Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If it looks like a duck.

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If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck.... IT IS A DUCK!!!

I have a number of friends who are or used to be cops, and they profile ALL THE TIME! They are trained to look for certain oddities, habits, and people who look suspicious, and perhaps 90% of the time they are right. What on earth is wrong about being right and logical and using your brain? Here is yet another valid point how the WH and Libby Congress are actually helping to hurt and destroy America. Most honest folks in our country who are savvy-- know that there are certain places a girl should never go after dark in some big cities, and medium sized town. If you stay out of harm's way there is a pretty good chance you will grow up to reach old age.

I also know plenty of combat Veterans who revert back to their military skills and training when they enter certain areas-- and they go into a "defensive mode." The Bible has plenty to say about keeping safe by obeying God's Word and standards. And Christians look forward to a time when they can let down their guard FOREVER, after the Rapture! I would venture to say that MOST people don't even have the foggiest idea what the 'Lord's Prayer' means, or even where to FIND IT in the Bible. The term 'Christian' now days is nothing more than a buzz word. Sorry, I am speaking the truth from my heart, even if it's 'politically incorrect.'

Thank you all for your many prayers and well wishes. Sharon and I love and appreciate every single one. Please pray for my good Christian friend, Robby B. from Kenosha, WI., and his 'junk yard' hips. And Dick, from Hawaii too.


It’s Time to Profile

Posted: 30 Nov 2010 12:38 PM PST

By Robert Spencer Jihad Watch As horror stories from the TSA become an ever-expanding genre, it is important to remember that the entire roiling controversy over airport security has come about solely because of the government’s refusal to acknowledge the true nature of the threat we’re facing. While it is theoretically possible that a wheelchair-bound, eighty-year-old Baptist grandmother from

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Are these the signs of the times

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Sometimes after a sermon or speech-- there is not anything more that can be said to make the point. I am considered a good speaker and teacher with a high verbal aptitude-- 'gift to gab', I guess, by all who know me. Yet, there are times when I get tongue tied or lose my edge/ concentration. First off, you need to know your material and study up on it, and then concentrate and practice until you are 'polished.' It certainly helps to ask the Holy Spirit for help, wisdom and strength.

Folks, when I read stuff like the link I posted below-- I get energized and charged up like a battery. Especially when the material is so deeply rooted with Scripture and logic! So we Bible loving Christians have both human logic and the Bible Truth, and the true track record of pure History to back us up. What do the lying politicians have besides legislation that they signed into law without even reading it first ?? The present US Gov't -- Administration and Congress [and the Federal Reserve] has so many secrets hidden from the people-- and when the currency/ cash $$$$/ money [the American Dollar] bubble bursts/ melts down, what will happen then?? Big Time Chaos.
It's kind of like the water table/ aquifer in the Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, etc., area --steadily going down-- but it seems like many people there use the water like there is no tomorrow. I may be wrong... but the city of Atlanta, GA., is hard pressed for water too!

I think that real, Bible teaching churches ought to begin to hunker down NOW too! They must trust in the Lord....Proverbs 3:5, but also plan, save, stop spending [except for soul winning and the preaching work], and get organized to help members in case of emergencies. It would also be nice if they were alert for seniors/ the old and infirm ones too, and I intend to find out if there is any way that I can help and get involved. But that is my personal opinion. Individuals spend foolishly and so do CHURCHES, IMHO!

Are we living in the "Signs of the Times ?" I would have to say, "YES !" The trouble is, that we have all been 'desensitized' and our senses deadened by the 'News Media' and all the demon inspired distractions in the rat race of our daily existence. We are being 'controlled' too by 'Puppet Masters' behind the curtain -- leaning toward the ONE WORLD GOV'T-- and the coming Anti-Christ. Sometimes we just can't see the forest from the trees-- and have to step out of the jungle to get our true bearings, dear friends. The Bible ought to be our compass, and also our anchor. The Bible is also referred to a 'two-edged sword', in the book of Hebrews. Get to know and love it now-- today!
December 4th is my dear wife's birthday, and I plan to take her out to a fancy German restaurant in Kenosha, WI, some time soon-- down by Lake Michigan. Two days latter I will have surgery.
My good son, Andy came over for a while this evening to do a few chores for me and visit. I always enjoy his friendship and company, and Deuce, the Rotty, just LOVES him too! Thank you, dear son, Andrew T. Schuckman. God bless you.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Are These Signs of the Times?

Posted: 28 Nov 2010 10:52 AM PST

By Greg Laurie Harvest Ministries Awhile back, I was in a restaurant in Arkansas. As my friends and I talked with the server and invited him to the event where I would be speaking that night, he asked me, "Do you think we are living in the last days? Do you think that Jesus Christ will come back in my lifetime?"With all that is happening in our world today, a lot of people are asking that

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Puppet Masters.

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IF WE COULD ONLY ADMIT THE TRUTH TO OURSELVES. Wouldn't that just be so cool ? No more denial, lies, half truths, deceptions and nagging conscience... but then we might have to do away with/ quit stealing, cheating, buying things on the sly, etc, etc., because one lie is sure to be followed by another 'cover-up lie.' Did you all know that the German children were raised to always tell the truth --so that in WW-2, Hitler's Germany-- school children would turn in their own parents when questioned by the teachers/ authorities--- as they just could not LIE! Kind of different now days, huh?

Here is my point for today-- if we could somehow 'remove' ourselves from the worldly picture and READ the Bible prophecy, we would have to admit that this world scene is getting very dangerous, and if our brains were above 70, we'd understand that we are on a collision course with world chaos, bankruptcy, and major war! And when the world finally does wake up out of the stupor of denial, not even booze and drugs will hide or mask the real truth that we have not only been misled by the folks we elect, but we don't have much belly to standing up for our Rights and Freedoms! It's like the neighbor's denial that he is totally broke-- but he is throwing huge champagne and lobster party for all of his "friends." Well, actually they never WERE his friends... and I know all about that rude awakening from when I had hard times in the mid-90's.
And perhaps I will be looking to more hard times in the near future-- but maybe I can lose some weight in the process... lol. It's not contradictory that MY God of the Bible will protect me-- even though I'll be forced to suffer some persecution and hurt. Heaven is my home, and death is a mere gate way for true, honest Christians! And if I die on the VA operating table, God has something much better for me, and He will also somehow take care of my wife, Sharon.

One thing for sure, playing into this silly political game of 'this party is better than that party' is just a smoke screen to occupy our last days in this wayward system of Satan-- while God's Plan unravels all the time-- and ON time. Except right now, even a blind man could 'see' what is going on in this world. The 'Puppet Masters' are jerking the strings and collapsing the world economies so that the people/ masses will BEG and do ANYTHING to put another 'king' on the thrown to end the suffering!! Yes! Remember, History always repeats itself-- but they don't teach it in schools anymore. The Bible IS History, but it is also special communication from God in Heaven. God would love to help everyone on earth-- but he will not beg-- or give us chances forever.

I have faced my own demons so that I know that I have worried most of my life about everything under the sun-- but the truth of the Bible was always there for me IF I would have had enough humility to grasp it years ago. But better late than never-- or after the Rapture. There are Bible loving Christians all around us who will be glad to teach us more -- but there are also FALSE, counterfeit 'Christians' who water down the Bible and try to lead us down the wrong, sinful path-- broad and spacious. So HOW can you tell the difference?? READ AND STUDY THE BIBLE!! Ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand and ask the Father for forgiveness, and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior! Doesn't that sound pretty simple? Actually, for most people-- it is near impossible, because their heart isn't in it and they are too proud and full of themselves.

