Monday, January 11, 2010

Exposing a Coward 'Commentor.'

Tom's Journal.

Marky Jilly has left a new comment on your post "Pro-Life groups show light on some Charities.":

why does it have to be a picture of one of our people in your pro life comments? im not feelin the way you always make it racial.

I want to prove a point in this Blog post, friends. I never publish Comments from readers unless they ID themselves and post their own REAL name, and web site/ address-- and I consider them gutless COWARDS for trying to sneak in and sling their hate. But I wanted to show you all the small "sprinkling" of ignorance from the 'unwashed heathen' so-called 'commentators' -- LOL. Perhaps they didn't have the proper 'father figure' when they were growing up at home, to teach them how to stand up and walk straight, unashamed of their name. I welcome all serious straightforward comments from normal people who wish to have a part in my humble blog-- as I have said many times.
First of all, I was not raised to be a racist and am NOT one now. If God loves all the people on the earth so that His only begotten Son, Jesus died to free ALL men and offer them Salvation and life in Heaven... who am I to question that. However, I have noticed some funny characteristics in some cultures in people voting for obama in hopes that they will never have to pay their bills again by way of some magic gift from the 'man in the WH'... LOL. But that is not what the U.S. Constitution or the Bible says. Paul councils, in 2nd Thessalonians 3:10, "... if anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either." NASB. Actually, it's always been that way in most cultures until recently [starting with Prez Wilson and FDR] that the Dims think differently after taking God out of American society. People that are pushing hard for Socialism in the USA, IMHO [in my humble opinion].

But the real point I wanted to make here is that abortion kills all kinds of people and that is the scary horror in this once great Christian country! The cowardly commenter totally missed the point about the Catholic church who purports to be a defender of the unborn-- secretly gives big money to certain "charities" that are linked to ABORTION!! And those 'clinics' usually cater to people who can't afford abortive procedures else where. My wife and I use to picket at a Kenosha, WI abortion clinic a few Winters ago. For some reason the author of that article I posted used an illustration of a Black mom and child-- is not MY doing, and that is a minor point anyway, IMHO. They could just as well have been ANY OTHER COLOR! I was more concerned with the total hypocrisy of the church -- and exposing/ placing the blame where it should lie. The real question should be, 'how long are people going to support $$$$ religious groups/ churches who preach one thing and do another??

Now... do you really think the 'commenter' will step forward and share his idenity with us?? Ha! Hey! I know the breed of coward-- red, black, white, brown, purple, they love to ambush from under the rock they live and they are usually full of beans, as you can see for yourselves. I shared this one example of "commenter" with my friends and readers this one time to show you all that speaking with courage and conviction carries a price and always make you a TARGET!

I am not perfect and am wrong about somethings, and try to admit it right away. My friends correct me in kindness and I thank them. Others take pot shots from hidden cover and do it in a spirit of pure meanness and jealousy. All people will show their true colors in these "end times." Read 1st and 2nd Peter again.

BY THE WAY.... [BTW], the 2nd largest abortion clinic in the world just opened it's doors in Houston, TEXAS, right smack in the middle of a large Black and Hispanic neighborhood! China has the largest abortion clinic. So, who is the racist now??
I just try hard to report the facts-- so don't shoot the messenger, please.

Have a great day!