Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to All.

Tom's Journal.

Merry Christmas -- All you kind- hearted souls and Bible lovers/ Believers! All the rest of you were probably forced into squandering you hard earned money on things nobody needed or wanted... lol. For the older folks like me in their 60's and above-- what do we really need at this time in our lives? Just the simple 'creature comforts', love from our families and dogs, and some Alkaseltzer.... Ha!

I ate some old, out dated pickled Herring today for lunch and wonder now if it wasn't spoiled. Then I ate some cookies that my mom sent over to me via my only brother, Albert, who also brought my wonder dog, Deuce, back. He is lonely and depressed now too, because he made some new friends [dogs] over by Albert's house, and that was a real treat for Deuce, for the 3 weeks I was at the hospital and home alone as of last Friday. I know that my dog will bounce back, but for now he just lays down and sleeps on the carpet. I fed and watered him, but he wanted some of MY food, as usual, so I shared a small piece of Summer sausage that mom sent along too. True recipe for heart burn-- after I have been trying to stay on the same low calorie diet/ life style to lose more weight. I sure don't want to FAST again, as that makes me so weak and short of energy. Fasting should be done ONLY after a person studies in depth to understand all it means and with SAFETY. I only do it for something serious, and for personal/ health reasons, and if done incorrectly-- it COULD kill you! Always drink plenty of pure water-- but a wedge of fresh lemon in your water is even better!

My brother Albert, is an UN-believer, agnostic, IMHO, and it's just another day gone by for him. At least he is honest about it, and I respect him for that. For me, I am so happy that God the Father sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, to earth to die for all of our sins so we could gain salvation and be Saved to go to heaven.... not by some supposed "good works", but by the undeserved Kindness-- GRACE, that is free from God, so that we may get to heaven, even as we are still sinful, filthy human beings on earth-- deserving of hell for eternity-- but by means of accepting the Lord Jesus Christ's ransom blood sacrifice-- as our PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOR-- may we go to heaven. That is why Tom Schuckman celebrates Christmas-- even though Jesus was probably born some time in October. I suppose you all won't hear too many people say these words... but then, how many serious Bible students do you rub up against?

As for the New Year-- 2011? I hope and pray that it will be better than 2010-- but I KNOW from intensive Bible study and world events and the Bible that it will most likely be MUCH WORSE than ever before-- and maybe the RAPTURE will finally come to carry true Believers up to heaven with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior! The world grows more dangerous all the time with more nukes available to smaller entities and terrorist group who hate Israel and America. Sooner rather than latter Israel will be forced to protect herself, and than the war of the Middle East will come... Bang! Most serious Bible students figure: That will be the catalyst to set off the Rapture, but please know this: Real Christians will fight and die to share the Gospel --NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. As Soldiers, we have our 'marching orders' to continue sharing the Gospel and salvation until God says "no." That is just about the sum total of our existence on planet earth, dear brethren.

Expect the economy to get much worse, so that our American dollar could lose 20% of it's buying power-- and that is a conservative estimate for Springtime 2011. Cotton and clothing, plus gas and commodities [food] will increase too. People might see their job 'benefits' and health plans get pared down or reduced too, in the squeeze. Just a word to the wise, from all the truthful experts in the field. Precious metals will prob continue to rise also-- and that translates into fear of the sinking dollar $$$.

I don't have much of a 'safety net' here in my one horse town in WI., and I am not ignorant of so-called 'friends' shutting off their phones and cell phones, pretending to be away, ALWAYS BUSY, with family and friends on a cold Wisconsin Winter day-- and I am not crying nor complaining. The local church sent the entire choir here to my door step to sing a few Christmas songs for me, and my son, Andy was here to see and listen too-- and what a fine witness to him! One of the deacons, Bill Lee, has be of service to me in bringing over some good food and doing a few chores. THANK YOU, BILL and family! Bill is an old Army guy too, like me, and we get along very well.
But that's just life in post modern America with this super fat, indulgent, greedy, selfish generation. Period. I have learned to be --and live independent as some survivor type-- Gov't trained... lol. Not saying that I enjoy being home alone... and what kind of marriage do I have...? I have the 3 basics and a great dog, Deuce, the Rottweiler. Trying to retrieve some of my pix and documents after the PC shop 'TRIED TO FIX' my PC. So far, I think they have done a rushed, sloppy job of it, but will call them AFTER the holiday. I've had to reinvent the wheel, so far.... and got my mail and Blog site back, but that's about it. Sharon is smarter about PC's than me, but she is far away at the Woodstock nursing home, 22 miles away-- looking to get transferred to a nursing home closer to my house.

I still cannot drive myself around-- too sore and hurt, and also need to get my power scooter out of the shop at Bella, in Kenosha, WI., waiting for a new electrical harness to come in the mail there. Yes! When it rains-- it falls.

Merry Christmas to all... and to all, a good night!

Tom Schuckman

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