Saturday, April 17, 2010

Enjoy the Peace of Today.

Tom's Journal.

Yes! Enjoy the 'Peace of Today' because the truths are self evident that war is in the air and on the planing table/ war room in Israel. Honestly, real Christians should NOT be over anxious, afraid or nervous of what is about to take shape... even though the finger is on the trigger in the Middle East--enemies of God's chosen people don't quite realize that God still protects and uses Israel to work His execution, as fore told -- see short article below.

An old African proverb: When two bull elephants fight-- the grass gets trampled. Remember that we in America have some 'skin in this game' too and we stand to get hurt ultimately in the end. But I am not too worried because the God of the Bible promises to take care of His servants and believers to a larger extent, even as we become more Socialist every day that goes by -- but this country WILL suffer because the Gov't has abandoned Israel ! And perhaps those people sitting on the fence will finally see the light and cross over into God's team and salvation. I am quite sure that God has all this figured out... [chuckle - chuckle]. Just like my wrestling coach at Waterford high school, in Wisconsin, Mr. Joe Kaster, said, 'Who would walk away from a good fight and miss the chance to see who wins??' But in Israel's case-- we already know who will win!

We ought to ENJOY the relative peace that we have right now, even as we continue to do the Lord's work--sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ--every day with all we can. Things will most likely escalate and the economy will grow worse, of course. Maybe I am goofy, but I sense that some stores are already running short of certain things, and I have to hunt for them. We pray for the relative peace to live, work and share the Gospel, but inside we KNOW that this cannot last much longer, and the country of Greece is just the tip of the ice berg. And how about that volcano in Iceland messing up the air flights of so many nations? The 'experts' say it's the worst in history...Ha! Something tells me that this is really nothing compared to what is to come.

Do you still think that mankind, Governments, political parties, and 'science' can control our destiny on earth? And the heathen, agnostics and atheists say that CHRISTIANS have "Blind Faith !" I am kind of betting that WE will see this next Mid-East war, although some actually think that the Rapture might come before... I am just guessing. And just because we Christians know that the Rapture will come--doesn't mean that we can max out all our plastic- charge cards $$$. That would have the appearance of theft, IMHO. But on the other hand, I would not work 4 jobs to pay everything off in 30 days either. Balance is the key.

Sharon is sick and weak again, so she will stay home tomorrow, and that's OK. I don't want to tax her strength and run her into the ground. One day at a time.
My grass needs to be cut too, and the garden needs to be tilled and planted.
Take care, friends.
See this fine web site: --DEFINED KJV Bible... a great tool.


The Syrian Missile Crisis: Threat of War Very Real

Posted: 17 Apr 2010 10:09 AM PDT

By Sean Osborne Eschatology Today. The threat of a regional war involving Syria, Lebanon, Hezbollah and Israel is more ominous today that it has been at any time since the end of the brief summer war of 2006. The hair-trigger this time involves the reported Syrian delivery of WMD-capable SS-1C "Scud-B" ballistic missiles or, according to anonymous Israeli sources the SS-1E "Scud D," to the Shi'a