Monday, November 1, 2010

Bone Chilling News- Video.

Tom's Journal.

Sometimes I over sleep even though my new alarm clock wakes me up at 0700. I get up to take my meds and then lay back down to let them kick in and rest for an hour-- but I drift back to sleep again. I know there are special clocks to wake you back up again...
I am a morning person and have always been that way courtesy of working all my life, the Army and Chrysler. I mark things on the calendar and notes, "to-do" lists, and seldom miss an appointment. I like to work my butt off and then relax for a few weeks and try to keep things clean by not messing up. Sharon certainly did a lot around the house and used to be a great cook, but when I am alone I just eat some ham and cheese sandwiches, or grill some steaks or hamburgers outside in the back yard. I am just a simple old retired man with simple tastes-- have a few toys, like my big Ram 4 by 4, etc, and enjoy cherish my privacy, peace and quiet. I email alot to many people all over the world, but especially mature, Bible loving Christians-- my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I am slowly getting ready for Winter in Wisconsin, but the good feeling--'freedom from joint pain' is fading away [as is normal--one month after my knee injections from the VA-- and have to wait the full 90 days before the next series of shots/ relief... See: "obama-care"]. Happy to mail out all my bills, mortgage, etc., this morning, and not a second too soon... lol. Filled up one of my vehicles with gas-- nice to have a "B-Plan." Nice to have a warm house when the air temp is 40 degrees outside-- and it hurts to know about so many Combat Veterans being homeless in the USA-- while the Gov't hands out all the benefits to ILLEGAL ALIENS! AND.. the Homeland Security puts discharged combat Veterans on the 'Terrorist List !' Please watch the short video below:

This is bone chilling. Please forward it to everyone on your mailing list. It is worth the time.

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