Friday, April 9, 2010


Tom's Journal.

To view and visit the DEFINED KJV Bible, see this web site:

I realize that this post and article is very challenging for most people, and I had to read it slowly too to get the real meat from it so that I could talk about it intelligently. I used to hate 'higher math' in school too, but I sure needed it down the line. I agree with the author, Tony Garland, and consider myself to have the same 'title', color and stripe as he does-- and most of my friends have this mind set too.

Understanding the basics of this subject will PROTECT us when confronted by other false doctrines and corrupt teachers who might lure us into some goofy cult. Ever since exiting [escaping] from the JW-Cult--WatchTower people about 12 years ago, I have been very careful NEVER to fall for a creepy cult that claims they alone have a "direct pipeline from God..." and everyone else on earth will be lost. This is yet another important reason to study and READ the BOOK!

BTW, we just got that special, DEFINED KJV Bible [web site:] in the mail today, and it is everything I hoped for!! I takes all the archaic, 1611 Old English uncommon words/ terms and defines them on the bottom of each page, so there is NO misunderstanding the true, original meaning of the King James Bible, the most accurate bible we have, IMHO. Wow! I was amazed at how many old terms had a totally different meaning-- from the same modern day English terms. It's kind of like a young child in the 1st grade not being able to read and understand the News Papers for lack of a 5th grade vocabulary or better.

And to have another fav. bible [like my favorite NASB, or other so-called 'modern versions'] next to the KJV--- we can really understand and prove how truncated, ripped off, in -complete, 'critical parts missing' they are. I posted a few months ago how some radical, lesbian, pro-homosexual woman managed to get on the board of modern bible committee, and perverted the "modern bibles." They SAID that they wanted to make it easier for people to read-- in 'modern day English....' LOL. I have personally seen the most important parts of scriptures LEFT OUT and cut off! Talk about an agenda to corrupt our sacred Holy Scriptures....Ha! Satan and his henchmen are very busy in these last days.

I believe the elders at church want to hear Sharon's testimony of how she found the Lord, and her witnessing at the hospitals, this Sunday. This is well and good.

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Tom Schuckman

Moderate and Progressive Dispensationalism

Posted: 09 Apr 2010 01:33 PM PDT

By Tony Garland. Spirit and Q. Some have described themselves as 'moderate' dispensationalists rather than 'progressive' dispensationalist. What is the difference?A. The terms "moderate dispensationalist" and "progressive dispensationalist" describe a range of positions in relation to one's views on dispensationalism.These two positions can be envisioned as lying somewhere between