Sunday, October 10, 2010


Tom's Journal.

Sunday morning church service and adult Sunday school, prior to that, is very important to me, as we are 'fed spiritual food' by the deacons and pastor, who do a very good job of teaching/ preaching pure Bible subjects. They generally use the King James version of the Bible, but the congregation is certainly free to use what ever translation they like/ choose. And the friendship and camaraderie are also very important to me. So even though it's tough to get dressed up, and limp up the steps of the church [or drive my power scooter up the disabled ramp], it is important for me to be there. We have audience participation in Sunday school, and so I answer a good share of questions.

But, IMHO, I would bet that at least half of the congregation can't defend their Bible held beliefs or do a fair job witnessing to unbelievers... sorry. I think that is a pity. What in the world could prevent a so-called Christian with the Holy Spirit from learning enough to give a good witness as all are commanded-- especially after they have been sitting in the pews for years?? I know of people in false religions and cults who are much better trained to knock on doors and take the initiative to share their beliefs!! It just may be an "abnormal thing" now days to come up and witness to a 'stranger'-- but the Bible says this is a necessary things. I have a 'cheat sheet' taped inside my bibles called the 'Road to Romans' that helps me explain how all humans are born into 'Adamic sin' and need salvation through the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ, with a orderly number of scriptures to support my witness/ Bible beliefs. But there are so many ways dig up interest/ witness, and hand out Bibles and tracts. Remember, this God-inspired "work" of sharing the Gospel will NOT last too much longer, because the Church will be Raptured! This is what Jesus meant when He talked about 'laying up our treasures in heaven.'

As I posted on Facebook, I brought the new Toshiba "Notebook" P.C. that I recently ordered from Sears, to Sharon as a gift, so she can email her friends and me, and she was very happy about that.... and the grapefruits too. She promised never to procure any more credit cards on the sly-- behind my back --to put me into more debt again. I feel that another national and world cash/ credit/ money bubble will burst soon, and those with less or no debt will fair better when that next storm hits us. I don't care how the Progressive Dims spin their deceptive economic lies-- we will surely have more financial problems and woes down the road--- and THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE PUSHING AND PLANNING FOR!! 'Never waste a disaster.' Many well read people know that nations are pushing for ONE WORLD GOV'T and GLOBAL GOVERNANCE --control-- Socialism. No matter who is elected next-- there will be hell to pay for obama and the Dims tripling the national debt, with nothing positive to show for all that money! I am afraid that who ever is in the driver's seat next won't be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again either.
And we think that times are tough now??

My wife and I have not had a real vacation for 5 years, and I live in an old, but freshly painted, 100 year old house, so I have SOME cash flow. We still have many creature comforts, toys, and eat well. Looks like buying and selling a house will be getting harder for a while, with more banks cutting back and freezing up the credit. I have 2 good vehicles, and the high snow in Wisconsin doesn't hamper my Ram 4 by 4 truck.
My power scooter ran out of battery so I had Sharon meet me out side of her nursing home on her own power chair to collect the new P.C. and fruit today. It's getting so hard to walk right now-- but I will be getting my "90 day shots" in both knees on Tuesday--at the VA- Milwaukee. I shaved off my full beard after I got home and I will get a thrill watching people surprised seeing my bare face. I guess I just got tired of the extra whiskers.

I brought a few steaks home and grilled them out side-- and gave the hound dog some of the tougher pieces. I got some huge Courtland apples, broccoli, and 10 grain bread to eat too. I am obeying the VA doctor's advice in my new eating habits to lower my Cholesterol and lose weight, but it's a slow process without being able to exercise. Ha! I was a power lifter most of my adult life and have the pix to prove it!! A sudden injury can change all of that in the heart beat... and retirement too.


How Do You Know This? Follow Up


Q. In a recent post you said, “The believers who suffer during the Great Tribulation are those who come to faith after the Church is gone, and in fact the disappearance of the Church will convince many to become believers. We know they’re not part of the Church because their destiny in Eternity is different [...]

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