Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Busy Tuesday, October 5th.

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Picture above: Andy paints the house for me.

What a full day for me! Three different appointments at the VA in Milwaukee this morning, EKG [again] which looked good, inhalation test and consultation-- so the docs gave me the green light. I talked to a few Vets also waiting in long lines and even heard that the Lefty- Libs are trying to collapse the VA health system and make everything in the US one big "HAPPY" family, 'obama-care'. Let me tell you now that the general population will NOT be happy with the coming Socialist system.

Sharon was busy playing cards with a bunch of other nursing home residents at Woodstock in Kenosha, WI., when I finally got there, and she seems happy. I brought her purse, clothes and fresh fruit -- but I was anxious and stressed out from jumping through all the hoops at the VA, and Sharon's room seemed to be too warm for me. I call her many times a day to see how she is.

As usual, I listened to Brannon Howse--WVCY 107.7 FM, on the way home about 1:30-ish, and I got another big dose of startling news and info about our economy and the Socialist plans. First of all, precious metals continue to go up thru the roof, but the Gov't just jacked up the price of their minted "Silver Eagles".. again! Now we must pay $2.00 EXTRA because of inflation-- and that is a .50 cent jump from the last time they pulled that stunt! The Gov't KNOWS what is happening-- and yet they lie that the economic pciture is so rosy and we are OUT OF THE RECESSION...Ha! For people who study and know about these things [precious metals, etc]-- it's alarming. they well know that the US dollar is collapsing and isn't worth the paper and ink. Number 2: If you are a student of history, and military, forcing homosexuals into the ranks not only pushes the good 'God and Country' type of soldiers out of the service-- but it makes for a meaner, no morals/ no honor type of people filling the ranks. They are infusing the trash and kicking out the 'God and Country', good, moral soldiers who have better 'cohesion.' And when the Gov't declares martial law in the streets to hold back the rioters who are finally aware of the WH lies-- the standard of the 'new' homo Army will be all about cruelty and being ruthless. Is that what the people want??

I had a fun time witnessing to some hospital staff plus other G.I.'s, and one guy had a small pocket bible sticking in his shirt pocket, so we traded email addresses, and I might just be able to benefit to him. And then, when I asked 2 nurses if they were 'ready for the Rapture'-- they said, "NO !" Well, they were nice people, but they showed their hand with a reply like that. Sometimes they will size me up as some 'religious nut'-- but after they listen to my words-- they understand that I have a high verbal aptitude and things make sense to them concerning what the Bible says. You have to figure that not everyone we witness to and share the Gospel with will spring out of their chair, repent and accept the Lord. BUT, I [we] DID plant that seed! We are God's mouth piece/ messengers as we share the Good News of the Kingdom and the Gospel of Salvation far and wide. 'This great work is being done all over the world for a witness to all the nations--- [Matthew 24:14], and then the end will come.' When we finally face our Lord and Master in heaven to give an account of ourselves-- what excuse will we offer?? What did WE do for the Kingdom when we were living on earth? Remember Jesus' story of the Talents of gold?? We don't need to be a 10 headed professor, a missionary or a pastor to do this simple, but important work, you know... MOST people don't even know what we will be doing in heaven or if they are really going there! Pity... Try reading the BOOK.

As we live our lives every day with our aches and pains, worries and stress-- it's important to "keep our eyes on the prize-- on heaven." As I repeat, NO ONE KNOWS WHEN THE RAPTURE WILL COME... but everything we see and hear DAILY-- all points to the NEAR future-- and Israel is the KEY to the future! When that bough breaks the baby will fall--talking about the next big deciding war in the Middle East concerning Israel. So does our daily life, plans, work, play, and gestures show what's on our mind and hearts? Real Christians MUST know that any political 'change', choices and direction we humans go in worldly terms are just a temporary band aid. If that is so-- why do we put so much time, effort, and treasure into such a fleeting notion that some how a different political party or human will make the difference. Truthfully, having studied and dealt with Financial instruments and investment/ policy, America is ALREADY too far gone to be 'saved' economically [and other wise]or be solvent-- and America has cut off the hand of friendship to Israel-- and that comes with a CURSE from God Himself !! And the 'man in the WH calls himself a CHRISTIAN??" Ha! He would sell out his own grandmother... but like I said, another person or party would not fair too much better. And even if we did somehow pull that off-- there are so many other nations like Japan, etc., that are just hanging on by the skin of their teeth! We just cannot bail all of them out-- as we are on the ropes too!! Go figure. If you think that things are going to get better-- you are probably smoking the wrong stuff in your pipe... LOL. BTW, the VA made me inhale some medicine mist into my lungs-- and now I feel like SUPERMAN!! They also say that my heart is strong enough for the operation, but I have a family history of heart challenges, probably from eating all the wrong foods-- but in the old days on the farm we needed something that would stick to the ribs... and it's still sticking. I've been eating rye bread, but now the docs want me to eat whole grains. OK... I honestly thought that I must be losing weight with Sharon gone, and I don't eat much at all... and the beat goes on.
Thank you, my son, Andy, for transporting Sharon's power chair to her at Woodstock today. You have been a great help to me lately. I am asking others to pray for you to make the right choices in regards to strengthening your relationship with the Lord, Jesus.


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Tom. When will Sharon get to come home? Sorry for all you're going through. Your Pal, Rev. H