Monday, September 13, 2010

The Fatal Sequence.

Tom's Journal.

The Big lynch pin or 'trigger' is the word, "IF." 'IF the hound wouldn't have stopped to check out that bush--- he would have caught the rabbit.' IF the country repents to the GOD OF THE BIBLE, He might wait a while longer before He judges the nations. But all of my life long study of history and the Bible, watching how selfish and greedy people live-- I kind of doubt it. As a matter of fact, I'd bet on things growing worse, with perhaps the 'credit and money bubble' bursting next [pretty soon]. Do you all think I like to be the barer of bad news or a so-called 'dooms-day-er ?' Well, I don't.
And what would happen if we, personally, stopped paying the monthly mortgage?? Unlike the U.S. Gov't, who can just print more money, we'd be on the street ! The writer, Al Gist, does bring plenty of LOGIC to the table, doesn't he? And the part that scares me a bit is the 'dictatorship' that follows our country's meltdown. So when I insinuate or predict that America MIGHT cease to exist in the near future-- I have the logic to back my words up. Most of the rest of the world is already hanging on by their teeth, Greece, Spain, Ireland, etc. I just wonder if the high schools will be offering more Chinese classes soon... LOL, as they already OWN us, Hello.

So, who's fault is it, really, that someone with a dubious, uninformed, inexperienced, back ground was elected by a so-called 'educated country ??' The goofy people/ voters in general-- the MAJORITY OF U.S. VOTERS! They have left the pure and simple teachings of the Bible so they could swallow the grand promises of another goof ball. Do we not know that most politicians NEVER keep their promises?! Ha! And a person who was considered the "Leftest of the Left" ultra liberal.. just like Nancy Pelosi, in mind set and agenda, with voting records that most folks at least heard about-- was elected! Even 90% of the Black Soldiers in our military voted for Obama, which means that, YES, THEY PLAYED THE 'RACE CARD TOO, instead of doing their home work!!' But like the article says, we can't all heap it on one person's head...Obama, because the MAJORITY of people voted him into office! Ponder on this. Our collective greed and immorality-- abortion, homosexuality, same sex marriage, gays in the Army, etc., despising the Bible and Jesus all came into play long before Mr. O was elected. God doesn't send down lightning when people sin-- but He let's them hang themselves with their own rope [ unrestrained, unrepentant sins and love for evil].

The Fatal Sequence

Posted: 13 Sept 2010 01:22 PM PDT

By Al Gist Maranatha Evangelistic Ministries A little girl once asked her father, “Daddy, do all fairy tales begin with ‘Once upon a time...’?” Her dad thought for a second and responded, “No, Sweetheart. Sometimes they begin with ‘If I’m elected, I promise…’.”To say that politicians lie is like saying that water is wet. But I wonder… do liars become politicians? Or, do politicians eventually

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