Thursday, January 7, 2010

SS for Vets $$

Tom's Journal.

This sounds too good to be true, and I will do more checking for more info. Usually, IMHO, the Gov't and VA like to keep something like this under lid.
I think that sooner than later, we will all have to look for cost cutting ways and bargains in 2010...Ha!

When I was laid off from Chrysler for 6 years and welding for various companies in WI and IL area, I was kind of poor and took a new welding job fabricating Craftsman snow blower tines in Racine for $6.30/ hour and no benefits-- hard times. I had a steady diet of baloney sandwiches and still lost 60 pounds in ONE MONTH working 10 hours a day! About 6 years later when I was retired at age 54, I got into a relationship with a 'lady' near Denver and we bought a 1/4 million dollar house together in that area, even though I already had a house in Wisconsin. I was still a slow learner back then-- but wised up quickly after that. So I know how to be poor and comfortable. Better to live in mutual love and respect than with a contentious wife and her grown kids trying to sabotage you at every turn. What greedy people. I had land and money of my own and made more than that woman!
Proverbs 17:1, "Better is a dry morsel and quietness with it --then a house full of feasting with strife." And Proverbs 21:9 says, "It is better to live in a corner of a roof then in a house with a contentious woman."

Had I been raised to read and understand the Bible, I might not have had to learn the HARD WAY so often. But now is to look toward the future and prepare.
Not all, but I think most Combat Veterans are into being PREPARED and ready for most emergencies. Yet, according to the Bible, many unbelievers are so foolish as to think that they are somehow smarter than the Creator of all things. I don't laugh at them and all their stupid atheistic, humanism, hedonistic, silly agnostic 'blogs' filled with foolishness and banter.... I feel sorry for them! God feels sorry for them too, but God has set His battle Plan in action-- and He ALWAYS DELIVERS. The world is a stage for we humans as all the angels look on in amazement. One third of the angels have already taken Satan's side, and their fate is already sealed. The other 2/3's are loyal to the Father/ Son and obey all His wishes and commands. Just think: It only took ONE angel to kill 185,000 Assyrian troops in ONE night who were camped around ancient Israel ready to attack God's people! And then the Assyrian king rushed home and was killed by his own son as he was worshiping a godless idol. As if this and many more acts of protection was not enough to wake up America and others.... Ha! Only God can mess with the Jews in Israel--- but there is a curse on any other nation who deals harshly or tries to take land away from Israel. Beware-- administrations and those who elect them [and the entire country also bares a "community responsibility"].

And for future and past references, when I call a 'spade a spade' [being politically incorrect, of course] I am NOT being a RACIST! Even the Lefty Loosey blogs that champion their perverted atheist, agnostic, Satanic views complain about the spineless COWARDS that 'hit and run' and refuse to ID themselves with a bogus web site. I just screen those stupid monkeys out-- and there is a day reserved for their Divine 'Judgment' soon to hit them between the eyes. But that comes with the territory. I choose not to dwell on them and their 'just rewards', but just worry about myself and friends. Can you dig it? They don't have a life and probably gainful employment... and probably still living in their mommy's basement...Ha! You have my personal email address, punks, why not debate me there, because you are not going to get on here... LOL. Better yet, why not move to Iran??

More later.

Tom S

$300 for every quarter in 'nam? i don't think that social security would pay anything for our service. abu aries

Foolish "pastor" Krunks.

Tom's Journal.

I am posting the recent blog of my buddy, Mike H, who did a good job of bringing to light the foolishness of some American churches/ "pastors" as they mock God in Church. Shame. I have heard that it only takes one generation of 'error' to turn a country into a godless nation and full of wickedness. Well, America started taking God out of the schools in the 1950's, I think, and look at us now!

Tom S

Pastor Krunks; America Goes to Hell

Pastor Krunks; America Goes to Hell

And we wonder why America is no longer a Christian nation

by Mike Hernandez

I do not care if this is youth group, woman’s group or worship group. No one has the right to disrespect the sanctuary of the Lord as these people are. If you want to make a fool of yourself do not do it in the Lords house; do it in the parking lot, the hall way, the playground, but not in the sanctuary.

Pastor Mocks the house of God

Have we forgotten that God is a holy and righteous God, not someone that we can continue to mock and make a fool of?

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