Thursday, September 2, 2010

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September 2nd, 2010.

I know that the scriptures are full of good news, but also have much knowledge and guidance for Christians to live by. Many compare the Bible to a blue print, rule book, hand guide or set of instructions on how to parent, live and worship the One, True God of the Bible, etc. Like other relationships, reading and studying is a lifetime on-going thing, where we can NEVER know or learn TOO much. |Proverbs 1:7 says, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction."
A "fool" is someone who doesn't believe in God, so we are told to NEVER call a Christian brother or sister a FOOL. Yet the book of Proverbs and other books of the Bible speak about fools a plenty ...Ha! It's nice to have a good KJV reference Bible to look up and research various words that are unfamiliar.... See:
I just feel that I don't have enough time to learn Hebrew and Greek this far down the pike, in these 'End Times' where every day in the world some great, new tragedy, flood, earthquake, storm, shake- rattle and roll is another wake up call from God, that His coming is very near, and un-saved people better splash cold water on their faces and WAKE UP! My friend was telling me yesterday that the Lord is 'picking up the world' in His hands and shaking all the "good things" [people] out of it so that they wake up and get SAVED, before He sets fire to the dry grass and stubble... He wants to shake out the precious things-- gold and silver--before He comes to Rapture up His 'elect.'

And the news for today in my house is: We waited at the hospital for 5 hours as Sharon was getting prepped for surgery, but at the last minute the surgeons discovered that her vertebrae in question was so damaged and 'crumbling apart' that the docs aborted the mission/ procedure, and so we went back home.

But then the Milwaukee VA called and summoned me today, for a 'Pre-Op' conference to get info from me and the anesthesiologist wants to talk to me, on September 8th! I translate this as the green light, just as the head doctor told me this would happen last time I saw him. I suppose they will take more x-rays of my knees, etc. I try to control myself and use all my 'tools' but I am still anxious about the surgery... but I am at the end of my rope and will proceed as planned.

So we can't have it both ways: can't whine and cry about the pain and lack of mobility-- but shirk the courage to endure the operation. Yet some Vets wonder about all the horror stories of cover ups and surgeries gone a rye where some goofy docs cut off the wrong piece of anatomy! Please don't 'wish me luck' because that is a pagan mindset, and I don't believe in "luck !" But I do believe in prayer to Almighty God, for a good, successful out come of my surgery.

We ALL have these personal emergencies, problems, schedules that consume us today, and it's easy to become side tracked so as to put God's will and unstoppable actions and time table. Only He has the cure to all of mankind's problems, but comparatively FEW people on earth really want 'His Kingdom to Come!' From what we are reading right now as I post the facts, is that MOST of the churches are missing the big picture, while being misled, confused, by demonic, humanistic teachings that have infected the church!! And how can the 'average' Christian know these things and be aware of things so pervasive? I personally believe that God hears a sincere Christian's prayer, and then sends him or her some sort of "message" on what to do. If a person prays in earnest-- and then follows up by TAKING ACTION IMMEDIATELY, he/ she will be blessed! Pray: 'Lord, please show and help me make sure that I am attending the right church that preaches/ teaches ONLY pure Bible facts, and the TRUTH... in Jesus name, Amen.' [--or something like that--]. God is helping the right kind of people get Saved and accept the Son, Jesus, as their personal Savior RIGHT NOW! But the sinner [all of us] need to realize that fact and make the first step, instead of sitting back and leaving all to chance and take that terrible, stupid gamble of wait and see!

And if some or most of my readers understand these things-- are THEY sharing the Gospel with everyone they come in contact with ?? Are we afraid of what other humans think of us/ about us, or will we be strong, fearless soldier of Christ?

Hi everyone. I've posted the second part of Who Do You Say I Am? Please come by and read when you have a chance. And again, please pass it along to people who may need this message! God Bless and thank you! ~Carolyn Elkins

Tom Schuckman
Jesus is Lord, and Heaven is my Home.

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