End of short sermon.

Tom Schuckman

This Week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'

Posted: 26 Nov 2010 06:51 PM PST

By Hal Lindsey The Hal Lindsey Report I trust you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. God is so good to us and has blessed us so graciously, that every day should be a day of thanksgiving for those of us in His 'forever family.' I hope you take what I had to say last week about the "Power of Praise" and apply it to your everyday walk with God.Earlier this month, The Federal Reserve System held a

Friday, November 26, 2010

Charge of the Light Brigade.

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It was my Dad who first inspired me with some of his boyhood memorization of poetry, when I was in grade school, and he told me that some of his brothers on their farm near Liebenthal, Kansas had reputations of good and witty memory too. I like good poems! I love the rhythm and rhyme that makes them come alive, and tried my own hand at writing a few in high school-- while playing guitar in a few small, lesser known rock bands. But you know... songs are just music added to poetry; At least in the good old days [1960's and '70's -- IMHO] before stupid 'rap' crap came about with every other word being foul. But that's just my personal opinion, friends. What do YOU think?? I also love Gospel music and wish I knew more by heart.


Tom Schuckman

The Charge Of The Light Brigade
by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

This poem was written to memorialize a suicidal charge by light cavalry over open terrain by British forces in the Battle of Balaclava (Ukraine) in the Crimean War (1854-56). 247 men of the 637 in the charge were killed or wounded. Britain entered the war, which was fought by Russia against Turkey, Britain and France, because Russia sought to control the Dardanelles. Russian control of the Dardanelles threatened British sea routes.

Many in the west best know of this war today because of Florence Nightingale, who trained and led nurses aiding the wounded during the war in a manner innovative for those times. The War was also noteworthy as an early example of the work of modern war correspondents.

The Charge Of The Light Brigade
by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Memorializing Events in the Battle of Balaclava, October 25, 1854
Written 1854

Half a league half a league,
Half a league onward,
All in the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred:
'Forward, the Light Brigade!
Charge for the guns' he said:
Into the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred.

'Forward, the Light Brigade!'
Was there a man dismay'd ?
Not tho' the soldier knew
Some one had blunder'd:
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do & die,
Into the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred.

Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon in front of them
Volley'd & thunder'd;
Storm'd at with shot and shell,
Boldly they rode and well,
Into the jaws of Death,
Into the mouth of Hell
Rode the six hundred.

Flash'd all their sabres bare,
Flash'd as they turn'd in air
Sabring the gunners there,
Charging an army while
All the world wonder'd:
Plunged in the battery-smoke
Right thro' the line they broke;
Cossack & Russian
Reel'd from the sabre-stroke,
Shatter'd & sunder'd.
Then they rode back, but not
Not the six hundred.

Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon behind them
Volley'd and thunder'd;
Storm'd at with shot and shell,
While horse & hero fell,
They that had fought so well
Came thro' the jaws of Death,
Back from the mouth of Hell,
All that was left of them,
Left of six hundred.

When can their glory fade?
O the wild charge they made!
All the world wonder'd.
Honour the charge they made!
Honour the Light Brigade,
Noble six hundred!

Note: This poem, including punctuation, is reproduced from a scan of the poem written out by Tennyson in his own hand in 1864. The scan was made available online by the University of Virginia.

Historical Documents

The evils of Harry Potter.

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Hey Folks,
The majority of so-called 'Christians' in the world are plastic, unfortunately, and will NOT be Raptured up when the trumpets sound... sorry. Surely God can see the contents of the heart and mind when many attend church for what ever the wrong reasons. It's a struggle for me too, a sinner, who has much to work on, but the Bible is our guide and permanent 'rule book.' Many figure that 'IF they don't read/ study the Bible-- they will manage to skip by claiming ignorance' --Ha! But God knows everything and will judge all. It's certainly true: "That if thou confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved." ~Romans 10:9. And verse 10: "For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation."

So there it is, friends. I still think that new Christians ought to read the book of John first and then the deeper book of Romans, second, to get a good head start.... and then read the entire Bible, over again, etc. But that's just my personal point of view. But when the commandments of Deuteronomy are repeated in the New Testament, we must understand that God has not changed, and He hates evil and witchcraft/ divination! To say otherwise is a lie.

The goofy assertion that 'we parents are only taking our kids to see a brand new Harry Potter movie on a holiday to make them happy' is pure BS!! Would you also take you kids to a strip joint and allow them to get drunk and act stupid?? Why would a Christian parent allow any filth to corrupt their kids' minds and hearts? A little leaven will spoil the whole batch of bread dough. A little bit of oil can spoil/ poison the entire ship's drinking water when they are out at sea! Do you eat from dirty dishes and silverware too? The Bible is very clear about getting contaminated from the occult, witches, demons and divination... and once it takes hold-- your kids are going for a long, wild, destructive ride, right now in these 'End Times' before the Rapture! Do you think that is cool? As if our children don't have enough dark spirits and temptation to worry about now. I see it as: taking a nice, hot, soapy shower-- and then messing yourself up by jumping in a polluted pig wallow.

Look what happened to King Saul after he consulted with a witch, and how his entire house was trashed and ruined. I challenge anyone to show me that getting involved in witchcraft and sorcery is OK with God. 'You cannot partake of God's table-- and the table of demons; You cannot serve two masters.' Beware. If you click on the following links below, you will have a finite description of Harry Potter-- and it may NOT be politically correct.

Harry Potter's author, J.K. Rowling, recently revealed during a ... who supports
a heathen author who promotes witchcraft and homosexuality amongst children ...
http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/False Religions/Wicca & Witch... - 12k - Similar pages

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Major Damage in Union Grove, WI

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Sometimes I think that God allows us to remain ignorant so that we don't just jump out of our skins and have a cardiac arrest... LOL! IF the tornado had been about 200 yards farther North it would have hit my house! PTL!

I suppose many of us are apathetic and nonchalant when we see or hear of natural disasters around the world-- until we personally get the dirty end of the stick, as my small country town in the 'Land of Cheese' got hit last night. A good friend of mine from church, Bob Melby told me that his son-in-law was actually inside the Grove Gear factory [where I used to work back in 1971 for a short time, when the roof came off yesterday!! That ought to get the heart pumping fast. My biggest concern is not being able to use my oxygen and CPAP machine to help me breath at night when I sleep-- for my Sleep Apnea condition. I know how to stay warm with the 'proper way to wear clothes' thanks to our good, old Army training. Hint: wear TWO under shirts to trap in the body heat... etc., always wear a scarf or handkerchief around the throat/ neck, and a leather and fur hat/ cap. If you don't have a mate/ spouse to cuddle up to-- use your dog [they have a higher body heat than humans--- listen to/ think of: "3 Dog Night."]. Eat or take capsules of Ginger and Cayenne pepper with cold water, or add those type of herbs to your food. You can actually put some Cayenne pepper into your hunting boots to keep your feet warm! And remember: "A Country Boy can Survive !"

Yet, I had trouble sleeping last night, and then Deuce, the Rottweiler woke me up to let him outside to do his business, so then I was able to get back on-line, but I wonder if the TV/ Cable will work now-- if I try. I did manage to visit Sharon at the Woodstock nursing home in Kenosha, WI, with her requested grapefruits, poor lady. It sure is chilly and windy today at 28 degrees F., at 11:44 noon-ish.
I also got some sliced [good] ham, and Welch's Grape soda pop, but my power scooter was low on battery, and I didn't want to over load it-- as sometimes it just quits on me, and then I am in trouble with a bad back and arthritic knees. Thanks to Bill Tippet, from IL [who used to serve in the same helicopter outfit in RVN-- who has repeatedly asked me if I need any assistance. Thanks Bill, and all the others who have called me to see if I was OK. Bottom line: We can expect more freaky weather and storms in these 'Last Days' before the Lord returns to call the Saints up to heaven, and just reading the Bible gives me much peace of mind.

