Thursday, January 28, 2010

Iran is Not Sleeping.

Tom's Journal.

The way I see it, a good military intelligence report/ and personnel is worth more than hundreds of well trained soldiers. It has always been that way since Bible times and still is. General Joshua sent some slick soldiers to spy out the the cities and countries in the Promised land before he ran his military campaigns. Smart General! As I have posted many times-- I always enjoyed History [and the Bible IS pure, truthful History penned from divine inspiration from God Almighty]. What world power or country would wait around with their hands in their pockets when accurate news comes in that an enemy is massing it's troops at the border?

In Vietnam, the VC [Viet Cong- who usually wore black pajamas -- the enemy] would make a lot of coffins and ladders before their attack, and that was a SIGN of impending doom/ trouble. I remember that in my 2nd tour [1969-70] there was a mutually agreed 3 day Christmas 'cease fire' but we still flew helicopter recon and observed the VC used that time to build concrete bunkers. After the agreed holiday was over our gunships were unable to crack the bunkers with their rockets, and as I remember the Air Force had to come in and "lay an egg" -- use heavy bombs to destroy the enemy complex.

As obama gave his SOTU address last night, we laughed at all his BS [berry sap] baloney about using more "sanctions" against Iran. He still don't get it! KNOW YOUR ENEMY! Know his mind set and beliefs! They and other Islamic societies will always get 'under ground' shipments of commodities from Russia, China, etc, who have a 'vested interest,' money, products, trade and investments to undermine any so-called sanctions America might try to impose. Hey! Look at obama's track record in accomplishing things so far. What real promises has he kept and what good was his silver tongued, masterful talking / negotiating with the enemy? What experience did he bring to the table when he got elected? NONE! In my opinion, the "other candidate" was dirty and corrupt too, but I voted for John M, because he was the lessor of the two evils, and he supported Pro-Life, and the 1st and 2nd Amendments, etc. Oh well... we think and believe that God "permits" things to happen so as to bring about Bible Prophecy in the end run -- His Eternal Purpose.

And I tell you all that no matter who is in control/ in office when the stink hits the fan-- like a regional or global Cash/ Credit melt down, the result will still be the same-- total chaos and suffering... Christians included. My Mantra is the same: Pay off/ pay down your 'plastic' debt, live frugal, watch WHERE you invest your money, stock up on some commodities, and put all your trust in the Lord, Jesus Christ/ read/ study the Bible.

I am so glad that my wife is home so I can spoil her and treat her special. I enjoy her company and she is my constant friend. She has been on a kick now for the past few weeks reading and studying a book I gave her, "101 Last Days Prophecies." And she is writing a lot in her note book- study type of deal. There still ain't much on that stupid TV-Cable. I bought a wide flat HD screen TV 2 Summer
s ago, but there is so much repetition night after night, that it seems like a waste of time.

The air temp now is 4 degrees above zero in S.E. WI tonight. In case my 3 grown kids are reading this post, I love them all dearly, and will post a recent picture of my 2 beautiful grand kids soon.
Good Night.


President Obama Barely Mentions Iran, Though Experts Now Indicate Iran Could Have First Nuclear Bomb in 2010

Posted: 28 Jan 2010 11:48 AM PST

By Joel Rosenberg. During the State of the Union address last night, President Obama said the following:“At April’s Nuclear Security Summit, we will bring 44 nations together here in Washington, D.C. behind a clear goal: securing all vulnerable nuclear materials around the world in four years, so that they never fall into the hands of terrorists. (Applause.)Now, these diplomatic efforts have also