Thursday, October 21, 2010

Globalists Co-opting with the churches.

Tom's Journal.

Here is another key to the puzzle-- at least for me. As I have talked to many pastors these past 12 years about the declining rate of Southern Baptists Churches in America, this article helps explain it. We all knew the stats on how many of these churches were falling-- even daily, but not exactly why. We thought it was because they didn't have God's help and power.

They were missing something spiritual/ Biblical in their churches that made the membership leave in droves. I just happen to attend a Wisconsin Independent Baptist church near by, and we are doing fine in most respects-- we are Fundamentalist, and everything has to be proven with the Bible/ Scriptures, or it just won't fly-- and I feel very comfortable with that rule. If that were not so, I would cease and desist from contributing funds, support and attendance there in a HEART BEAT! Actually the Bible itself encourages all Christians to do this--'make sure of all things.' [Just check out 2nd Timothy 3:16]. If something is not founded/ OK'd by Almighty God, according to His Word -- it will not stand! And so the Bible, all 66 books, is our only Guild, tape measure, plumb bob, framing square, by which we tell if something is fake, demonic-- or the 'Real McCoy.' That means, if people just sit in church like a bump on a log and do NOT participate/ follow along in their OWN COPY OF THE BIBLE-- they could easily be misled by some Piped Piper and/ or by some One World Gov't/ Religion entity-- which translates into Satan and his demons! Personal bible study is so important to sift through all the fakes/ anti-Christs! God is talking to US when we read the Bible and when the Holy Spirit is with us-- so how can we get that spiritual nourishment if we are too stupid and lazy to crack open that special BOOK?

I am so happy that more known authors, writers, Christian bloggers are finding their "2nd wind" and 'man hood' so as to speak up NOW and tell the absolute Truth about what is happening now in the US and the world, and what the Bible says we can expect in the near future!! Does a snake have to bite you in the behind before you wake up and take notice of all the signs that take place every single day-- foretold in the Bible? As I repeat, our main focal point, IMHO, should be upon Israel and the coming war with their hateful Muslim neighbors, and then we can expect the RAPTURE to Heaven of the Church-- that is: the Real Bride of Christ, the Saints who have put all their love, trust and faith in their Lord, Jesus Christ!! For the most part, that is my only reason for living, besides doing God's will of sharing the Gospel. Think: If we were all assured of a ton of gold were buried in our back yard-- we wouldn't have any trouble digging it out even with our bare hands!!

From what I heard first hand, and witnessed, my two oldest children who are in their mid-30's have accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior! Wow! I love to help them if and when I can-- and they have helped me too. God has brought joy to my heart.

I took my wife out for Mexican lunch today, Sirloin tip burritos, with hot sauce and Jalapeno peppers, and then we went down by Lake Michigan to test out my new monocular, watch the 'white caps' and scenery, birds, etc., while we talked and opened our mail. I got Sharon more fresh fruit,grapefruits, oranges and bananas that she loves and treasures. Her room mate, Helen, is suffering from the early stages of dementia and refuses to eat-- down to a skeleton, so Sharon gives her a nice banana sometimes and tries to encourage her, and others. I will probably see her again tomorrow and tell her I love her. Our dog goes crazy when I take him along to see her-- and I think it's good for both of them to visit.

As I said before, all the political mail, phone calls are bugging me too much, and my mom too, as we already know who we will vote for. It reminds me of our old UAW Union steward elections at the auto plant where they all promised to do right by us workers-- but after they got elected they didn't want to lift a finger when a serious grievance needed to be filed against an abusive supervisor. 'Same old scrap-- different pile.' And in those olden days I told them all that nasty truth and was not too popular... lol. More then a few Union Stewards walked around 'high' or drunk and didn't give a hoot too... but I thank the Lord that I forced myself to put in over 30 years to get my pension-- although the Chrysler Corp illegally went into our bonded Contract 2 years ago and just cut many of the Retirees' benefits package with the Union bosses just standing there mute and impotent. We lost our Dental, vision, hearing and feet medical benefits and they didn't even consult us!! Do you think that Federal and State public workers and Congress would be willing to take a cut like we did-- AFTER THEY RETIRED ?? Ha! But it is something like this coming mid-term election that stirs us up, hoping that the 'new blood' in the Congress will help the people save their/ our Constitutional Freedoms-- for a while... lol. True Christians know, however, that this business will only be short lived at best, until the Rapture, and we are G-O-N-E. Folks, we all need to have a balanced attitude about all this business now, and of the Rapture, and the BIBLE [and the Holy Spirit] are the ONLY KEYS that will allow us to pass over the threshold of heaven--the Blood of Christ, and certainly not our own actions or so-called "goodness and works." People roll their eyes and make fun of me all the time when I share the Bible-- Gospel with them, but that small humiliation/ harassment comes with the territory-- and just think of other Christians who are tortured and murdered for their actions and beliefs!

Can you believe how the present Gov't allows Left- Liberal entities to savage the Fox TV network and News people. OK, they may not all be Christians there but go figure that they will not just stop with THEM-- but will continue to take away MORE of our 1st and 2nd Amendment Freedoms and Liberties, while all 3 Gov't bodies stand by watching on-- and even promoting such travesties. Study the Book and Be Prepared, NOW!
I should have some new pix soon to post. Take care, friends.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Dietrich Bonhoeffer Understood the Globalists Were Co-opting the Church

Posted: 21 Oct 2010 09:15 AM PDT

By Brannon Howse Worldview Weekend Dietrich Bonhoeffer noticed the globalists were co-opting the liberal American churches in 1930. Today however, it is both the liberal and "conservative" denominations and Christian leaders that are being co-opted by the globalists.What is happening within American Churches and denominations is not new. Bonhoeffer writes,"In New York they preach about virtually

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