Friday, February 26, 2010

The Emerging Police State.

Tom's Journal.

I have heard pros and cons on Chuck Baldwin, and this post does NOT support or champion him or his views --- at this point in time. But this info is sure exciting and explosive, in my opinion! I intend to check Chuck Baldwin out some more to make sure he is in agreement with my 'inner core' belief system -- pure, biblical Christianity. However, these mentioned political happenings and 'executive orders' signed by obama are kind of scary and some what hidden by the "News Media," are they not? I smell a rat.... Beware. Keep your eyes wide open.


Winter in 1947- Milwaukee.

Tom's Journal.

My Mom gave me a bunch of old news clippings and old pictures the other day, and this picture shows how everyone banded together to get things done in the 'good old days' in Old Milwaukee, 1947, shortly before my parents got married. My Dad was a WW-2 Navy man, stationed at Great Lakes Naval Base, in IL. Neighbors would help one another with out any thought of getting paid or rewarded, and times were civil, with dignity, honor and kindness.

I DON'T want to re-live the past, 'good old days' but I feel hurt that America has slipped so far away into the "me first" selfish, greedy, immoral, corrupt nation that we now have-- some what due to poor political administrative and congressional policy making, etc, IMHO.

Many Americans are still duped into thinking that some how MAN can dig our way out of our present situation... and I was one of them until a few years ago when the blinding scales fell off my eyes. Haughty, proud, rebellious MANKIND just won't give up and acknowledge the fact that it's God's 'ball game' and only He can clean things up to see the light and make things straight. This is not so much Bible teaching/ preaching -- but rather plain old TRUTH and REALITY! It may seem TOO SIMPLE for all the 'smart' elite leaders and hood winked people who have been brain washed by corrupt, godless, New Age, heathen, propaganda and godless modern day education.

And what a 'quantum leap' we Christians have experienced in just this last year! Wow! Christian InterNet, radio, books, Bloggers and Christian authors/ friends have helped me 'see' the larger, BIG Picture that is unraveling right in front of our very eyes! It's kind of like an equation in chemistry class, where one thing has to happen before another thing can take place with a catalyst, etc. And God reveals these things/ events to His servants/ followers on earth while all the rest of humanity just continues with their sinking ship rat race. Truly unbelievable... but exciting, like going to a 3-D action movie at the theater such as Avatar.

We got our new shipment of different KJV Bibles and the HUGE- Noah Webster 1928 Dictionary yesterday via post. I told Sharon, 'if I only had these resources 30 years ago, they could have changed my life and spared me a lot of hurt and wrong moves, such as falling into a false religious cult in 1972 when I got home from Vietnam and wasting 22 years of my life !!' But I also learned that God needed to humble me and shape me by stripping me of my deadly, God dishonoring, spiritually dangerous Pride. Did you all know that you can be the smartest, most gifted, man or woman alive, but if you have too much dangerous PRIDE [being so full of yourself], the Lord might "put you on the shelf" [according to Charles F. Stanley] until you get your mind straight, so that He can finally 'use you' for His own godly purpose?? God will use different, strong measures to shock you out of your wrong headed evil, selfish, prideful ways. He could use finance, job loss, failure, failed relationships, spiritual circumstances to make you REALIZE that you NEED TO OBEY AND FOLLOW HIM! I figure that the Lord had to use a big hammer and chisel on me before He finally blessed me and used me for His holy purpose. Now I am unafraid of death and welcome the Rapture and Heaven... where as I didn't want to die until I got right with God-- and was very afraid of going to Hell. I understood what extreme human suffering, deprivation, loneliness, being spiritually bankrupt, in spiritual darkness, emotional distress and depression, PTSD, was all about.

Maybe God let me go through all of that so that I could someday reach out to other people and offer them the correct insight and HELP for their similar problems-- through my own personal experiences! Indeed, if I can help a few people come to know the good and gracious Lord Jesus Christ, all the suffering will have been worth it!

If you have some personal, deep, hurtful challenges/ problems, you may always email me, privately, to share your concerns and troubles with me via email:
I am just a simple, but well educated man, in the Bible, Christian soldier, who wants to help other find the spiritual Paradise that all real Christians have in knowing and following Jesus, and gaining true Wisdom from the Holy Spirit in serious Bible study, prayer and visiting with other believers.

Have a good day, dear friends. Again, thank you all for your encouragement and prayers for my wife, Sharon. I worry about her a lot, because she is my constant companion and soul mate... and she is a great cook.

Warm Regards,
"Iron sharpens Iron" ~ Proverbs 27:17