters are in need of a heart transplant. They need a Savior who promises to rescue them out of their selfish, greedy pit.

We all want to "save America." But too often the interpretation of "saving America" is turning more blue states into red states! Many don't understand that changing America's political parties is not enough to turn the nasty tide.

People are missing the root of the problem. Even if political conservatives win every election in 2010 and 2012, without a "heart change," our country will not recover. God is looking for renewed hearts and not renewed ballot boxes -- which is not a put-down of our civic duty to vote and support our Constitution. God established government, but He also made it clear that man seldom carries it out properly. He will when He rules from Jerusalem.

Two hundred years ago, philosopher Edmund Burke said -- and I paraphrase -- all that is necessary for evil to prosper is for good people to do nothing. Do what you can to turn the political tide, but remember that transforming the hearts of men is what is needed first.

If God was gracious enough to save you, He can reach the hearts of the most pompous politicians who are scheming evil plans for America behind closed doors and in dark, smoke-filled rooms. God can melt the hardest heart.

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Jan Markell

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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Canary.

Tom's Journal.

|Just who is really "Safe?" And in this world right now, we have what is called TMI-- 'Too much information', and most of it false. The end line/ conclusion of Strandberg's article is the most reliable-- 'trust only in Jesus Christ.' Ain't it the truth.
I don't want to make it sound like: "When all else fails-- trust in the Lord" --which is what most folks do in this crazy, selfish, greedy world. I have been praying my head off many times a day with all my personal stress-- sometimes it feels like I am getting bombarded from all sides, day after day, as I know many of YOU feel that same way from your posts and emails. Others turn to booze, drugs, delusion/ self denial or suicide-- but that's a poor long term solution for a short term problem.

I know that all of the women readers like to see the 'man' stand up and defend/ take care of his wife-- but truth be told, Sharon has been "sleeping" in her EZ chair for the past 3 month WITHOUT BENEFIT OF HER CPAP breathing machine for sleep apnea! And I can understand that she just can't seem to get comfortable in bed with her bad I will try to elevate the bed or something. Is it any wonder why she doesn't heal correctly and get a good night's sleep though? The pastor even told her to obey and listen to her husband and the docs who only want her to improve and get well! And it's the same thing at the hospitals when the so-called "medical people" dismiss or really don't listen to what you have to say at all! After all, we so-called "lay people" are just a bunch of ignorant, dumb slobs, right? Fact is: the 'medical people' are specialists in one tiny field, and they make critical mistakes and injure/ kill people all the time! I have dated a few RN's years ago.... lol, and some could not boil water or change a tire.

I had to deal with a very abrasive, abusive, rude staff nurse tech today on the 10th floor of the Milwaukee VA hospital, named Joni Dorr, a 'tech' who injected some nuclear medicine into my arm. I ended up asking for a 'witness' to come in the room so that she might refrain from further verbal abuse towards me-- and then I reported her to the Patient Advocate on the first floor, and it will go into her record. She won't get fired-- but the next Vet who catches her abusive language and reports it WILL get her into trouble. I know how to skin a cat, and I will not be abused! I have to go back tomorrow for the 2nd half of my stress test... Ha! Hey! I got stressed enough just driving to the VA and dealing with some of the staff-- and worrying about my wife and my upcoming knee replacement surgery. The witch at the VA did finally get another staff member to stand in the room, named Jim, but he refused to give me his full name, hiding his ID tag by turning it around on his lanyard. Wait for the Gov't-- and 'Obama-Care' because you all will suffer the same sort of dung heap service and abuse, and won't that be a merry party! . The Rapture will prob come before then, guys.

