Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 26th.

Tom's Journal.

Isn't it great to get things straight in your mind after doing a little research !? But arguing over small things that have no bearing on our salvation and going to heaven can be a drag.... Paul writes Timothy, "Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith, so do." 1st Timothy 1:4. One of my fav. books: |"DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF" [ and it's all small stuff], has helped me understand that life is too short to worry and hassle with goofy people who always HAVE TO BE RIGHT, or have THEIR way with everything, and every body. Just knock the dust off your clothes and MOVE ON!! Ha! Choose your battles well [carefully], and DO NOT draw your sword unless you really mean to use it.

So it's Sunday, Dec. 26, and most of the hoop-la, celebrating is over now, with more snow coming our way, with freaky weather patterns all over the USA. I have plenty of food and drink, dog food, and supplies to keep me satisfied for the next few months-- but a home cooked, HOT meal would be nice... Right now I am kind of limiting myself to fresh fruit, apples, bananas, figs, and sardines, so 'hopefully' [and I hate that word..] I will continue with my weight loss 'program.' Remember, when ever you FAST or diet, be sure to hydrate [water] yourself all the time-- or risk hurting your all important KIDNEYS! And after you damage your kidneys-- you are SOL, and in deep manure. Sorry, folks, it's the same with drinking to excess, and smoking.
'Lord, thank you for all my learned, studied knowledge that I have trapped in my brain, from long ago-- but even to now, the present. But the most important knowledge, understanding and wisdom I have in my possession is from YOUR WORD, the Bible!' What good is it to gain the world-- yet lose our soul?? And when you have gained the years, even as I have at age 61, you have seen much death, pain and misery-- so we can compare the good times with the bad-- and shout a mighty praise to God the Father: "Hallowed be thy name!" 'Let YOUR will be done!'

Other than being 'home alone' but I have my super hound back, "Deuce" the Rotty, I am doing pretty good, watching on TV how the USA is struggling with the inclement weather of Winter... lol, while our great, illustrious "Commander-in-Chief", vacations in Hawaii....on our dime.... [ahem.] So many working folks like my own son and my nephew are laid off now without much money in their respective pockets-- but I have the reputation of being a 'generous man', retired from AMC/ Chrysler after 30.5 years, and willing to share some of my wealth, especially when people help me do a few errands $$$ and favors. My son claims that he doesn't even have gas in his car.....Ha! I thought I taught all my kids about PRIORITIES! Before you do anything else, fill up your vehicle with GAS, then pay all your bills, buy some food, etc. If there is no food in the refrigerator, cupboard/ pantry--- there should not be any smokes or beer in the house either!! And opps-- the price of gas and oil is going up, right in time to usher in the NEW YEAR! Woo Woo! I have been laid off and poor a few times in my life too, so I have that understanding and concern for those who are willing to work hard and pay their bills. I know-- one day chicken-- the next day feathers. I suspect that many of my readers and friends grow weary with my prognostications of gloom and doom, harder times coming soon-- this SPRING TIME! Yet many people will take a "wait and see" attitude, sitting on the fence, just continuing their present lifestyle, without any preparations. The Bible talks about the ANT who works hard all Summer, preparing for the Winter season, so he has enough food to eat..... duh. Isn't this basic enough for even the slow learners?

Old Soldier Tom READS the Bible, but also 'feels the pulse' of our Society, and economic woes, and listens to the real financial experts! Pay OFF your plastic, bills, and live on the cheap. Learn how to cook and live frugally. Buy and store dry goods and commodities, and if you truly want some secret advice on how to invest-- contact me personally--- but it's just my 'personal' common sense opinion.

It would be nice to hear directly from more of you, and yes, I mean personal EMAILS.
Some of you guys actually have my phone number too. Please continue to pray for Cpt. Robby Bohnen, SF., Steve Brulport, my son, Andy, and nephew, Steve Schuckman, who are laid off, my dear, legally blind mother in Burlington, WI, Bill Lee, Joe Balanger, and Joe Vander Mollen.
Do well-- stay safe-- and pray often, dear friends.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman
Jesus is my Lord and Savior

Are Jesus And Yeshua The Same?


I have a friend who came to know Jesus several years ago. Now after getting some information off the internet will only call Jesus "Yashua". He tells me that "Jesus" is a false name with pagan origins and therefore Jesus and Yashua are two different people.


Joann said...

Hi Tom, Glad you are on a smart eating plan.... losing weight has been a struggle for me too, but I keep trying.

I was reading your post about cutbacks in our living... it is sooo true. We had paycuts at work, and I've had to cut WAY back on my spending habits... spending much more time in the kitchen than at the restaurants, and movie rentals than at the movies. Mostly entertainment stuff that I've cut back on... but it was getting out of hand anyway... LOL!! We're doing well.

Hope you are feeling better. Take Care.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Staley said:

Your friend is certainly correct about Yashua being the name the angle told Mary she was to name Jesus. However I have studied under Doctors John F. Carter, J. Vernon Magee, W.A. Cristwell, R.G.Lee and a dozen more that are Hebrew scholars. I have also used C.I Scofield's references for 53 years because I have found them to be completely reliable. I know anyone of these men would have condemned the use of the name JESUS if it had not been a proper translation from the name Yashua.
If your friend has any connection with the Radio Church of GOD you may find that he has gotten his information from the two brothers who are the founders of this perverted movement.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Bill Lee, from Union Grove, WI., said:

In spite of all, God brought you safely through the surgery! He must not be
finished with you yet! Hard as it may be, God sometimes allows pain and other
things that are uncomfortable to us so that we might better minister to the
needs of others who, in the future, might be going through these same things.

Praying that God will strengthen you and ease your pain and discomfort!

Bill Lee