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There'll Always Be an England ~ Bible Prophecy Today

There'll Always Be an England ~ Bible Prophecy Today

Tom's Journal.

This fine article [above] makes me think about the very powerful King of Babylon, who, in Daniel's Day thought that he was invincible and almighty king [of modern day Iraq]. Perhaps he was like Saddam Hussein [who was hanged by his own people] who abused his people too. Jehovah brought the ancient king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, to his knees and he had to admit and recognize that it was God Almighty who allowed mere men to sit on their thrones. For 7 long years, King Nebuchadnezzar, was on his hands and knees eating grass like a beast, until he came to his senses and admitted that God gives the real power. Read Daniel, the whole 4th Chapter for proof. And guess what-- When I reached for my bible sitting on a home made Oak easel that I made a few years ago [and I keep in in easy reaching distance-- [just like I did with my M-16 in Vietnam,as taught by my drill Sergent's in Basic at Fort Campbell, KY] and cracked the Bible open, it fell on the exact correct place I wanted to go to....Ha! That doesn't happen TOO often... LOL. The Bible speaks about the 'Word of God' being like a 2 edged sword in the book of Hebrews. Well, most folks have to practice a lot with a sword or a rifle to get good / proficient with it. Same thing with the Bible. You have to crack that magnificent book OPEN and read whole books [there are 66 books in the Bible] to get the true 'flavor' of what is being said. And hey-- I know that takes alot of effort [not], but I taught my 3 wonderful kids to memorize all 66 books while bouncing them on my knee when they were young. I love them to death-- and now I have two fine grandkids!!
And then there are a few great tools that will enhance your understanding, like: THE WYCLIFFE BIBLE COMMENTARY. Or just go on-line to the free web site of e-sword which will be a great tool for the original Hebrew/ Greek to English translation to get the most pure root words and much more ,
IMHO. The more reading and study I do in the Word-- the closer I feel to God and the beauty of His wisdom. It's the blue print for LIFE! I figure that out of 24 hours a day, I can at least spend one hour studying and sharing the Word-- the Bible. If we feel that God's promises are true and we are going to Heaven if we ae SAVED -- would it make sense to at least get to know the grand Creator of everything and His perfect ways and Word? I use/ prefer the NASB, but there are many other fine translations, like the KJV, NKJV, etc., and I just bought the, Luther German to Amplified Bible version last week. It gives me a 'mental workout.' The apostle Paul counseled some congregations for still eating 'baby food- milk' when they should have been eating solid food-- meat and potatoes, corn and broccoli. You know, people in China, etc., have to go 'underground' and risk life and limb for just owning a bible!! In America, many folks are too lazy or illiterate to crack open the most important book in the world-- written on a 4th to 5th grade level.

Just the simple economics of OVER SPENDING, printing more paper money and borrowing from China gives me the shakes... LOL, and would give my college Math teacher a cardiac arrest. And the fuzzy Math of the Federal Reserve scares me too.
As I have said so many times--- we need not worry about the Islamic terrorists because AMERICA will "implode" - that means we will fall apart by ourselves from stupid and dangerous economics/ spending!

Now... that DOES NOT mean that I am not a Patriot or UN-American. Flash! The God of the Bible will be around long after America is gone-- and Heaven will be MY Home. Sorry to break your bubble, but God takes the first priority in my life, and if the political leaders are doing wrong, being dishonest and hurting/ destroying their own country-- leaning toward Globalism, just maybe the Patriots ought to take note and tell the TRUTH! Not that we mere humans are going to change God's foretold Plan, but the truth of the Bible needs to be shared instead of wasting valuable time in these 'End Times.' You have the right to disagree-- but take it to the Lord and see what He has to say on the matter.

I will get my injections to both knees in the morning at the Milwaukee VA Hosp! The reason I make such a big deal is that they shots give me a lot of relief, but they only last for a good month or so, and the VA will only give me the long needled shots every 90 days. Mike Ryan, is the good Nurse Practioner, who gives me the shots and we are good friends with mutual respect for each other, and is a Christian too. Praise the Lord for such fine, skilled people who are working there for more than just a paycheck.


Prez gives special power to Foreign Cops in America.

Tom's Journal.

You got to wonder which side obama is on... LOL! Pitiful.


By NWV News writer Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
January 4, 2010
© 2009

An amendment to an executive order secretly signed by President Barack Obama on December 16, 2009 gives police officers from foreign governments police powers in the United States.

What is most disturbing to police chiefs and officers in the US is that the President has provided foreign officers and international agencies exemptions from laws and regulations to which US cops must comply.

For example, foreign cops operating in the US will not be forced to comply with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act. The government has already given the International Criminal Police Organization, or INTERPOL, most of privileges enjoyed by foreign diplomats in the US.

"This Obama executive order is a slap in the face of US cops -- who must adhere to laws and regulations including FOIA -- but also a slap in the face of American citizens who may be abused by these non-citizen cops from countries that don't recognize our constitutional protections," warns former New York City detective and Marine intelligence officer Sidney Franes.

He also pointed out that INTERPOL member countries include Venezuela, Syria, Yemen, Bolivia, Cuba, Iran and Somalia -- all countries unfriendly to the U.S.

When President Ronald Reagan's passed an executive order addressing INTERPOL, it clearly spelled out limitations such as requiring that INTERPOL operations be subject to several U.S. laws such as the Freedom of Information Act. While many opposed Reagan's executive order, it was unchallenged due to the Cold War.

"Under the Obama administration such limitations have been kicked to the wayside by a globalist White House," said Frances.

Obama's executive order reads as follows:

Amending Executive Order 12425 designating INTERPOL as a public international organization entitled to enjoy certain privileges, exemptions and immunities

"By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 1 of the International Organizations Immunities Act (22 U.S.C. 288), and in order to extend the appropriate privileges, exemptions, and immunities to the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), it is hereby ordered that Executive Order 12425 of June 16, 1983, as amended, is further amended by deleting from the first sentence the words "except those provided by Section 2(c), Section 3, Section 4, Section 5, and Section 6 of that Act" and the semicolon that immediately precedes them," Obama wrote.

"What Obama has done is he's given foreign police agencies more power than our own police have or should have. What's next? INTERPOL cops raiding American homes based on unlawfully obtained information?" asks political strategist Mike Baker.

"This executive order signing received almost no media coverage and follows the recent creation of an International Intelligence Agency," he said.

In December 2009, officials unveiled a United Kingdom government security plan examined by reporters from the London-based Daily Telegraph that suggested several countries -- U.S., U.K., France, Germany, etc. -- will submit classified information into a central intelligence unit so that any member nation will have access to it.


But the proposals risk hard won intelligence gathered by U.S. agents being leaked by less scrupulous security services, particularly in the former Communist states of Eastern Europe.

Although the Government has contributed to the proposals being drawn up as part of unifying European countries and their resources, Britain's security services -- MI5, its internal agency, and MI6, its foreign intelligence agency -- will likely put up stiff opposition to these plans, claim Waterfield and Gardham.

"This is serious business even for the United States," said former NYPD detective Frances.

"The United States shares top secret intelligence with the British intelligence and law enforcement agencies. That means that very soon, U.S. secrets will be distributed to nations that should not have access to our military and law enforcement secrets," claims the decorated Marine and cop.

"What worries me is that the people who these Internationalists will spy on, just may be you and me,"
he added.

Historically British intelligence officers have enjoyed a good relationship with their U.S. counterparts, regularly exchanging information particularly in the fight against terrorism.

However, there has been a degree of mistrust between the British authorities and European security agencies. In the 1990s the French intelligence service was blamed for leaking information shared by MI6 to t