Tuesday, January 19, 2010

AMERICA and Israel rush to help Haiti.

Tom's Journal.

Sharon always enjoyed helping me work with wood and projects with a healthy amount of curiosity and thirst for learning my skills. Not ever wife cares about her husbands pastimes and hobbies. We usually do a lot together.

My wife, Sharon, still in ICU near Kenosha, WI, had a severe spasm right in front of the staff this morning. The staff also concluded that there is a embolism [a blood clot] in her lung, and will do more tests tomorrow and try to dissolved that clot with medicine. I was upset to hear that this morning and had trouble talking to Sharon. I will see her again early tomorrow morning. I call her frequently to see how things are going-- 20 miles away from me. Her blood sugar was very low today too--as she is diabetic.

PS: They just moved her to another room and out of ICU later today. Good.


Evil, Capitalistic America Rushes to the Scene--Again
By Jan Markell
If you're like me, you're fed up and sick of America-bashing from the top down. America was made for greatness. She does not have a covenant with God as Israel does, but she was birthed to spread the gospel and to stand by Israel. She has done these two things well, although as this is written, as a nation we are abandoning Israel. It's still alright to be proud of our nation. Too many today do nothing but knock this country mercilessly calling us the evil empire while giving Iran and North Korea a pass.

Early on in the Haiti crisis, a news reporter stated that, "Nothing much can be accomplished here (in the Haiti devastation) until the U.S. Army and Marines arrive." While other nations sat back and took their time, America flew into action. By the way, so did Israel. But those in Haiti admitted that it would take America to accomplish anything and bring order out of chaos.

Yet the Left repeatedly portrays our nation as evil, bigoted, greedy, and militarily oppressive. Why is that, when no matter what the crisis is, you can count on American men and women to be the first responders? How many Communist nations rallied to the cause of Haiti? How about atheists, PETA, the Castro brothers, Green Peace, or European aristocrats? Say, where are the "religion of peace" responders? Did we hear a word from ACORN?


Does this rescue worker look like the ugly American?

Have you heard about the large number of U.S. Christian aid groups who are rallying, even though we're told America isn't a Christian country anymore? And we have now heard that many Christian churches sent some of their members on "mission trips" to Haiti. Some of those people perished as well.

And why would America be called bigoted when American rescuers are heavily white and those they are rescuing are 99% black?

Then we have the brutal Israelis. However, they were on the ground in Haiti as quickly as America. Initially, they had the only field hospital, while America had floating hospitals off shore. Israel is the smallest nation represented in the rescue attempt, yet they had 200 medical personnel on the ground almost immediately. The incredible amount of equipment they brought with them and the stations they established so quickly and in such a short time is amazing. See a two-minute clip here showing the incredible efforts of Israel.

But the tragedy has other ramifications. Some are saying the disaster happened because a couple hundred years ago the nation was dedicated to Satan. Sadly, this historical fact is true. Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, stated, "There is no doubt that Haiti is a very dark place, with voodoo and all kinds of idolatry and dark magic. Enslaving forms of religious belief are very prevalent. It has been a dark place for a long time."

Then he states, "Does God hate Haiti? God hates sin, and will punish both individual sinners and nations. But that means that every individual and every nation will be found guilty when measured by the standard of God's perfect righteousness. God does hate sin, but if God merely hated Haiti, there would be no missionaries there; there would be no aid streaming to the nation; there would be no rescue efforts -- there would be no hope.

Pat Robertson suggested Haiti's history was "cursed" and that could be playing out today. Robertson did not make his comment in a condemning way and his ministry sent immediate aid; however, saying such things while hundreds of thousands are suffering is not helpful. You can view or read that statement here.

The words of Jesus in Luke 13 make the most sense. When a tower fell and many died, Jesus stated, "Do you suppose that these Galileans were greater sinners than all the other Galileans, because they have suffered such things? I tell you, no; but except you repent, you shall all likewise perish" (Luke 13:2-5).

This is another wake-up call and another "birth pang" predicted in the Bible. As the day draws closer to our Lord's return, events like earthquakes are going to intensify. The contractions are growing more frequent.

And this may be a message for some of you. A "tower" could fall on you and you may have wished you had repented.

Pray that the people of Haiti will accept the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ while there is still time. It is a Catholic-and-voodoo-led nation. Only God can break the chain of wickedness that seems to be associated with that oppressed land. Reports said that true believers in Haiti, not affiliated with any of the darker practices, were praying this could turn the nation around spiritually. Others were rethinking their voodoo and dark magic practices. God specializes in bringing good out of tragedy.

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Awaiting His return,
Jan Markell
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