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Hello Folks,
I wanted to share something I just found that let's me keep track of the total, complete, Christian News and Persecution all over the world to get the "World View," balanced effect. As you all know, America's 'news media' is so prejudice and Liberal that we miss the most important, REAL news and just get repetitive 'fluff'... like Tiger Woods personal life and movie stars gripes and escapades. BTW, WAIT until we finally get a copy of the 'obama-care' / Pelosi - goof "Health bill'... lol. My last post was a real winner, as far as I am concerned--striking at the very heart of the matter. I may print it to share with other folks that I meet on the street, etc., to prove my point / 'soul winning' ministry, of sorts.

Another important thing I need to share with all the older men ---my VA supplied [new] so-called prostate medicine called: Tamsulosin HCL 0.4 MG Capsules, that my female VA doc gave me [even though I successfully passed all their various tests--OK] gave me a severe lower, right side back ache and 'plugged me up,' that I had to throw away today. I double tested them and decided that they didn't work for me, but instead had adverse side effects, big time! I just wanted to warm other guys of the POSSIBLE side effects.

I woke up too late to call the VA dental Dept about my sore, throbbing, pounding tooth that my civilian dentist "fixed" for $308... lol, and intend to pull it myself today, maybe. I NEVER get any head aches, but dental pain drives me up a wall. I DO NOT suggest that others follow my example... BUT my father used to tell me about life on their Kansas beef and grain farm, near Hays, KS, where they had to do most 'doctoring' and dental themselves, not having a lot of money to run to the docs when ever they got a cut or scrape, and they all lived to be big, strong, healthy guys and gals. I know how to sterilize my tools, and have done this before. You know, my wealth of learning, studies and experience, much of it from the Army, taught me that a Veteran can pretty much do ANYTHING he/ she sets their minds to! I am a total believer in book learning/ school, and also being self taught with books and computer, and old, smart geezer, etc. I LOVED college too, but I was into the trades and skills- Tech Colleges, where I HAD to learn a fast skilled trade to feed my family- wife and 3 kids. All of my dear, close friends tell me that I sure 'paid my dues' but I must give God all the credit and praise, of course.
With out the God of the Bible we are but dust in the wind.


Updated 3/24/2010 10:07 PM GMT
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Islamic Assailants Kill Hundreds of Christians Near Jos
A survivor among the many children slain in Sunday's attacks on Christians in villages near <span class=Jos." style="border-width: 0px;">
A survivor among the many children slain in Sunday's attacks on Christians in villages near Jos.
Fulani herdsmen strike Christian villages, slaying mainly ethnic Berom with machetes.
An uneasy calm prevailed in Plateau state, Nigeria today following the killing of hundreds of Christians early yesterday morning in three farming villages near Jos by ethnic Fulani Muslims.

The mostly ethnic Berom victims included many women and children killed with machetes by rampaging Fulani herdsmen. About 75 houses were also burned.

State Information Commissioner Gregory Yenlong confirmed that about 500 persons were killed in the attacks, which took place mainly in Dogo Nahawa, Zot and Rastat villages.

“We were woken up by gunshots in the middle of the night, and before we knew what was happening, our houses were torched and they started hacking down people” survivor Musa Gyang told media.

The assailants reportedly came on foot from a neighboring state to beat security forces that had been alerted of a possible attack on the villages but did not act beforehand.

The attack on Sunday is the latest in several religious clashes in the state in recent months that have claimed lives and property. Plateau state is a predominantly Christian state in a country almost evenly divided between Christians and Muslims. The Muslim minority has been contesting ownership of some parts of the state, leading to frequent clashes.

Bishop Andersen Bok, national coordinator of the Plateau State Elders Christian Fellowship, along with group Secretary General Musa Pam, described the attack as yet another “jihad and provocation on Christians.”

“Dogo Nahawa is a Christian community,” the Christian leaders said in a statement. “Eyewitnesses say the Hausa Fulani Muslim militants were chanting ‘Allah Akbar,’ broke into houses, cutting human beings, including children and women with their knives and cutlasses.”

Soon after the militants besieged Dogo Nahawa, the Christian leaders said, at 1:30 a.m. they contacted the military, which is in charge of security in the state.

“But we were shocked to find out that the soldiers did not react until about 3:30 a.m., after the Muslim attackers had finished their job and left,” they stated. “We are tired of these genocides on our Christian brothers and state here that we will not let this go unchallenged.”

Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) President Ayo Oritsejafor decried the attack on the Christian community as barbaric and urged the federal government to stop the killing of innocent citizens or risk a total breakdown of law and order.

“I have just returned from a trip abroad,” he said. “While I was away, I was inundated with reports of another catastrophe in the Jigawa state capital, where several churches were burnt, and just as I was trying to settle down and collate reports from the field, I am hearing of another on Sunday morning.”

Director of Social Communications, Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Rev. Monsignor Gabriel Osu said the Sunday killing in Jos is a major setback for the country’s effort to gain the confidence of the international community.

“Do you know that because of things like these, anywhere Nigerians travel to they are subjected to dehumanizing scrutiny?” he said. “Any act of violence at this time is totally condemned, and the government should make haste to fish out all identified perpetrators of such heinous crimes against God so that we can move forward as a people united under one umbrella.”

On Friday (March 5) the National Youth President of the PFN, Dr. Abel Damina, expressed concern over cases of clandestine killings of Christians in remote parts of Plateau state by Islamic extremists and called on the federal government to retrieve sophisticated weapons in their possession.

“Even as I speak to you now, I am receiving reports that some clandestine killings are still going on in the remote areas of Plateau State by the fundamentalists,” Damina reportedly said. “They pounce on Christians and kill them without anybody knowing much of their identity except that they are Christians.”

He added that recently he visited the governor in Jos regarding the crisis and secured photos of Christian victims.
“Young men, Christians, were going to their farm to harvest their produce and the fundamentalists pounced on them,” he said. “They were called infidels. At the last conference, we received reports with photographs of the fundamentalists using AK-47 rifles to destroy our churches. Where did they get the arms from? We have reports of truck loads of arms that had been intercepted, and we did not hear anything about them.”


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