The apostle Paul said, "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." ~~Philippians 1:21 KJV Bible. The true Soldier of Christ needs to be ready all the time-- you never know what is going to happen to us at the drop of a hat.

Warm Regards,

Major Damage in Union Grove, Walworth

By Jon Byman

UNION GROVE - A tornado ripped through southeast Wisconsin Monday afternoon, causing damage across two counties. Homes and buildings were damaged in both Racine and Walworth Counties.

Authorities shut down all roads leading into Union Grove, which took a major hit. The Union Grove Police Department confirmed "heavy damage." The Kenosha County Sheriff's Department received a call that Grove Gear on 15th Ave. in Union Grove lost its roof. It also appears the Union Grove DPW building lost its roof.

"The tornado came through at about 4:05 and we saw the tornado just rip the roof off of a building that I think houses the DPW," one witness in Union Grove told Newsradio 620 WTMJ.

We Energies says it's dealing with about 3,100 customers without power in the area around Union Grove. We Energies has informed Newsradio 620 WTMJ that power to its transmission facility, which is just north of Union Grove, could be out for days. Alliant Energy says it's dealing with 4,400 customers without power in Walworth County.

In Walworth County, at least two homes and several farm buildings were damaged in the southern portion of the county.

Authorities shut down I-94 in both directions near Sturtevant as the storm moved through. At least two semis were tipped over, one on I-94 near Highway 20.

There have been no reports of any injuries due to the storms.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tornado in Unon Grove, WI

Tom's Journal.http://tomschuckmanjournal.blogspot.com/

I don't think I will ever boast about Wisconsin being relatively 'safe' from natural disasters anymore... Last night, Monday around 4:04 PM, my small town of UNION GROVE, WI caught a tornado dead center, as I was tuning into the Glen Beck show on TV!! It just so happens that I wanted to post a short article that deals with Mr. Glenn Beck, and I think the story is 'fair and balanced' on Fox News. Ha!

Of course I give the Lord God full praise and honor for protecting me, Old Soldier Tom, and I can't see any damage to my humble 100 year old home in our small town of 4400 people, in South Eastern WI, but I heard that it touched down about 200 yards from my house. And yes, it DID sound like a powerful train coming through. The "early warning" siren went off for less than a minute, IMO, and then the storm hit! It reminded me of our "early warning system siren" in Bien Hoa, Vietnam, early 1968 -- that went off AFTER the darn attack! LOL! AFTER the VC 122mm rockets already slammed into our base-- and I lost 3 fellow soldiers from my company from those attacks in my first tour. And even though most of us young American soldiers were wild and woolly, I am sure that many others like me prayed to God for protection during those times. And then our American 105mm Howitzers returned the fire to the enemy. Some of our company soldiers ran for the sand bagged bunkers we all built, but I usually just 'hit the deck.' The CO - Major, said that he was taught to just grab hold of the mattress and roll it over on himself on the floor and out of his 'rack.'

I will see Sharon in the morning to bring her more fruit, and survey any damage I see and maybe take pix. It sure could have been worse for me, and I can't walk so fast anymore. If figured that if the Lord wanted me-- He could come and get me when ever.
I try to protect and prepare for such times, and determined that I could use more candles and 'farmer matches' on hand. My PC, TV and land phone were all down too, as I just sat in my EZ chair wondering how long before the power got back on. I could sure hear the constant News helicopters orbiting over my house and the town for hours, and numerous fire trucks ran back and forth my house on Main Street. I got up about an hour ago and just checked to see if my PC was back on line.

Thank you, my dear son, Andy, and nephew, Steve Schuckman, who called me up on my cell phone during that time to check up on my status. I suppose we could say that I had my 'dry run' last night, so I could better Prep myself for the 'Real McCoy' down the road.
Praise and thank you, dear Lord, for your kindness and protection. I guess that the power was restored about 3 hours latter-- and I need the power to work my Oxygen extractor and CPAP breathing machine to aid my Sleep Apnea, while trying to sleep.
Now it's time to try sleeping again-- after an exciting afternoon.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Scanning a Fearful Future: Part 1

Posted: 22 Nov 2010 12:41 PM PST

By Terry James Rapture Ready Commentators, secular and religious, weigh in incessantly on all aspects of the issues of greatest concern for these angst-ridden times. Those issues of most profound worry are collapsing economy, loss of personal liberty, and what is going to happen in the immediate and long-term future.One can almost physically feel the fear in the emails I receive daily. Worries

The Spirit says.

Tom's Journal.http://tomschuckmanjournal.blogspot.com/

You know, friends and readers, I didn't think too much about this 'new facet'-- another way to look and understand this scripture before. |I usually applied 1st Timothy, chapter 4, verse 3 to the Catholic church: "Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believer and know the truth." [---no meat on Friday, and celibacy of priests.] But I recently noticed some of my own relatives getting misled by wayward women into the New Age false religion that teaches they should not eat any living creature-- vegetarianism for the wrong reasons! If a person chooses to abstain from meat for medical, health or personal reasons-- that fine! But don't get sucked into some Eastern religious cult that forbids such things! Because the Bible plainly warns against such things! Going back to 1 Timothy 4:1: "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils, 2. Speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their conscience seared with a hot iron......" -- so we KNOW where these things are coming from-- the devil! Verse 4 says: "For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving: 5. For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer."

So we see that we are allowed EVERYTHING on earth to eat [except cannibalism, of course], and anyone who goes BEYOND the Scriptures is cursed-- See: Revelation.

Now, The process used to be Saved is simple-- yet profound. Yet, if we don't want to remain babies/ infants, we must push ourselves to read and study God's Word constantly, daily, to become mature, useful Christians. We ought to understand what the term: Blood guilt means. If we have the means, power, resources to save others from injury or death-- but just stand by doing nothing-- we are said to be, Blood guilty! We have their blood on our hands because we chose to do NOTHING. Seems to me that we ought to study the Bible intensely [and cultivate a love for the Bible], so as to "have the tools" to help others learn the Gospel and get Saved. We cannot pay back to God, for all the things He has GIVEN us Free as a gift. But we can obey Him by helping other to know how to get Saved. Or will we just bury the talent of gold $$$ in the dirt, like the evil servant of the Master-- parable, in the book of Matthew -- told by Jesus?? Time is short. Can we at least say that we have graduated from 'Basic Training??' Or.. are we too wrapped up in the rat race of material things and maintaining our personal 'Status Quo' and stay in our 'comfort zone.' Hey, that will be short-lived too, friends. Real economic suffering should begin in America within about 6 months, methinks. That's just my personal opinion-- but mark my word.

The State Gov't sent us a letter today saying that "we make too much money"-- about $1000 more 'than we should'-- to qualify for Sharon's nursing home assistance...Ha! If that is so, and we can't figure out something else, I will just have to bring Sharon home the last day of November. So am I to feel guilty for working hard all my life and paying my bills?? I will take care of my wife at home, if I have to, but this is just one more worry I don't need at this time, when I am preparing myself for my own VA hospital visit. Thank you ALL for your many prayers and well wishes. Jesus is my Lord and Savior.

