Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our Father.

Tom's Journal.

Here is a picture of Sharon last Summer enjoying my handiwork on the back yard grill. Sharon helped me make the fine picnic table that we stained walnut, and I spend a lot of time outside and in our veggie garden.

Our Father in Heaven. ~ Matthew 6:9

Unser Vater im Himmel,
Dein Name werde geheilgt.
Dein Reich komme.
Dein Wille geschehe wie im Himmel so auf Enden.
Unser tagliches Brot gib uns heute.
Und vergib uns unsere Schuld,
wie auch wir vergeben unsern Scguldigern.
Und fuhre uns night in Versuchung,
sonden erlose uns von dem Bosen.

[Dem dein ist das Reich und die Kraft und die Herrishkeit in Ewigkeit. Amen.] ~ German
[For Yours is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory forever. Amen]

I remember having to memorize high school Latin conjugations and declensions for two years, and other people would say that 'Latin is a DEAD language.' True -- but learning any language FORCES you to learn your own language all the more and all the grammar you missed and forgot in grade school. It enlarges your vocabulary and enriches our life and understanding of other people and countries. Do you think that we ought to learn Chinese? -- Because some folks say that they will control the currency pretty soon... LOL.

Well, I am still celebrating the new Senator- elect, Scott Brown, because it's the first good news I've heard all year! I just have to say again that it was worth a pile of gold to see all the sour pusses on the Dims' faces today!! Woo Woo!
Smart Americans should know that we cannot rest and be too complacent now after that victory-- because the Dims are planning another sneak attack, and we all have much work to do if we don't want to see America go bankrupt this year or next... but a small glass of Extra Dry/ Brut Champagne would be nice to help me sleep tonight... Ha!
Now if we could just clamp down harder on Planned Parenthood love to kill the unborn.... Pray. Does every one know and understand that the new Planned Parenthood just acquired a huge building in Houston, TX where they will convert it to build a SUPER ABORTION CLINIC ---right in the middle of a minority [Black and Brown] neighborhood ?!! The roots of American abortion are very racists-- if you check out the history, even as Glenn Beck teaches and proves. Now that the Dims can't own slaves they want to exterminate the Black babies. Sad. If those babies would grow up to be Christian and productive, America might be a better place. But that is just my opinion.

Tom Schuckman

Hi folks, I have a new post called Freedom of Speech, Sticks and Stones
for anyone who's interested. Have a great weekend- God Bless!

Chump 'Change'

Tom's Journal.

Another good day for me as I got a few important things done. I always felt that one definition of 'work' was: "getting something accomplished." Ten years ago I may have written down a "to-do" list of maybe 8 things, and most of the time got all of them done on any given day. Now days, I only get about 3-4 of them done, and then run out of steam. I have a friend who has an educated son-- a bum, who lives with her and will NOT even look for a job, and he has a Master's degree, or more. What a parasite, IMHO, and she is behind in her mortgage 3 months! Pity. I told her about "tough love."

I said that I would not post too much about politics for a while, but Sen. Scott Brown's win/ victory gave me a shot in the arm-- even if for no other reason than to see the look on Nancy Pelosi's face today... LOL! The article below makes things more 'poetic' than my own words, and I see the reason to be thankful for gentle mercies and blessings-- as you will too, I'm sure. Inadvertently, many innocent lives might be saved.

I saw Sharon again today and brought her daily fruit and mail, but she seemed so sleepy from her low blood sugar and blood pressure. As usual the staff won't give us any information about her case, but said she might come home in 3 days. I will do a probe of my own to get a doctor's opinion tomorrow. I seem to have a way of getting their attention and answers, but I don't think it's my 'charm' ... lol. As I sit here typing I now have 9 things 'to- -do' in the morning.
But if Sharon needs help in walking and is so weak and dizzy-- how will they let her come home? I will try to help her as best I can. We are not looking for a logical answer here, are we ??

Chump “Change”

Posted: 21 Jan 2010 03:00 PM PST

By Matt Barber. So much for that whole “hopey-changey” thing; cute while it lasted, but the American people – like Bernie Madoff investors – now realize they’ve been duped. “Change” for the mere sake of change is simply chump change.The seismic political shift that occurred in Massachusetts Tuesday night can’t be overstated. Obama’s Marxist, secular-humanist agenda – shared by Pelosi, Reid and the