Monday, January 18, 2010

Some progess in ICU--Sharon.

Tom's Journal.

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Was that video powerful truth or what??

Well, I had a busy day again as usual after bringing a nice birthday cake to my Mom and visiting for an hour, then shooting to Kenosha to eat, fill gas, shop for fresh fruit for Sharon and then visit her about 2PM. I stayed there for over an hour and then got anxious-- and that made my wife upset and tearful, but she understood that I get some serious anxiety attacks when I stay in hospitals 'too long.' I just get an uneasy, distrustful feeling while there... and I seem to be on 'pins and needles' -- something left over from the war in RVN.

It's about 20 miles to that hospital, but it could be a lot worse. She says that it may be a few more days before they consider to send her home. Can you just IMAGINE how much it would cost of I didn't have good insurance?? Well, we all know that Sharon is in bad shape and we also know that when we die we shall go to a far better place than our temporary abode on earth. We discern that it is man's prime reason for being on earth to bring praise and glory to the Father in Heaven and try hard to do His will. If we have not got that part right in the past-- we have sure made up for lost time these past few years, personally speaking. Most people, especially most of my extended and close family just can't figure that out. So what do we do? Cry a bit, try to set a good example and pray for them. After all, every human is a 'Free Moral Agent.'

If you want to see what an unbeliever looks like... just watch a dog starring into a fan in the Summer time... lol. Honestly, you can become skilled at discerning who is a real Christian, and who is an unbeliever... however, false/ fake so-called Christians are so slick that they can fool some of us-- for a time, until they show their hand... and then a red flag goes up. But you have to be firmly rooted in the 'Book' -- the bible, to figure out the difference. And the prophecy of the 'end times' in Matthew says that there will be MANY false prophets in the Last Days, that even some of the "Elect" could be led astray! "Be cautious as serpents, yet innocent as doves."

I bought bananas, strawberries, oranges for Sharon today and that always puts her in better spirits--compared to the hospital food, but she has not complained at all, except that there is too much noise from the near by nurses station, and you can bet that much of that is just nurses' chit chat. But we are happy and appreciative that she is being taken care of now. When I joke with the nurses and staff about the coming 'obama-care,' they snort and roll their eyes with disgust and trembling ... lol.

I am tired and ready for bed already. I put a lot of miles on the truck today and paid about $64 to fill it up. PTL for giving us the funds to do that.



Sit Back-- Enjoy.

Tom's Journal.

I enjoyed reading this message-- and intend to at least visit this church in Wisconsin some time. Sounds like pastor Matt has a firm grip on the truth of the Bible here.

Sometimes I just wonder why we have to have so many holidays on Monday and then all the banks, credit unions and Post Office are closed for business.... LOL. Well, it's nice for the people who get the day off so they can relax with the family, etc., I guess. I will also have a busy day in visiting my dear wife in the hospital, buying some suspenders to keep my pants up, filling gas into the family truck, reading, studying and maybe visiting my Mom who lives about 12 miles away. it's so quiet and peaceful in the house now-- so I have plenty of time to think and ponder things.

Have a nice day.

Tom S

Sit Back, Enjoy The Wickedness
It's All Suppose To Happen This Way!

By Pastor Matt Trewhella

The Covenant News ~ January 18, 2010
Egocentrism, faulty eschatology, and the neutralized American Church

Having been a pastor for over 20 years now, I write out of a deep concern over the state of the Church in America. If one was to look at Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, the Church in America today is stuck in Vanity Fair. There is a perpetual pursuit by American Christians for personal peace and prosperity. Comfort and ease reigns.

I see no heartfelt desire amongst Christians to serve Him, and see His kingdom expanded in the earth (Lk.13:18-20). There seems to be no desire to truly follow Christ or glorify His name. We seem to have forgotten that Jesus said, “Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.” (Mk.8:34)

I have noticed over my years that one massive contributor to this lackluster desire to serve Christ and see His kingdom expanded in the earth is the popularly held eschatological belief that Jesus is coming back any day now.

Last week I had a conversation that I have had or listened to thousands of times in the past. A woman, who recently came out of the slumber which grips the American Church, called me to tell me how much trouble she is having getting people involved to take action against legislation which is a clear attack upon the law of God and family government.

She said that they all tell her “don’t you know these things are suppose to take place? These are the end times. Things are suppose to get worse. Jesus is coming to take us out soon.”

I responded by telling her that the Chinese Christians thought the same thing when Mao Tse-tung was coming to power in the late 1940’s. They stood by and did nothing because they thought it meant the end times with Jesus coming back any day. They were wrong. The utter persecution they suffered afterwards is well preserved in history.

They learned the hard way that God doesn’t fly a Chinese flag in heaven. They thought for sure that the Jesus had to be returning because things were getting worse in their country. They paid dearly for their egocentrism and their faulty eschatology.

Nor does God fly an American flag in heaven. Just because things are getting worse in America doesn’t mean that Jesus has to be returning any day now.

What about all the countries where God’s kingdom is growing and expanding? Countries in Africa, South America, and even some places in Asia have seen thousands upon thousands won to Christ over the last decades. Many of these countries are even embracing the moral law of God for the legislative law of their land. What about them?

What? Jesus has to return just because things are getting worse in America? Our egocentrism and faulty eschatology has blinded us, just as it did the Chinese Christians of the 1940’s.

Think of this – in 1900 only 10% of the population in Africa was Christian. Today, it is 48%! Nations like Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Uganda have seen spectacular growth. The Church in Africa is alive with a strong commitment to Christ and righteousness. They – who once had missionaries coming to them – are now sending missionaries out around the world!

But Jesus has to return just because things are getting worse in America?

The truth is things are getting worse in America because the Church is playing the whore. We have decided that we like being the sugar of the earth, rather than the salt of the earth Christ calls us to be. Jesus said, “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled under the foot of men.” (Mt. 5:13) This is why things are worse in America.

Those who say it is the end times so things are suppose to get worse, neutralize Christian men, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The preoccupation with ever-changing prophecy charts by Christians in America has produced bad fruit which is evidenced by the state of our nation.

The truth is Christ is a king (I Tim.1:17). He is “the ruler over the kings of the earth” (Rev. 1:5). He is the King of kings and Lord of lords (I Tim 6:15). His kingdom is to expand in the earth (Lk.13:18-20). His is a conquering kingdom (Mt.16:18). The reputation of the early Church Christians was that they “turned the world upside down…saying there is another king – Jesus.” (Acts 17:7).

Unfortunately when it comes to the Church in America, all His ambassadors and soldiers have left the field of battle having been neutralized by the faulty idea of present-day, popular, ever-changing eschatological schemes.

Matt Trewhella is the pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church ( and founder of Missionaries To The Preborn ( both of which are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He and his wife, Clara, have eleven children and reside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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