Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends,
While I certainly don't believe everything I read, I have been looking for "balance" to keep myself in proper 'check' of going too far in any direction, but letting the Bible be my guide. Some things are just plain 'Gray area' and we have to use some common sense and logic... but I did learn much from my old Financial-Investment days of business, and that has helped me not to get into deep debt.

Now, logically, being diversified is very important, and who really has a so-called 'Chrystal ball', especially when the 'game is rigged' by the super wealthy and greedy dirt bags who consider themselves masters of the world-- and indeed, their daddy just might be that [Satan]. The Bible shows that it's good and wise to save up for emergencies, and some folks think that saving about 6 months' wages is prudent. I have never been able to do that, although I have tried when I was working hard at Chrysler, with quality Mutual Funds, but that would NOT be my choice right now. And just about then, your brakes in the car or the refrigerator goes out... lol.
And then on the other side of town there is a class of people that figure they ought to live high on the hog, drink, smoke and do drugs, without 2 dollars to rub together, because they know how far Left-Socialistic our once great nation has fallen into depravity and corruption. I was NOT raised that way, but more of the 'middle of the road sort of person.'

Many so-called 'Christians' who don't read/ study their Bibles are swayed to and fro by 'hawkers' and con-men to make foolish investments that could evaporate into the air-- fueled by greed and fear. I am SO HAPPY TO POST an intelligent article that has done ME some good and give me more balance! PTL! Yes, again, BALANCE IS KEY! We need to pay our bills and debts in good order, on time. We need to keep our dwelling place neat and clean so it's healthy for us to live there. I just had my humble house painted, and was happy to pay my dear son, Andy, a good fair price for his hard work this past Summer. "One hand washes the other." I don't have a lot of savings and investments, BUT I AM VERY RICH IN THE LORD! 'For the swift do not have the race...' There will actually come a day when 'men will be throwing their money into the streets'-- because it will not hold back the wrath of God in the end
. Money has it's place-- and the wise man will use it judiciously-- in the greater glory of God. Paul says that it's the LOVE of money that is evil! Not the mere holding, investing and spending of money. [see: Timothy].
I will be 'changing my tack' some what now that I have learned something new tonight... I will be fine-tuning my strategy. Great article for Believers!


Gold: A Religious Investment?

Posted: 06 Oct 2010 02:12 PM PDT

By Wilfred J. Hahn Eternal Value Review Gold bullion is again in the limelight, recently again hitting new highs in USD terms. We continue to get questions as to whether gold would be a good investment. For example, “I have read your book, Global Financial Apocalypse Prophesied, but still cannot determine if you think physical gold is the investment of choice for these days. Would you please


Carolyn said...

Tom, I won't even claim to know much about financial stuff, but like you, I do have common sence!
While I don't have the means to invest in anything right now, I don't worry much anymore about where things are going. I know where they're going- just not quite how they will. I've heard gold is being scarfed up by China and others like George Soros, and that it's now at about 1300 and ounce? And that it will soon be at 2000. Since my dad told me a few years ago (when I did have some money and asked him about gold) that the gold prices depend on the dollar value, this tells me the dollar is going to be in the toilet soon. I've also read that the fed is buying up wall street to create a higher market so people will invest there. However, creating another bubble- like they didn't learn from the housing bubble?! (Fanny and Freddie) Hedge funds are up right now, but soon commodoties will be the way to go- so again, names like Hillary Clinton and George Soros comes to mind.
I like this man's common sense article, as he's not yelling at people to invest here or here. He's honest about things, and if folks have the means to invest- it's best to look at all the players as he has.
I don't know where we'll be financially when things collapse- but I know that God will provide what we need (not necessarily what We THINK we need, but what He KNOWS we need) so I'm learning to trust in Him for more and more.
I'd say keep doing what you're able to do Tom, and keep posting these for folks to learn! God Bless!!

krissy knox said...

Very excellent post on balance, Tom. I like it and find it very Biblical. It reminds of the verse where the Lord gave each men a certain amount of talents, and some did well with what they had, and others didn't, but they all gave their talents back to the Lord, for His Glor and Praise. One man was very stingy however, and hoarded his talent, the Lord did not like that. Others increased their talents, but it was okay, bc they gave the talents (money) back to the Lord for the glory of His name, using only what they needed to. Yes, I think balance is the key here. Thanks for a good post, Tom!