Warm Regards,

The Spirit Expressly Says


How Can He Say He’s God?


Q. My question is, how can the anti-Christ possibly be a muslim when it says the anti-Christ will proclaim himself to be god in the temple? no muslim would ever say he is god, because in their religion that would be blasphemy. please explain. A. Remember, the anti-Christ will be indwelt by Satan. The [...]

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The 'Apple of God's Eye.'

Tom's Journal.http://tomschuckmanjournal.blogspot.com/

I keep repeating myself...'Posting articles like this one from Jack Kelley, just gives me a thrill and makes me happy!' Repetition helps me to memorize the scriptures that I need, and forces me to stop watching TV so much.

MOST Christians already know this-- that the Israelites MAY NOT sell or give away the land that God gave them in Genesis, and we find out [no surprise to me...duh] that U.S. Lefty-Loosey, Liberal Administrations have always hurt the State of Israel trying to force and squeeze Israel to give up land to their Muslim enemies, the descendants of Ismael! Can any one really trust 'strange women ??' Shake your head, "NO !" Some folks may say that their own lives would be too boring-- but better to OBEY the Lord than chase after the strange women and their false gods...

Well, from what I see and hear, God's Word is right on schedule like a powerful locomotive chugging ahead, and the future is not hard to see for me... except that we are discovering the 'whys and hows' of things going down. Instead of spending TOO MUCH TIME running down Mr. Obama, I think we ought to be sharing the Gospel and linking the Scriptures to modern day events as the "clock winds down" in the 4th quarter of this football game. And there are a number of good, sound reasons why we ought not party and celebrate so hardy this year, IMHO. We will soon have to pay the piper right after the party is over.

Our church service was good and interesting, but I felt so sleepy today, prob not getting the correct, good sleep that I need, so maybe I will try to go to bed earlier. Sharon wants some more red grapefruits when I get a chance, and some kind of flu is going around this time of year. I believe in 'preventative medicine' and eating fresh fruit/ and minerals. I am also learning to cook for one person at home-- ME, but I like to make enough for 2 days so I don't have to cook so often. Some folks say to keep a lot of fresh food as snacks in the home-- so we don't get tempted to eat junk foods. But if I buy the wrong foods-- I will end up eating them. Actually, we have a freezer full of meat, etc., so I am not too worried.

As for Israel, I am not too worried about them because Zech. 2:8, says, 'They are the apple of God's eye.' God will not be saving any nations besides Israel-- but He saves individuals. And like it or not, America bears community responsibility for electing Obama-- as he has done more to hurt Israel than any other president I know of besides Clinton and Carter. God WILL NOT bless any country that hurts His most favored Nation-- in fact, there is a curse attached to all enemies of of Israel. Would we not say that America is being cursed right now??? But 'you ain't seen nothin' yet !' And YES, I still have my First Amendment Rights intact.

Are you ready for the strip search at the airport??? I won't even fly anymore...Ha! I drive the Ram 4 by 4! Bring on the snow!


You Are but Tenants in the Land

Posted: 21 Nov 2010 08:55 AM PST

By Jack Kelley GraceThruFaith.com The land must not be sold permanently, because the land is mine and you are but aliens and my tenants. (Leviticus 25:23)When God brought Israel into the Promised Land He explained that they were His tenants, forbidden from selling or giving the land away (Lev 25:23).He also commanded them to let the land rest for one year out of every seven (Lev 25:4), the

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Antichrist's False Covenant.

Tom's Journal.http://tomschuckmanjournal.blogspot.com/

I was happy to accomplish a few more things today, like getting our older car- '05 Caravan emissions tested and legal-- for WI laws, and then taking Sharon out for some Mexican food/ lunch. Then we parked by the Lake Michigan to just relax, watch the 'white caps'/ waves, and talk--hold hands. All is well today-- except fighting with traffic- grid lock, drivers not paying attention to their driving. But I don't lose my temper at them so much any more. There [hopefully] comes a time when men grow more mature and figure that it just isn't worth getting your blood pressure up over stuff you can't control. Sharon could only eat half of her steak Frahito [sp?], so I tried the rest and decided that I will order that next time-- but I ate enough Jalapeno peppers to make me cry and open my nasal.

Things are calming down a bit for Sharon, but it's just too bad that the patients have to be 'on-guard' and look out for each other constantly so they don't get abused and jerked around. So THAT is what we Americans can look forward to in our 'old age'?? ... what a shame and pity. On the other hand, there comes a time when our elders and loved ones can't hold their bowels any more and need constant care in such nursing facilities. Well, in OUR generation, today/ now, we can look forward to the Rapture and Heaven-- as related some what, in the article below.
God gave humans the power of discernment to figure things out-- and common sense to understand Bible prophecy [with the help of the Holy Spirit], and by the process of elimination, figure out that certain things will NEVER come to pass-- as proposed and devised by mere mortal men who THINK they are "running the show." The totally arrogant heads of State
, presidents and politicians who are so full of themselves! The Lord does NOT like those who are so proud-- but real, honest humility is pleasing to the Lord. God had to take the 'wind out of my sails' a few times to 'get my attention' and demonstrate that to me-- and I finally learned... PTL. As for me, I just can't understand why the majority of people so easily put all the trust and faith in earthling men, some how thinking that some new idea or political party will some how cure the worlds' woes...Ha! Has it ever happened in all History..duh? Men will grasp at any straw or lame idea EXCEPT what God has to say-- and most are Bible illiterate, for sure!! And so many of us have already had dozens of chances to get right with the Lord, but we are too stupid, selfish, greedy and prideful! We sure do deserve hell--- but those of us who accept and confess the Lord Jesus are SAVED!

I intend to order a new book by Dr. David Jeremiah, THE COMING ECONOMIC ARMAGEDDON, for about $12. Already trusting in the Lord, I still want to make some positive actions to help myself and others, if I can. But I am sure the vast majority of people in the world will still suffer miserably, and it should prove to be interesting to see the proud ones eat dog food-- and heck, that is high priced too! Combat Veterans will prob fair better, IMHO. I am still looking for more rice recipes.
The air temps now is 28 degrees in Wisconsin.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

The True Content of Antichrist's False Covenant

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 08:27 AM PST

By Bill Salus ProphecyDepot.com Covenants made between men are not a new phenomena. War pacts, peace plans, and territorial treaties have been commonplace throughout human history. The Treaty of Versailles signed on June 28, 1919 ended World War One. United Nations Resolution 181 of November 29, 1947, i.e. the Partition Plan, reestablished the Jewish State of Israel. The December 13, 2007 Treaty

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Tom's Journal.http://tomschuckmanjournal.blogspot.com

So... now the TSA can see my knee crystal clear if I decide to fly in the USA??? Duh... No thinks-- I'm driving that day... LOL ! The clowns in this Administration are an embarrassment to our country-- and God will Judge all. Hey! I have some more X-rays for them in my crib. How would the President's wife and daughters feel if they are groped and x-ray'd--- wouldn't that be a hoot?

Friends, I am not flip-flopping, and I do apologize if I ever "added" to the scriptures in any way. I stick to the 'Pauline' truth located in Acts 16:30-31, etc, and other places that concludes: Salvation really is: Believing on the Lord Jesus Christ.
BUT, if a person wants to mature in the truth and share richly in the Christian work of sharing the Gospel and helping others by soul winning, he/ she will WANT and NEED to do some serious reading and study. I just wanted to make myself crystal clear on this one subject. My personal opinions and beliefs mean NOTHING! The Bible must be the final and complete ruling and authority for me, and every other Christian.
Thanks, folks.


