Monday, October 4, 2010

Contract with the Anti-Christ.

<<< Racine County Fair-- our power scooter and Sharon's power chair.

It's just incredible to me how much I learn almost every day, soaking up knowledge that makes sense-- and according to the Word! And the old prophesies of the OT--Old Testament are full of meaning and alive right now in the year 2010. People use such slogans like, "It's the economy, stupid." Well, ISRAEL is the main focal point right now [or should be], the 'lynch pin', the trigger, that will dictate the direct future of the entire world! And just how many of your pastors, priests and churches preach/ teach this all important reality from God's own Word right now?? Ha! Brannon Howse, on Christian radio, etc., WVCY, 107.7 FM, and most of the other preachers share this profound 'GOOD NEWS', and the Gospel. And would we not want to hear the most important facts that pertain to us right now? Well, here it is!

So then, let us reason on this matter and use the simple term: "IF", please. Friends and Readers: IF what the Bible says is true about Israel being the most important thing in our near future-- would we be spending so much TIME, ENERGY, TREASURE, FOCUS, and WORRY on all the other mundane, worthless things that consume us in October of 2010?? And our baloney politics [read: lies] and worry about our own 'American' future -- is just another smoke screen in Satan's world to pry our attention from the main hub and center of Bible prophecy that WILL COME TRUE soon, Israel, Israel, Israel! I know that I will surely turn many people off, tick them off, make them very angry and bored, when I say that America is really inconsequential. Hey! I still have some freedom left to speak the valid Word of God in the USA, and my personal opinion--- that any and ALL nations MUST bow to God and befriend His favored People, Israel! Especially as a combat Veteran, I love America-- but not enough to disregard/ and disobey God Almighty! All nations on earth will finally admit and agree with this statement-- but most of them too late. I will continue to vote and support certain conservative candidates-- but I know and believe this is all short lived, and America might not even exist one year from now as we will 'IMPLODE' because of STUPID financial spending, etc. And perhaps the majority of churches in America have been contaminated with false, useless, time burning rhetoric and 'feel good trash' plus entertainment from the podium-- that is NOT preparing the congregations for the 'Big Storm' right around the corner.

I hand pick [although I could easily develop my own logic and thoughts for blog posts] many subjects that deal with our combined survival and the Rapture-- but other than my many friends and readers-- few in the world really understand, share, concentrate or honestly CARE about the truth of Bible prophecy! Just as the article presents all the facts in a neatly packaged lay out with scriptures cited very nicely.... the question is, how far do I go to get the peoples' attention? Do I blow a horn, whistle or beat a drum? I don't care to 're-plow' that ground too many times-- but for the sake of the remaining people in the world "still sitting on the fence, indecisive" -- NOW is the time to 'stand up and be counted' on the side of JESUS! Remember, Revelation [the last book of the Bible] chapter 21, verse 8, "But the fearful, and unbelieving, etc, etc, will be pitched into the Lake of fire....." Fearful, means the cowards. If you are ashamed of Christ-- He will be ashamed of YOU in the Judgment Day. That will truly separate the 'men from the boys.' And yes, it does take a lot of guts and courage to be a Soldier of Christ.... and that is why the majority of humankind will be lost, being COWARDS, along with their selfishness, greed, and pride...

I can't picture myself getting sent into combat with absolutely NO military training! And yet, the majority of so-called 'Christians' [CHINO's = 'Christians' in name only] don't know their Bible!! Chances are that we Americans log in about 35 hours of TV and Computer, compared to maybe ONE WHOLE HOUR OF BIBLE STUDY, OR READING PER WEEK. Ephesians 6: 13-18, says that we are in war against the dark powers, rulers of darkness-- demons and Satan! This is a no-brain-er for combat troops... lol. You DON'T go into battle without your weapon, helmet, body armor and boots! A welder doesn't go to work without his helmet and leather gloves. A carpenter without his hammer, leather pouch, tape measure, and his cordless Milwaukee drill. A real Christian soldier always has his 'Sword'-- which is his Bible, and he/ she is very proficient with it!

Sharon was transferred today to a good nursing home in Kenosha, WI, called Woodstock. So far she likes it there and said everyone treats her with respect and kindness. I will bring her some oranges, etc, tomorrow after my own VA appointments, and my son, Andy will bring over her power chair so she has more freedom and mobility during her stay-- and we don't know how long. She doesn't have a 'land phone', but she has her cell phone.


Israeli Leaders’ Lethal Liability

Posted: 04 Oct 2010 02:12 PM PDT

By Terry James Rapture Ready Bible prophecy’s most profound current issue simmers on the Jerusalem horizon, but there seems little notice even by the usually observant prophecy ministries. It is the peace process to which I refer.Israeli leadership at the very top is as in conflict internally, as it is with the Palestinian leadership. Controversy rages over exactly how to formulate a process that

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