Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Two Part Harmony.

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I found this article very appealing-- especially for it's teaching value and simplicity. I learned in high school Speech class [from Mr. David Molton] that a smart speaker can analyze his/ her audience and tailor his speech to connect to the majority of those there... as a group. I am good at words, but I wish I were a better "Word Smith" with even more academic language skills, Bible school, with Hebrew and Greek... I loved languages! But when a man comes home from combat/ war, gets a job at Nestles' chocolate in Burlington, WI, and starts a family-- many wishes/ dreams take a back seat to providing for momma and 3 children. I was raised in this mindset --that laziness was a serious sin, and taught that same hard work ethic to all my kids who are now well grown.

I suppose that some of my friends, relatives and others may find fault with this post as they have been raised a lot like I was-- Catholic, and I love them all dearly. But somehow my life changed dramatically after Vietnam, and I just HAD TO KNOW MORE ABOUT LIFE'S PURPOSE AND WHAT GOD REALLY WANTED OF US-- according to the Bible. And sorry to say, even going to a Catholic graded school, I never got my questions answered by any nun or priest concerning what the Bible actually taught. And facts don't lie-- statistics say that perhaps the majority of Catholics in the USA, and of course, African- Americans EVEN THOSE IN THE MILITARY-- voted for Mr. Obama-- the Socialist! But I don't want this post to degrade into politics, PLEASE! Don't we all get a belly full of that every single day on the "News?"
Really, are not all Parties corrupt and have their on self perpetuating agenda-- instead of helping the people? "Absolute power corrupts-- Absolutely."

That's why I have turned to GOD, our Father in Heaven! There is NO other game in town, as you will see if you read the goodies below. I just love a good writer who can make 'it all come together in the end.' Actually, for those who are 'too highly educated'- in everything worldly EXCEPT the Bible, with those almighty 'sheep skins' on their walls-- the Bible and Gospel are 'TOO SIMPLE' for them to understand-- besides the Lord has blinded them who have an evil heart -- they are in Satan's world, unless they repent and accept Jesus as Savior.

I may write a personal email to some of you [for safety sake, as I cannot trust AOL anymore-- or the lurking stalkers, back bitters and cowards out there] to help me in a personal challenge. I may come off as a mighty warrior with tough skin, but days like today made me feel very tested and shot my blood pressure up. I am calmed down now after I read the Scriptures, and some friends and the Holy Spirit helped me. I could not sleep for the pain in my back and legs, so I came back to the PC to write-- which is my form of therapy. It usually works for me.
Good Morning!

Tommy Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70

The Second Coming - In Two Part Harmony

Posted: 12 Oct 2010 12:43 PM PDT

By Jack Kinsella The Omega Letter The Bible often appears to address the Second Coming of Jesus Christ as if it were one event, but upon closer examination, it is obvious that it takes place in two separate parts with an interval of time between them.The Lord returns once for His Church as its Redeemer and then again at the end of the Tribulation Period as its Avenger. The first coming is in

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