How Complicated is Salvation?

Posted: 17 Nov 2010 11:32 AM PST

By Dr. Andy Woods SpiritandTruth.org On his second missionary journey while in Philippi, Paul was asked the most important question that a human being can ask. The Philippian jailer inquired, “What must I do to be saved?” Paul’s answer was astonishing in its simplicity. He tersely replied, “Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved…” (Acts 16:30-31). Notice that there is only one verb for


Tom's Journal.http://tomschuckmanjournal.blogspot.com/


On the bottom of this post is Carolyn's recent blog post, and I just wanted to promote it as some wise, heart felt words-- common sense, in an insane world. Please check out her article and comment.

As for myself, my daughter, Barbara, came over yesterday to visit and help clean my house. I consider Barb, my first born child, to be close to me now and easy to get along with-- most helpful and strong. She recently told me that she accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior, and made my heart rejoice and PTL!

Like other older people who have retired from hard, steady work in a auto plant, etc., AMC/ Chrysler, I am starting to fall apart with arthritis and prior injuries from being super active, etc.... so we all have 'good days and bad days.' I feel better when I can come home from getting A LOT ACCOMPLISHED, shopping and visiting my dear wife. I got her some ruby red grapefruits, to chase away some throat and lung problems, etc. that she likes. We pretty much finished the lengthy State Title 19 paperwork that was very invasive so she can stay at the nursing home until they deem she is better, or what ever. As Proverbs 27:17 says, "Iron sharpenth iron; so a man sharpenth the countenance of his friend." Before we make a friend or get married-- we ought to consider if that person will lift us up, help us, carry us in good times-- also in bad times. If there are 2 people who love God, submit to the Son, Jesus Christ, and confess Him as Lord and Savior, we then have the RIGHT foundation to be a loyal SOLDIER of the Lord, and help one another as true Christians ought to do! This scripture is only common sense-- that two Christian 'sharpen one another' just like a good file and a sword or knife.

False prophets, teachers, un-scriptural, agnostic, or Mother Earth worship, New Age mentality is seeping/ infiltrating into the CHRISTIAN church and polluting the pure worship of God almighty!! The ONLY way we can stay strong is to pray and STUDY the Bible every day, so we don't get side tracked back to Satan's world and false religion! The smooth, silver tongued "teachers," 'pastors' like Rick Warren, etc, mislead many with the emergent church type of religion/ garbage -- wolves in sheep's clothing sort of thing. BEWARE! Does all this buzzing in your ear and 'fluff' on TV get your head achy and pained?? Personally, I NEED some silence and quiet time to 'come up for air' so I can get my bearings. I reflect on the good, old time Bible masters like Dr. Charles F. Stanley, DD Kennedy, Brannon House, etc. BTW, did you know that just today the U.S. Senate is proposing a 'wolf in sheep's clothing' bill that would make it a crime to grow and sell or give away your own garden veggies!! Hello! OK, we know that the Rapture is coming, but we still can't let down our guard-- but have to contact our Congress to take action and prevent 'scrap' [sic] like this from sneaking by!

Like Soldiers, our great "General" [up in Heaven] has promised that things will get better, but in the mean time we still have our jobs to do and follow orders to share the Gospel in these last days. Personally speaking, it's easy for ME to speculate about how this circumstance, and aggression in the Middle East is developing BUT IT'S ALL IN GOD'S HANDS, and as we can plainly see with the bible in one hand the news paper in the other hand that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled every day! Many times the Lord wants us to sit still, quietly while He does all the heavy lifting. Pay your bills, obey the law [when it doesn't conflict with God's commandments and Word] and just watch everything unfold! Other are so busy trying to SAVE A DOOMED SYSTEM FULL OF EVIL AND WICKEDNESS THAT HAS LONG AGO ABANDONED GOD AND KICKED HIM OUT OF EVERY SCENE ON EARTH. The world has a different god now-- all leading up to the Anti-Christ, who will demand that all the nations worship him as a god!

My wife lives in a horrible environment-- kind of like a zoo where some patients are tied into their wheel chairs just vegetating in a noisy [kind of a constant 'din' of 'noise pollution']-- but also a lonely world of despair. I saw my own grandfather in Milwaukee in such a place that smelled like excrement and urine all the time, and management was so money/ profit oriented that they would cut down the staff, nurse's aids to the the bare minimum or lower so that the patients suffered, were neglected and sometimes abused. That will NEVER happen to Sharon, as long as I am alive to protect and look after her. What a shame! Don't you think that older, disabled people in nursing homes who are Christians long for the Rapture?? Ha!
Count your blessings NOW, because many wise ones figure that HYPER-Inflation will be here by Spring....

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Hi Folks- I've bared my soul in a new one again. http://no-apologies-round2.blogspot.com/2010/11/christians-case-against-social-justice.html

Come by when you have a chance. Thanks and God Bless~ Carolyn

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trouble in Paradise-- Woodstock.

Tom's Journal.http://tomschuckmanjournal.blogspot.com

I was the hero again today, Sunday, when I brought in fresh strawberries and pumpkin pie, plus some Popeye's chicken to Sharon. But after that she told me that she wanted me to explain some things with her head nurse in that ward. Seems like she and her nice room mate, Helen, were transferred to a long term, larger room in a different wing, to make room for newer patients in the 'short term' wing. But the old story in America is that companies and hospitals lay off staff and expect the remaining nurses and aids pull the extra load, for the same pay! And we can honestly assume that things will get MUCH worse as our economy gets worse. Welcome to reality, America! Sorry...

The shortage of hired help is NOT our concern, and we pay through our insurance companies, an arm and a leg, to make sure our loved ones get the right kind of care. Well, Sharon, wanted me to tell the staff, through the head nurse that she asked for help in getting up, cleaned, dressed, bathed, etc., but no body assisted her. She has good days and bad days-- her heart and lungs are shot and her spine is pinched so that she has little or no feeling in her legs. YES! SHE IS DYING, just as her smart, honest doctor told her and I not too long ago! But now we need that same doctor to write a statement proving/ certifying that she needs that extra care, according to the RN. Sharon can only walk and exercise on her "good days." The RN got a bit testy, and even tried to humiliate my wife in front of me by saying that Sharon wet her bed last night! Shameful! If my wife was healthy enough why would she even be in that place?? I will have to report her for that thoughtless, comment. You can take this any way you like, but I will not tolerate any abuse toward my wife. And I can ask other patients there what THEY think about this business... and I will, as they like and respect me-- and I am getting a feel for that place and those patients who enjoy my company. Woodstock Rehab and Nursing facility always did have a bad reputation in the past-- even since I lived and worked in Kenosha, WI., some 35 years ago at AMC/ Chrysler, etc.... and I was wondering when the 'boogie man' would pop up. I ought to research what the BBB-- Better Business people say about it, or what ever entity. I've already got some good comments from friends on FB.

I know that many hospitals and nursing homes don't like people who make waves, and they like to keep the patients over drugged to make sure they are mute, sedated, docile. I told Sharon that I would bring a small digital tape recorder to keep better records of conversations-- plus her written diary. Sharon is afraid that if she comes home, she will lose control and fall down again-- breaking more bones. Sharon has not complained about her place up until now. I really feel sorry for disabled people who MUST be in nursing homes-- and there are good homes and bad, of course. I am not the sort who deserts his loved ones, and I know my Bible based duty as a husband. Folks, YOU would want a good soldier in your corner as a "patient advocate" if you were forced to stay in a nursing home or hospital. The VA hospitals used to be terrible until the VIETNAM VETERANS pushed and sacrificed for better services and clean up-- but the 'newest, younger warriors are having to go thru all that BS again, from Iraq and Afghanistan! We older Vets don't forget things like the peeling paint, filth and rats at Walter Reed Hosp. near D.C., and other places. I am not looking forward to my 'short stay' when I have knee surgery either... but maybe the Lord is sending me there for a special reason.

