Friday, October 8, 2010

Russian surprise-- No missles.

Tom's Journal.

This new Russian wrinkle means that all human speculation [especially mine] is just that-- guessing! The Lord in heaven knows exactly when to spring His trap and set things in motion. We feel that we can learn lots about God's personality by studying the entire Hebrew and Greek Scriptures-- but the best policy is to go with His flow and methods... as the old scripture goes: 'My ways are not your [human] ways.' Has not human history for the past 6000 years proved exactly that? 'Ours is but to do or die-- ours in not to ponder why...' God wants His followers/ servants to DEPEND and TRUST in Him! We want to be educated and versed in His Word-- but totally dependent on the Lord of Hosts [Armies]. And it would be great to write down and memorize: 1st Cor. 3:19.... on 'the wisdom of the world.'

I am now sure that the grand Day of Rapture will probably be a surprise to me and everyone else too, even though I try to live each day as if it were my last on earth and pray multiple times a day, and night.

I took the hound dog, Deuce, to visit Sharon today at Woodstock Health and Rehab today after the 'butcher' [oops, I mean, barber] scalped me and dumped most of the hair in my eyes and down my shirt.... grrrrr. Maybe he ought to retire too. Well, all I can say is that I won't need another 'trim' for the next 3 months... lol. Why is the world going to hell in a hand basket?? Duh... We just don't get real service or respect anymore, and no one seems to care either. Anyway, Deuce, the Rottweiler went crazy when he saw Sharon in the mess hall with two other disabled old guys. She has to share her room with another older woman patient and there is no privacy, so we can't talk about what needs to be talked about. I guess that Sharon was in a foul mood, so I left soon after. My body and feet/ knees were hurting too bad and I didn't have time to argue in public...or talk "goo goo-- da da" as if she were an infant, and like I said, there just isn't any privacy there, and I can't hear her garbled phone talk because the walls are so thick. sometimes I wonder if the Nursing home doesn't give the patients dumb dumb pills so they are more 'easy to manage...' Go figure... isn't that really what this world [and the AMA] is coming too-- the new world of over-medicated zombies and tranquilized/ sedated mankind?

Well, I don't want to air any more of my dirty laundry-- but it's hard to love and trust some one near to you when they have a compulsive lying problem and continue to apply for secret credit cards behind your back and run up charges for merchandise they can't even account for. I have asked some brothers at church for advice on how to remedy this problem. Is this a 'challenge' that most women have? I know first hand how destructive credit card debt is and can put you in the poor house. Some people may think that, since the Rapture and Tribulation are coming soon [or maybe they think that they don't have long to live] -- what does it matter, right? But what did Jesus and His apostles teach? I would think that such a mind set of charging without planning to pay back is akin to theft! And besides-- I'm NOT a Lefty-Liberal Dim... LOL, who is looking to eat lunch and then skip out on the bill! Ahh, we all have our faults, and I am a sinner too.

What do you think about those big banks freezing the mortgages that were foreclosed on and further messed up by having them chopped up and re-sold/ distributed?? I bet there is so much more corruption that has NOT been uncovered yet, as the Dims thought they would rule forever and their mischief would never be un-earthed. I think that what we are seeing now is just the tip of the ice berg! If this system were to go on for another year or so, I will have pretty much paid down/ off much of my own debt so that I could relax more and not worry about bills or 'surprises.' I just heard something else about Facebook owner giving millions to some education orgs on the East Coast lately. Any one heard about that??

Russia Backs off Missile Sale to Iran

Posted: 08 Oct 2010 01:45 PM PDT

By Joel C. Rosenberg A senior Israeli government official last week told me that Prime Minister Netanyahu will assess the effectiveness of international economic sanctions on Iran in December and January. “Decisions will have to made after that,” he said. What kind of decisions? The official wasn’t particularly optimistic that sanctions would work, but when pressed wouldn’t say

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