Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Tom's Journal.


On the bottom of this post is Carolyn's recent blog post, and I just wanted to promote it as some wise, heart felt words-- common sense, in an insane world. Please check out her article and comment.

As for myself, my daughter, Barbara, came over yesterday to visit and help clean my house. I consider Barb, my first born child, to be close to me now and easy to get along with-- most helpful and strong. She recently told me that she accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior, and made my heart rejoice and PTL!

Like other older people who have retired from hard, steady work in a auto plant, etc., AMC/ Chrysler, I am starting to fall apart with arthritis and prior injuries from being super active, etc.... so we all have 'good days and bad days.' I feel better when I can come home from getting A LOT ACCOMPLISHED, shopping and visiting my dear wife. I got her some ruby red grapefruits, to chase away some throat and lung problems, etc. that she likes. We pretty much finished the lengthy State Title 19 paperwork that was very invasive so she can stay at the nursing home until they deem she is better, or what ever. As Proverbs 27:17 says, "Iron sharpenth iron; so a man sharpenth the countenance of his friend." Before we make a friend or get married-- we ought to consider if that person will lift us up, help us, carry us in good times-- also in bad times. If there are 2 people who love God, submit to the Son, Jesus Christ, and confess Him as Lord and Savior, we then have the RIGHT foundation to be a loyal SOLDIER of the Lord, and help one another as true Christians ought to do! This scripture is only common sense-- that two Christian 'sharpen one another' just like a good file and a sword or knife.

False prophets, teachers, un-scriptural, agnostic, or Mother Earth worship, New Age mentality is seeping/ infiltrating into the CHRISTIAN church and polluting the pure worship of God almighty!! The ONLY way we can stay strong is to pray and STUDY the Bible every day, so we don't get side tracked back to Satan's world and false religion! The smooth, silver tongued "teachers," 'pastors' like Rick Warren, etc, mislead many with the emergent church type of religion/ garbage -- wolves in sheep's clothing sort of thing. BEWARE! Does all this buzzing in your ear and 'fluff' on TV get your head achy and pained?? Personally, I NEED some silence and quiet time to 'come up for air' so I can get my bearings. I reflect on the good, old time Bible masters like Dr. Charles F. Stanley, DD Kennedy, Brannon House, etc. BTW, did you know that just today the U.S. Senate is proposing a 'wolf in sheep's clothing' bill that would make it a crime to grow and sell or give away your own garden veggies!! Hello! OK, we know that the Rapture is coming, but we still can't let down our guard-- but have to contact our Congress to take action and prevent 'scrap' [sic] like this from sneaking by!

Like Soldiers, our great "General" [up in Heaven] has promised that things will get better, but in the mean time we still have our jobs to do and follow orders to share the Gospel in these last days. Personally speaking, it's easy for ME to speculate about how this circumstance, and aggression in the Middle East is developing BUT IT'S ALL IN GOD'S HANDS, and as we can plainly see with the bible in one hand the news paper in the other hand that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled every day! Many times the Lord wants us to sit still, quietly while He does all the heavy lifting. Pay your bills, obey the law [when it doesn't conflict with God's commandments and Word] and just watch everything unfold! Other are so busy trying to SAVE A DOOMED SYSTEM FULL OF EVIL AND WICKEDNESS THAT HAS LONG AGO ABANDONED GOD AND KICKED HIM OUT OF EVERY SCENE ON EARTH. The world has a different god now-- all leading up to the Anti-Christ, who will demand that all the nations worship him as a god!

My wife lives in a horrible environment-- kind of like a zoo where some patients are tied into their wheel chairs just vegetating in a noisy [kind of a constant 'din' of 'noise pollution']-- but also a lonely world of despair. I saw my own grandfather in Milwaukee in such a place that smelled like excrement and urine all the time, and management was so money/ profit oriented that they would cut down the staff, nurse's aids to the the bare minimum or lower so that the patients suffered, were neglected and sometimes abused. That will NEVER happen to Sharon, as long as I am alive to protect and look after her. What a shame! Don't you think that older, disabled people in nursing homes who are Christians long for the Rapture?? Ha!
Count your blessings NOW, because many wise ones figure that HYPER-Inflation will be here by Spring....

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Hi Folks- I've bared my soul in a new one again.

Come by when you have a chance. Thanks and God Bless~ Carolyn


madcobug said...

I know that Sharon feels better now that her daughter has accepted Jesus.
You might need to ask them if she can have those grapefruits. There are a lot of meds that grapefruit kills there effect.

Lisa said...

I'm sorry the conditions for Sharon are so unpleasant. I can recall my grandma being in a state run elder home and it was horrible. We moved her as soon as we could but the memories still haunt me. I'll keep you guys in my Prayers.