I read today that the Prime Minister of Israel might be hinting at a Pre-empted attack against Iran as they are growing closer to gaining Nuke weapons. I may be wrong, but other Bible students and I think that the Rapture can't be far off after that soon coming war in the Middle East, and that suits me just fine! I have to scratch my head when some so-called 'Christians' tell me that they are NOT ready for the Rapture! Ha! Me-thinks that we ought to be ready every day and night for Jesus to collect His saints and believers. Why do I give away free Bibles and tracts where ever I go all the time? Why do I bare witness and share the
Gospel to every hearing ear-- plus in my blog posts?? The Holy Spirit drives me to carry out this command, and He puts the correct words in my mouth... PTL! This divine commission gives me a reason for living and it feels so good to 'give something back' and help others with the most important assignment in the world.

Well, I need to make another list of things to get accomplished before I have to go to the hospital in 2 weeks, and enlist some friends to remove the snow on my front wide walk, etc., and collect my mail. I am so happy that Joe vander Mullen and his wife, Doris, are taking care of my noble Rottweiler in a few weeks.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Black Horse.

Tom's Journal.http://tomschuckmanjournal.blogspot.com

Hi Friends,
Looks like my past blog posts were not incorrect. BEHOLD THE BLACK HORSE, from Revelation sounds ominous and scary, but it's all logical and happened before in the world, but not on the grand scale we read about here and now. Coming from a German-American back ground and being raised on a farm in Wisconsin taught us to plan ahead and stock up of commodities, plus butcher our own live stock, and hunt/ fish. The goofy city slickers still think that milk comes from a paper cartoon... lol. 'And a country boy can survive!'

|Now, even though the 'main Storm' will carry the blunt of disaster AFTER the Rapture, we can clearly see things lining up with 'preparations', and the foolish, destructive leadership from the WH and Congress are hastening the inevitable coming crash. There are plenty of good reliable references to aid our understand in this post. Listen, friends, the bottom line is: God's Will must be done... period! If people still want to live in denial, it won't hurt me one bit, because I know that
God love me, and though His Son, Jesus, I am going to heaven! If I don't die before-- I will be Raptured! The long, well written article only lends more information on HOW things will come about, and just how shaky things are already, and WHY. You all can keep on believing the LIES of the WH and Congress, or put all our faith and trust in God's faithful Word, the Bible. Personally, I just can't understand how anyone who CLAIMS to be a Christian would goof around still dancing in the world of Satan, instead of taking an ACTIVE part in God's work of sharing the Gospel. And if you say that you are too busy making a living-- just wait and see what's right around the corner. You will be looking back at Nov. 2010 as the "Good Old Days" of fun and prosperity!!
For me, reading and sharing articles and stuff like this make me feel good and strengthen me! Seems to me that families might band together to support one another with finances and help-- the good old way when America had real honor and morals.


Behold The Black Horse


This Week’s Feature Article by Jack Kelley When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living [...]

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Hal Lindsey Report.

Tom's Journal.http://tomschuckmanjournal.blogspot.com/

If some of you were reading my blog posts 2 years ago about the coming HYPER-inflation, predicted in the book of Revelation, etc., Bible, we Christians believed it alright, but we didn't know that Prez Obama and the Federal Reserve would be the main reason things were going down hill so fast. It's so nice to be right-- but we accept the proof of God's Word to cement things shut. And who would have thought that the USA would turn on it's long time friend and ally, Israel!? At least Bush was friendly and respectful to Israel. Proverbs 3:5, has to be my credo-- to keep my mind clear -- on the prize of heaven and Christ. I can only repeat that when world events seem darkest-- Christians who are biblically knowledgeable and |Spirit filled, ought not to fear and quake as the unbelievers, agnostics and atheists of the world/ friends of Satan do. The most precious thing I own is my close relationship with Jesus Christ, and I can't help but share this fact with everyone I know and meet!! I was very upset about shelling out $700 for new brakes and repair today, but at least the Lord gave me the credit and funds to pay for it. Better to pay and repair the truck now before the snow and ice-- and possible a tragic accident!

Splendid article again on the bottom of this post! I also need to share the web site of Brannon Howse, and you can listen to his talks over the InterNet--on-line, or on Christian radio, 1PM, WVCY America, 107.7 FM.

Sharon is still feeling under the weather today and out of breath, with poor circulation in her numb legs, and dizzy. I told her I will bring her some fresh strawberries Sunday after church when I visit her.

I remember one Christmas when I was prob about age 8 in Milwaukee, when my Dad's car just quit and needed a valve job, etc., and our Christmas was very lean, but we kids didn't seem to mind-- and we were well mannered and never asked for anything. My Dad also had ulcers and worried a lot, so I tried to stay out of his way and behaved myself, but I could feel his pain and worry. I suffered some loss too when my auto factory--AMC/ Chrysler closed down and laid off 6000 people in one day, but somehow I continued to find work as a welder, etc. Bottom line, we are still RICH in America, and spoiled, so far. But I never once doubted [after I found the Lord] that a true servant of the Lord, a Believer, would somehow survive if he/ she understood what the Bible taught. I don't have a Cristal ball [that's demoniac] -- but the Bible is: "God talking to US!" God's Word is a 'shining light to my path.' A good, Bible preaching/ teaching church is where a person can be built up, encouraged, fortified and healed, IMHO. But if there are no good churches near you-- the InterNet is filled with encouraging blogs and Christians. My door and heart is always open to those who love Jesus and are serious about deep, intense, Bible study and comradeship.


This Week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'

Posted: 12 Nov 2010 09:12 AM PST

By Hal Lindsey The Hal Lindsey Report Last week I reported on an article by Caroline Glick, the associate editor of The Jerusalem Post. She postulated that since President Obama had lost control of the domestic economic agenda by losing control of the House of Representatives, he would turn his attention to the one thing he still controls almost absolutely: foreign policy. The Israelis fear that

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fed's 'War on Wealth.'

Tom's Journal.http://tomschuckmanjournal.blogspot.com

Now remember that I used to be a Registered Rep. with PFS Investments, licensed in Securities, and read many books on finance... also a History buff, so when I read about the Federal Reserve doing such outlandish things-- I KNOW that our national and international economy will be destroyed! You know folks-- do the research yourself by working with your PC or going to the library! You don't need a goofy degree to figure out wealth or staying a float! The USA COULD do other things to stop the bleeding debt without hiking up the taxes-- but they just will not do it!! The "man behind the curtain" is pulling all the strings with the devil whispering in his ear. Economics is not that hard to figure out-- it's a lot like figuring out your own check book. The same goes for understanding the Bible, which is written on a 5th grade level, but if you don't have the Holy Spirit, you won't get it.

I had another rotten day with everything going wrong--- but I will continue to live and work things out somehow. I kept hearing some strange sound coming from my front end-- wheels, so I took the truck to have the oil changed but asked them to check out my tires and brakes, and sure enough, the rotors were shot, kaput, and grinding badly. So I took the truck to a pro-shop that deals with brakes and they estimated that the tie rods were bad too and the whole bill would be $700! My son could have done the brakes for me, but since the tie rods were damaged, I let the shop do the deed, but it still hurts. The truck is only 3 years old and I don't abuse it, so I just wonder what made them wear out so soon. I call this baloney, "Murphy's Law."