I talked it over with my wife and she agreed that many God haters see the penned in words on the front of my power scooter: "JESUS IS LORD", and automatically abuse the rider--- me, probably because that kind of stuff OFFENDS them or shames them. Sharon thinks that the beautiful carved cherry wood sign in the back of my power scooter is sufficient for a Christian witness... "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain."~Philippians 1:21. Actually, few people even understand that scripture and it's prob seems 'cryptic' to them, but other real Christians say that they know me from my past visits and they like the sign and me! Same thing when ever I go to the stores shopping-- people have nothing but praise. It's similar to our military jargon that puzzles all civilians-- but we like it like that--belonging to an 'exclusive club.' Most of the staff at that VA Hosp. are there only for the pay check and could care less about the disabled Veterans... and I know that other Vets have worse horror stories than me and freely tell me about them while we all wait our long waiting in lines. It's a pity to see them all suffer and get abused on a regular basis-- but I do my best to cheer them up and share scripture and jokes with them.

The real truth about precious metals is too scary to be 'leaked' to the public, and besides that-- we are 'too far down the pike' for most folks to do anything about it. But if you have the funds and where with all to purchase the goods, DO NOT TELL ANY 'friends', neighbors or relatives, PLEASE! 'Loose lips sink ships', and when folks are starving-- they will have no honor or dignity. You see my friends, the hard working blue collar people in the USA are the 'wicked element' according to this current WH. But if you are a lazy, drunken bum, or have lots of bastard kids just to get on the welfare rolls-- then you are OK! [sic]. Sorry, folks, I calls 'em like I sees 'em, and most of my friends will agree with that.
Well folks, it shouldn't be too much longer, and the apostle Paul told us, 'Do not be anxious, but be in prayer and supplication always...' I would say, do your Christian networking now and grow closer to the Lord-- study your bible daily.

We are by no means rich, but I treat my wife well with fresh fruits, veggies, etc and take her out to eat a few times a week. But she was complaining about the poor quality of food at the hospital today, and I gently told her to eat all of her carrots... lol. Sharon doesn't care for a lot of things and is spoiled. I told her, 'See now, life at home isn't that bad after all.....', just kidding her. I then asked her, "Dear heart, if you actually did eat everything on your plate, do you think that you would die ?" And she said, "No." I said that the ' 'institutional food' may not taste so good, but it won't kill or poison you.' But if she doesn't CARE for the food, she sends it back and gets something else! I told her that I didn't feel comfortable smuggling in 'special food' to her because the staff prob. knows what is best for her, and then maybe she would appreciate her home life more so when she comes back in a few days-- as we are guessing. OK, call me a butt head, folks... lol. Just trying to make a point. Sharon is not allergic to anything except some peanuts-- she is an 'only child, and spoiled.'

We used to laugh at rich kids in Basic Training at Fort Campbell, KY, turning up their noses at the Army chow. But in a few days they were eating everything on the plate too-- as we all had to eat in ONE MINUTE, every stinking day for 8 long weeks, or lose it by being forced to dump it outside in the garbage cans!! Not even the Marines were treated that way! In AIT [Advanced Individual Training] at Fort Rucker, AL [late 1967- right before Christmas]-- Aviation school, we were allowed more time to eat at the Mess Hall, about 10- 15 minutes... Woo Woo! Now I never tried to force my kids or wife to do those goofy kind of things, but I just wanted them to have the right prospective in life, in telling them what Army life was like, so they should be thankful.

I also communicate with the friends on FaceBook, but I don't like to give out TMI [too much info] to the public or 'Big Brother.' Have a good night, friends and buddies! If things work out well, we expect Sharon to come back home in a few days, but we shall leave that up to the good doctors-- those 'small gods who roam the halls of sickness and trauma.' Just think-- they will all be out of work in heaven-- IF they get there! Judging by their attitude and big time PRIDE-- we will just have to leave that up to the Lord. I have enough on my own plate.


Precious Metals: "The Canary in the Coal Mine"

Posted: 20 Sep 2010 08:58 AM PDT

By Todd Strandberg Rapture Ready The precious metals market has been on fire. Last week, gold hit a fresh all-time high and silver reached a new two-year high. In London, spot bullion hit a nominal record of $1,286 a troy ounce. The yellow metal has risen 17 percent since January. Gold is heading for its tenth consecutive annual gain, the longest winning streak since at least 1920.Silver rose to