Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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Tom's Journal.

<<< style="font-weight: bold;">I got a letter from the VVA --Vietnam Veterans of America, asking for some help for Veterans with Agent Orange and their offspring/ children who have birth defects/ health problems related to their fathers service in Vietnam some 40 years ago. It's heart wrenching to hear about the Congress and VA who won't help the disabled children of combat Veterans! The way that the Dims led Congress hands of millions of bucks to BS items and pork barrel projects but ALWAYS dumps on the Veterans! And now with this new Sodomite ruling that will add more stress to being a good soldier/ sailor. They SHOULD have left the "don't ask -- don't tell" thing in place, but obama had to throw a bone to the Gays in America -- the 2% who have a big mouth..... than the other Americans who are too timid to stand up for a Christian country, "God shed His Grace on thee ???"

Some Bible scholars have said that God has dealt with ancient enemies of His people-- Israel, by bringing down their pagan of Eygpt and 'humiliating' them. the god of the water, rivers, etc.
One of the chief gods of America is the god of MONEY and MATERIALISM, and we can see that god is reaching critical mass with the soon coming 'cash, currency, credit' bubble that is about to burst. Wow! I don't know of too many people who are completely prepared, safe and confident that they will survive the man made hard times that will blow up in our faces-- thanks to obama and the Dims, for the most part... LOL. Personally, I am trying hard to 'pay off/ pay down' all my plastic credit cards by making triple payments, etc. But I still have some anxiety and don't expect to be smelling like a rose when the balloon pops and the dollar become almost worthless, or 17 cents on the dollar.

Friends, praying is good, but we all have to take positive ACTION, NOW! I think that banding together in a Bible teaching church offers some protection [with numbers] and close associations with brothers and sisters of like Christian Faith. I have a few survival books and believe in the 'barter system.' A bushel and a peck of carrots, onions and potatoes, for something I need-- that you are willing to part with.
I have so many great, info books that I need to build another book shelf for our humble hovel that we keep clean and well painted. My good son, Andy, helped us paint the house about 3 years ago-- a beautiful light blue, like a Robin's egg. THANK YOU, ANDREW T. SCHUCKMAN, who lives and works in Milwaukee, WI ! He's a tall, handsome, hard working man with many job skills and some college behind him. I will post a picture of him with this post.

Below is some important info that might help Veterans:

Warm Regards,

PS: "MaryLee" sent a snipping post on my 'Parousia' post, about Christ coming presence on earth..... but didn't have the courage to give her real name, email, or web site, so I didn't publish it either. Why are there so many cowards who love to snipe from the bushes ?? ...Ha! If she would have guts enough to give her real name and a means to contact her with a comment-- I would have posted her comment even if I didn't agree with it. Cowardly dog....

Veterans Law Library
A good site to bookmark and visit often as it is being built.
And if we can learn inner peace then we can conquer all things..snakecharmer

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