In the mean time, my wife and I are still looking for all the paper work for all the many bills, income, expenditures that are needed to file for WI State Title 19, and I had to pay the nursing home $425 this morning for Sharon to stay there the rest of this month.
Hey! I am used to dodging 12 arrows at once and dealing with disaster where others would have a nervous break down-- but I grow weary of shelling out all the money that I don't have. I will just have to lay low for a long time and spend less. And Sharon will just have to deal with the food they serve her at the nursing home instead of ordering out when she get finicky-- but I can still bring her fresh fruit when I visit.

I am going to drive extra careful from now on too and avoid the pot holes to save my truck from further damage-- although my son told me that driving should not hurt a tough truck. The brake shop has a good reputation, but I knew they were going to be high in price... some way, some how. I never trusted Sears either. So... what next?

I got to witness and share the Gospel with 2 women today and held their attention pretty good. And a number of people thanked me for my military service today. I came home and made more hamburgers on the grill, and the dog stole one while I was using the bath room... bad dog! My son, came to pick me up from the brake shop to take me home, and I really love his new car! I could really use a vacation, and have not had one for the last 5 years.



The Fed's "War on Wealth" and the Risk of Default

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 08:49 AM PST

By Cliff Kincaid America's Survival Charles Ortel, managing director of Newport Value Partners, tells Accuracy in Media in an exclusive interview that the Federal Reserve plan to buy $600 billion of U.S. Government securities "borders on the criminal" because the impact will be the devaluation of the dollar by 20 percent and the destruction of $10 trillion of household net worth."Any potential

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our Struggles with Title 19.

Tom's Journal.http://tomschuckmanjournal.blogspot.com/

I encourage everyone to check out BRANNON HOWSE on Christian radio every day, plus visit his fine Blog/ Journal. He doesn't mince any words but goes straight for the TRUTH of the Bible! See his web site below >>>

My wife asked me to take her home today so she could collect all the papers that the WI State Title 19 people want-- to enable her to remain at the Woodstock Nursing Home facility. She was very weak today, could not walk far, short of breath, tired, fatigued and stressed out. We found most of the paper work including everything about my [ours] personal finances, income, house payments and utilities, etc. I thought it was very invasive, but my Mom said that there are many welfare/ services frauds and cheats these days that the State finally wants to clean up. They want to take about 90% of Sharon's SSDI income, leaving her about $45/ month for spending.... Wow! She is pretty much very dependent of other people to care for her, and in her power chair most of the time, so I would be nothing more than a care giver if she was to live home with me, even though I care for her very much and visit her all the time-- but I WOULD DO JUST THAT IF I HAD TO. Like I said before, the last generation took care of their elderly parents at home, but we -- this generation has become a very selfish society, and our "love" has grown cold. It also takes 2 pay checks to live now days, so who is home to watch the grandparents?

Brannon Howse said today that Satan is using the Emergent Church and unbelievers to infiltrate the REAL Christian Church and pollute it/ water down the true Gospel of |Jesus Christ, and it all makes sense. He said that most of the Seminaries and Bible colleges are already corrupted with false doctrine! The Southern Baptists are a good example of how infiltration and corruption has made them wanting/ unfit to teach the people. This means that honest Christians might want to avoid most Bible colleges and seminaries and just study the Bible intently on their own to become the next generations pastors and preachers. See: 2nd Timothy 3:16... "All scripture is given by inspiration of god, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished unto all good works." But read the whole, short book of 2nd Timothy because it tells exactly what, why and when these "perilous times shall come" -- like right now! And although I don't agree with Glenn Beck's religious beliefs-- he does a great job of explaining who the rich man, George Soros, is manipulating the USA and other nations into bankruptcy and controlling all the unrest and dangers in many facets of world economies! What is happening in England right now WILL ALSO HAPPEN IN THE USA!

You will find that many of George Soros organizations are actually working to collapse America and other countries, and he even calls himself GOD! Don't believe me-- do your own home work!
I the end, of course, we need to stay as close to true Bible study and understanding as humanly possible, and seek out other REAL Bible loving Christians to make sure that they are not fake. You can't go wrong with the Bible, but you need the Holy Spirit to unlock the wisdom and meaning of that Book. I have to follow my own advice too.

Tom Schuckman

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Brannon Howse: March 9
Topic: Barack Obama is Destroying Our Economy on Purpose. Description: A pair of radical Columbia University professors by the name of Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven wrote an article in the radical magazine known as The Nation. The article was published on May 2, 1966 and laid out what is now known as the "Cloward-Piven Strategy". The plan calls for the destruction of capitalism in America by swelling the welfare rolls to the point of collapsing our economy and then implementing socialism by nationalizing many private institutions. Cloward and Piven studied Saul Alinsky just like Hillary Clinton and President Obama. Listen as Brannon and his guest James Simpson explain how Cloward and Piven inspired the creation of ACORN that Obama worked for as a community organizer. This interview must be e-mailed all over the country. Americans must awaken and understand the goal of these radicals and what is to come if they succeed. Time is of the essence. Obama is not over his head as some have claimed; he knows exactly what he is doing. Understand the Cloward-Piven Strategy, the rules of Saul Alinsky and their Cultural Marxist worldview and you will understand that what is occurring is not by mistake.
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Perils of Sharon.

Tom's Journal.http://tomschuckmanjournal.blogspot.com/

It's funny [or not too funny] that all the years I worked in Union shops, like AMC/ Chrysler, Nestle Company, etc., the contracts were written in 'legalese' so that the membership could hardly understand it. I will have to do the research on my own retirement 'package' contract to see just what I have [left]-- but when we retired we were a bit rushed to sign so many papers and just get the heck out of that polluted auto factory! After 30 years most people had a belly full of it, even if we left many friends behind, many limped out of the gate every day as the 'walking wounded' with serious injuries that we had to work with every day. A few dozen workers died of a special HP pneumonia caused from leaking coolant and lubricants that kept the big machines running every day, and there was actually a fine mist in the air that we all breathed in, but most of us developed an immunity to that corrupt environment and survived. The company, of course jacked the dying and dead workers' families around and for the most part denied them the benefits, etc. It's just amazing what when down in that big powerful company and union, but I was happy to have a descent paying job to pay the bills, and bought 2 houses while I was working.

After I left visiting my wife today [and took Deuce the Rotty with me] and finally got home, the nursing home called me and had a speaker phone set up with various in house financial people listening and explaining Sharon's status-- and she was there too. Seems like Chrysler Humana only covers the cost of the Home if she needs physical therapy, etc., and WI Title 19 only works if the doctors and staff can prove [persuade] the State, that she NEEDS to stay there. We need long term care for a totally disabled spouse! Because of this circumstance-- I will be required to pay some $400/ month for her to continue her stay, but they are still slugging it out and weighing all the other factors, plus it's hard to get in contact with the State Title 19 people in their lofty Ivory Towers. It's a stinking mess. Sharon feels that she is too frail to come home-- and I agree with her... and she will eventually fall down again at home, break more bones, when I am not looking [she gets lazy and doesn't follow doctors' orders and precautions, etc.
I WILL take care of Sharon the very best I can if she has to come back home, and I enjoy her company and friendship. She has lost a lot of weight, but she has trouble standing up. breathing, and walking!

