Monday, November 22, 2010

Tornado in Unon Grove, WI

Tom's Journal.

I don't think I will ever boast about Wisconsin being relatively 'safe' from natural disasters anymore... Last night, Monday around 4:04 PM, my small town of UNION GROVE, WI caught a tornado dead center, as I was tuning into the Glen Beck show on TV!! It just so happens that I wanted to post a short article that deals with Mr. Glenn Beck, and I think the story is 'fair and balanced' on Fox News. Ha!

Of course I give the Lord God full praise and honor for protecting me, Old Soldier Tom, and I can't see any damage to my humble 100 year old home in our small town of 4400 people, in South Eastern WI, but I heard that it touched down about 200 yards from my house. And yes, it DID sound like a powerful train coming through. The "early warning" siren went off for less than a minute, IMO, and then the storm hit! It reminded me of our "early warning system siren" in Bien Hoa, Vietnam, early 1968 -- that went off AFTER the darn attack! LOL! AFTER the VC 122mm rockets already slammed into our base-- and I lost 3 fellow soldiers from my company from those attacks in my first tour. And even though most of us young American soldiers were wild and woolly, I am sure that many others like me prayed to God for protection during those times. And then our American 105mm Howitzers returned the fire to the enemy. Some of our company soldiers ran for the sand bagged bunkers we all built, but I usually just 'hit the deck.' The CO - Major, said that he was taught to just grab hold of the mattress and roll it over on himself on the floor and out of his 'rack.'

I will see Sharon in the morning to bring her more fruit, and survey any damage I see and maybe take pix. It sure could have been worse for me, and I can't walk so fast anymore. If figured that if the Lord wanted me-- He could come and get me when ever.
I try to protect and prepare for such times, and determined that I could use more candles and 'farmer matches' on hand. My PC, TV and land phone were all down too, as I just sat in my EZ chair wondering how long before the power got back on. I could sure hear the constant News helicopters orbiting over my house and the town for hours, and numerous fire trucks ran back and forth my house on Main Street. I got up about an hour ago and just checked to see if my PC was back on line.

Thank you, my dear son, Andy, and nephew, Steve Schuckman, who called me up on my cell phone during that time to check up on my status. I suppose we could say that I had my 'dry run' last night, so I could better Prep myself for the 'Real McCoy' down the road.
Praise and thank you, dear Lord, for your kindness and protection. I guess that the power was restored about 3 hours latter-- and I need the power to work my Oxygen extractor and CPAP breathing machine to aid my Sleep Apnea, while trying to sleep.
Now it's time to try sleeping again-- after an exciting afternoon.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

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