Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lies of the Entitlement State

Tom's Journal.

I was blind sighted by this one. I didn't stop to calculate or think that all the folks who WERE working were paying taxes on SS, and not there is a deficit. This could and will hurting people like ME, and I will be living more poor than I wanted too, when I am too disabled to work anymore. Well... how wonderful! Sharon's visiting nurses who come over to our house to give her PT and proper hygiene and baths, etc., has expired too as of today. But they did help and teach her new things on how to take better care of herself.

I wonder how all the seniors feel now after putting their faith in obama and the ARPP that leaned toward the Liberals like Harry Belafonte, etc. Yet, we Christians believe that God has His hand on things, and His Battle Plan is already set in motion. Just as a small boy or girl asks their Daddy why he don't do this or that-- his mature wisdom trumps theirs, and Father knows best.

If I have not posted it yet, our new Sears Kenmore Elite refrigerator was installed this morning, right on time, by two Mexicans from Milwaukee, who were kind, smart and professional, if hard to understand [their English]. Lucky for me that I know a few Spanish words... lol. But Roberto and Ho Chi Minh did a great job of sneaking in that huge Goliath through the back 2 doors.
But that was another stressor burning my stomach and adding to my worries. Now maybe my wife and I can relax for a few days.

Tom Schuckman

April 01, 2010

Lies of the Entitlement State

Will Grigg / Liberty Minute:
Days after Congress enacted the largest and most expensive socialist entitlement program in history, the New York Times reported that Social Security, the foundational entitlement program, is no longer financially viable. Stephen Goss, chief actuary for Social Security, says the program will be paying out more than it takes in this year. This tipping point wasn’t expected for another six years . However, owing to the job losses caused by the catastrophic economic contraction, Social Security tax confiscations are down sharply.

Posted by Editor at April 1, 2010 03:37 AM