So if it's hard for my family-- it must be hard for other families too, unless some others fall into the obama's favored group that never worked, welfare type of people, that the gov't supports with OUR dollars all their lives... lol. But we all must understand and respect those who are truly injured/ disabled who have the legitimate right to SSDI, Gov't assistance. Years ago, when there were more REAL practicing Christians-- families took care of their members, including older/ disabled parents.

Seeing and visiting my wife so often, I have begun to become more knowledgeable of the disabled people's plight in nursing homes and how they are treated. I have had a good number of meaningful conversations with several patients at Woodstock Nursing Home and Rehab since Sharon has been there, and some are very smart,wise, people, and Vets. I will try to be respectful and delicate, but Sharon tells me all the dirty secrets about the lazy staff... but if I said "too much," people would automatically call me a 'racist' for being 'too descriptive' -- talking about certain "types" of people who actually HIDE FROM WORK, and do the bare minimum, are rude, mean, grumble and mistreat the patients!! But I've seen lazy pigs too in all my years of work
-- and those kind of people just love to 'play the race card' when ever they get caught loitering, stealing, crimes, or doing a substandard job, etc. Right now with the 'gentleman in the WH' it would be 'politically incorrect' to be more detailed and descriptive.... if you know what I mean.

Well, anyway, when I took our registered "Service Animal", Deuce the Rottweiler into the Mess Hall at lunch time at Woodstock Nursing Home today ALL THE PATIENTS LOVED HIM AND HE LIGHTED UP THEIR SPIRITS AND MADE THEM ALL SMILE! But the 3 food serving staff girls, who just happened to be 'African-American' put up a big fuss and acted 'morbidly petrified' -- totally paranoid at the sight of our gentle, well train, Katrina survivor, Deuce, and they asked me to pull the dog aside-- out of the room, and so I did. but after the patients got done eating they all came by to pet our dog and say wonderful things about him. Sharon has a wide circle of friends who BEG me to bring our dog all the time, but it's hard to do with so many air heads working there, looking for any reason to dampen the spirits of the poor patients who must live there. But we all know that 'certain types' of people fear Rottweilers-- for what ever reasons... lol. We both have spent many hours training Deuce, and also took him to a 'Service Animal School' to get him certified, and he has all his shots, of course. I just paid over $135 today for 2 bags of dog food! Stocking up for the 'Storm.'

My power scooter ran out of 'juice' today while at the grocery store, and what a bummer! NEVER use the distress lights or horn again!! They pull too much electrical charge/ juice out of the battery. So I had to charge the scooter again for the 2nd night in a row. See, I have to learn from my mistakes too.

Flash! Sharon just called me up and told me to pick up her and all her belongings in the morning, as she thinks it will cost too much to keep her there-- but she will continue to probe, research, and fight to get what is hers, legally.

Hey! How many people like or eat sardines ?? Most of the ladies will say 'No Way!' I think that they are a good 'survival' food. So is peanut butter. What type of survival foods have you all put up, stored?? People like me need to know.
Well, how can we miss not knowing how other countries feel about our Gov't printing more money to BUY UP OUR OWN BONDS AND DEBT in the USA?? This is 101 basic Economics our Gov't, obama and Congress are pretending to ignore!! This funny money with no Gold standard backing-- will DE-VALUE our American dollar so that it will have much LESS buying power! Glenn Beck is at least telling the truth about this business.... that it just may take a wheel barrow full of dollars to buy one loaf of bread, not IF, but when our economy tanks. But that is exactly what obama, the Congress and George Soros wants! Good bye, USA....... Hello China! All this business makes loving the Lord Jesus Christ and studying the Bible all the more important. Are you ready for the Rapture? I heard that there are no nursing homes in heaven...

Warm Regards,

Monday, November 8, 2010

Foreshadows of Ferocity.

<<<< Sharon hoeing the garden years ago.

Even I was surprised today at hearing the price of gold and silver reaching all time highs in the Market: Gold- $1404., and Silver- $27.7! And I told my son that I predict that the price of silver will surpass the $40/oz mark within 6 months-- but he refused to take any bets... lol. This is only one of my many hobbies, keeping track of commodities, etc., and speculating. I am not a big investor, but I [like many combat Veterans] believe in putting stuff aside, like candles, batteries and a few canned goods, just in case the lights go out. And "if I should die before I wake-- my wife and kids can handle the take... lol." Seriously, few people will be celebrating when the 'Big Storm' finally comes to visit us, and I can only pray that God in His infinite wisdom and mercy will take up His saints in the Rapture before.

Poor Sharon is caught between a rock and a hard place [as if we didn't already have enough on our minds] because my Chrysler-Humana Insurance wants to kick my wife out of the nursing home [in their long distance stupidity and greed] while Sharon's good, well informed Doctor says that Sharon should stay in the nursing home! She can barely walk a few feet and uses her power chair all the time [which doesn't fit in our cramped house], has lost so much weight, is frail, needs help bathing, has a bad heart, lungs, diabetes, Sarcoidosis, etc., but the Insurance 'people' want to save money and send her home. Of course I WILL TRY TO HELP HER EVERY WAY I CAN, but what will happen after I have knee surgery and have to recover?? This is what Gov't 'obama-care' will like IF it becomes a reality. We can only hope the new Congress will turn that sick puppy around and drown it!

I must have called Sharon at least 6 times today
-- just to talk to my dear wife and friend and visit. She is very blessed to have the ability of making friends all over, where ever she goes, and has her own ministry of sorts, sharing the Gospel and Bibles all the time... and I supply her with all she needs. God is surely using her as a tool to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ-- and what does that say for the rest of us 'normal', able Christians, who can't spare the time or energy??

So I asked my son to be on 'stand by' tomorrow in case we have to get Sharon's heavy power chair back home, etc. PTL, I am feeling a bit better lately and today was unseasonably warm outside too--60's. I've been taking some, JOINT ADVANTAGE GOLD tablets: drdavidwilliams.com --that seems to help me a little with my arthritic knees. But I need to say that most of the mail order stuff I have tried in the past were just baloney and didn't work-- except to take my money and run. Beware.

I sill watch Glenn Beck on TV- Fox News channel, and I am amazed at all the under cover stuff he exposes about George Soros, the Dims, WH, and Socialists, hiding behind the bushes.... and what a nasty scam they all are-- tricking the beguiled Americans to vote for their policies and causes. But when Glenn talks about HIS brand of Christianity I take his words with a grain of salt. You must take the truth of what he says about the Gov't and corruption-- but leave the rest, of course, IF you are a Christian, IMHO. See-- if you don't know your Bible, how can you possibly know if someone is telling the truth about the REAL God and Jesus Christ, the Bible teaches about? Most folks are just TOO LAZY TO DO THE HOME WORK, and that is their big error of willful ignorance. And that will sink their ship, IMO.

I ought to call Chrysler-Humana Insurance tomorrow concerning my wife's disposition, but they have so many barriers and merry go rounds/ obstructions built into their system that it might take all day long to talk to a human being-- and that's the way they like it. The progressive- liberal Union - Local 72, knows that too.


Foreshadows of Ferocity

Posted: 08 Nov 2010 01:46 PM PST

By Terry James Rapture Ready The San Francisco Giants won the 2010 World Series Monday, November 1. It was the first time the team has won the Series since 1954, when the franchise was playing as the New York Giants in the Polo Grounds. It should have been a reason for happiness, right? – At least, if you were a Giants fan, and weren’t a Texas Rangers fan. Certainly, it should have been a time of