Friday, November 12, 2010

The Hal Lindsey Report.

Tom's Journal.

If some of you were reading my blog posts 2 years ago about the coming HYPER-inflation, predicted in the book of Revelation, etc., Bible, we Christians believed it alright, but we didn't know that Prez Obama and the Federal Reserve would be the main reason things were going down hill so fast. It's so nice to be right-- but we accept the proof of God's Word to cement things shut. And who would have thought that the USA would turn on it's long time friend and ally, Israel!? At least Bush was friendly and respectful to Israel. Proverbs 3:5, has to be my credo-- to keep my mind clear -- on the prize of heaven and Christ. I can only repeat that when world events seem darkest-- Christians who are biblically knowledgeable and |Spirit filled, ought not to fear and quake as the unbelievers, agnostics and atheists of the world/ friends of Satan do. The most precious thing I own is my close relationship with Jesus Christ, and I can't help but share this fact with everyone I know and meet!! I was very upset about shelling out $700 for new brakes and repair today, but at least the Lord gave me the credit and funds to pay for it. Better to pay and repair the truck now before the snow and ice-- and possible a tragic accident!

Splendid article again on the bottom of this post! I also need to share the web site of Brannon Howse, and you can listen to his talks over the InterNet--on-line, or on Christian radio, 1PM, WVCY America, 107.7 FM.

Sharon is still feeling under the weather today and out of breath, with poor circulation in her numb legs, and dizzy. I told her I will bring her some fresh strawberries Sunday after church when I visit her.

I remember one Christmas when I was prob about age 8 in Milwaukee, when my Dad's car just quit and needed a valve job, etc., and our Christmas was very lean, but we kids didn't seem to mind-- and we were well mannered and never asked for anything. My Dad also had ulcers and worried a lot, so I tried to stay out of his way and behaved myself, but I could feel his pain and worry. I suffered some loss too when my auto factory--AMC/ Chrysler closed down and laid off 6000 people in one day, but somehow I continued to find work as a welder, etc. Bottom line, we are still RICH in America, and spoiled, so far. But I never once doubted [after I found the Lord] that a true servant of the Lord, a Believer, would somehow survive if he/ she understood what the Bible taught. I don't have a Cristal ball [that's demoniac] -- but the Bible is: "God talking to US!" God's Word is a 'shining light to my path.' A good, Bible preaching/ teaching church is where a person can be built up, encouraged, fortified and healed, IMHO. But if there are no good churches near you-- the InterNet is filled with encouraging blogs and Christians. My door and heart is always open to those who love Jesus and are serious about deep, intense, Bible study and comradeship.


This Week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'

Posted: 12 Nov 2010 09:12 AM PST

By Hal Lindsey The Hal Lindsey Report Last week I reported on an article by Caroline Glick, the associate editor of The Jerusalem Post. She postulated that since President Obama had lost control of the domestic economic agenda by losing control of the House of Representatives, he would turn his attention to the one thing he still controls almost absolutely: foreign policy. The Israelis fear that

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