Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Non-Believer's Favorite Bible Verse.

Tom's Journal.

Ain't it the Truth?! [sic]. English Grammar-- 'when you put the letters, "sic" after a sentence or phrase, it means that you WANTED to construct it that way --on purpose, even though it might be thought of as being poor/ grammatically incorrect.' Ha!

But... ain't it the truth that many people SHOW their extreme ignorance by making an absurd comment that is grossly without merit or truth? For instance, when you ask a person if they like a certain veggie or fruit, and they reply, "NO", but then find out that they NEVER EVER TRIED/ ATE THE FOOD, what does that say about them....LOL? When inner city kids tell you that milk comes from a carton or a plastic gallon container, what do you think? Or, 'figures don't lie --- but liars can figure.' They know all about a certain subject [incorrectly] but never took time to even read a book about it, much less study it in school or take a course. Especially, people are so full of themselves and pretend to know the entire Bible, but NEVER MADE THE EFFORT TO READ IT, OR STUDY IT!!

You know what, friends, either they are too darn lazy, too stupid, too proud, or just plain IGNORANT!
We are ALL ignorant to SOME extent, and all that means is, we just don't know or have had the time to read/ study about some subject.... and that's not a crime or fault. But why lie, or make up some BS story to hide our ignorance?? Why not just tell the simple truth of the matter?? Personally, I would rather have a person just have the honesty and humility to tell me the truth-- the first time around, wouldn't you?

My dear old Mom, whom I love very much, is one of those people who has never read the Bible, and she is legally blind and has a very good excuse, but she makes these insane blanket statements
, like: 'The Bible is all a bunch of fairy tales or dreams....' Other people foolishly say that they don't believe in anything that they cannot see. Well, can you see the wind, electricity, sound, etc. ? I tell you all-- that for me, it's hard to deal with people who take such a foolish stand, and the Bible has a lot to say about such people, foolishness and stupidity. The book of Proverbs is full of great analogies and comparisons. When I was working with Financial Investments for PFS, they told us that: "You have the right to remain stupid." -- referring to some of our goofy clients... and to just walk away from them. They would not admit to the 'sun coming up in the East the next morning...' {LOL}. It's best to not even deal in business with such people because they can't be trusted to keep their end of the deal/ contract. And I had to study a lot of Law [Blue Sky Laws] pertinent to finance, insurance and investments, and how to deal with certain/ different circumstances, and pass a Federally mandated exam that 57% of most people usually flunk it the FIRST time. I passed the 2nd time.... Ha! It cost me $75 just to take the exam.

I love it when I find an article that explains something better than I could and agrees with my 'Biblical Worldview.' There are actually millions of people on Earth just like me with this same mindset, and love for God's own Word, the Bible. And just go figure, just go think, that "IF" [more precisely WHEN...] these fine Christians are Raptured up to Heaven by Jesus' command in the near future, what a scary, drastic, cursed World this will be for those who are 'Left Behind ?' And just think what the world would be like after the Holy Spirit withdraws from Earth..... And you all think that things are bad now?? Ha! I am NOT strutting like a peacock either because I know that many 'institutions' may go bust, like Social Security, my Chrysler pension,the VA, etc., so I don't think anyone will be really safe from all the fall out and hell that will probably come this next 365 days. Lord Protect Me. And remember: It's ALL IN THE "BOOK"!
I bet that there will be a lot LESS ignorant people on Earth at that time [In the Trib.] ... but then it will be too late.
My prayer: 'Dear Father, Please correct me in Your Kindness -- and Not in Your Anger...'
Who will leave a serious comment about what THEY are doing to prepare right now?? Don't be afraid.

I saw Sharon again today after church and brought her some Braeburn apples [good for eating, and just a little tart], and then one of her doctors dropped in her room shortly after she got her lunch and scolded Sharon for ordering French fries and fried chicken tenders, telling her that she HAS TO BE MORE RESPONSIBLE in choosing her food if she wants to combat her heart problems! I just sat there with my mouth shut because I knew the doctor was right-- and I am sure that the doctor will 'talk to the kitchen staff' to correct that 'problem'.. lol. The lady doctor seemed to be Arab, and I got along well with her, or course. When Sharon cries that there is nothing to eat at home-- what she really means is that she ran out of Popsicles, ice cream, Pepsi, junk foods, etc. We both need to stick to our diets better. Truth be told, I have spoiled my wife. Shame on me.... but I like to treat my lady special. But Sharon is the same age as I am-- and needs to be responsible for what she puts in her own mouth.... especially after her open heart surgery of having an aortic valve replacement last March! She hopes to get more answers tomorrow, and the UltraSound of her kidneys and Gall Bladder, as she suspected some small holes in her Gall Bladder, perhaps from Sarcoidosis, a flesh eating disease that attacks soft tissue and organs of the body. When it rains-- it pours. My youngest sister, Denise, died of the same disease at age 35, and left a husband and 6 boys behind, and that was tragic for our family... things were never the same after that. One of her sons is over in Afghanistan right now with the U.S. Army, I believe.

I found a lot of humor in the following short article.


The Non-Believer's Favorite Bible Verse

Posted: 06 Mar 2010 03:56 PM PST

By Greg Laurie. Harvest Ministries. There was a time when the most well-known Bible passages among all people was either John 3:16 or Psalm 23.Now, the non-believer's favorite verse is Matthew 7:1. Now, they may not know that reference is in the gospel of Matthew; they just happen to like what it says – or, at least, what they think it says. "Judge not, lest you be judged."This is usually said about