Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chaos, and Death by Debt.

Tom's Journal.

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I THOUGHT I knew a lot about OUR American economy, but the world economy is super stressed out too, and all it would take is ONE, like Japan to throw the whole world into utter chaos!

Friends, let us put the Bible on the shelf for a while, OK? Even without the true Bible prophecy to guild us, we now learn that the dire economic storm is fast approaching, and what little precious metals some of us have may only blunt things for a short season! Ha! What a cruel joke-- and don't even trust the Gov't as far as you can spit, because they will DEMAND our Bibles, Guns and Gold, for sure. As for the West and America, we still have the 'Wizard of Oz' in D.C trying to put their smoke and mirrors joke on us that the "Summer of Recovery" is here and things are getting better...LOL. That is a bald face LIE but some folks are beginning to figure that out right now, even the 'Dims.' Short of dictatorship and mass starvation, I don't see any remote solution in the horizon, folks... sorry. My only hope and faith is the Lord and His Rapture, shortly after the butt kicking Israeli war with her neighbors that is sure to come any time now. The church of Christ will then be 'removed' and the storm below will begin, IMHO.

So that's it in a nut shell, unless we want to dig even deeper and learn the finer points, or bet on who will default first in the world. The riots in Greece right now are but 'beginning pangs of distress of a pregnant mother.' This is just the 'prelude.' Everyone will suffer and get hurt, but many will be very poor and lose everything. But right now, most of us are kind of like the Roman Nero-- fiddling away while Rome is burning.... and just as Jesus predicted, given to song, dance, wine and satanic pleasures.... or just like dumb animals, caught in the snare/ trap.

So that's my 'good news' for today!


RIP Japan 1945 20–?, Death by Debt and Demographics

Posted: 18 Sep 2010 10:07 AM PDT

By Don Koenig The Prophetic Years I often talk about the problems of the United States economy but there is a nation that is about to go into a death spiral right now. That nation is Japan. Because of debt, aging population and a nation that is having few children, Japan is about to go into an economic and demographic death spiral from which it cannot recover without defaulting on their debt and

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Mary Ann... said...

It's so true that we as Christians need to watch and pray. I don't think most of us realize what's going on all over the world. We need to stop and see the 'big picture', yet always keep our eyes on God... praying and having faith. I'm so very thankful that He is in control. Otherwise, I'm sure the fear and worry for my kids would overtake me. I know that God is faithful! Thanks for keeping us informed. God bless, Tom! :)