Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Watch the entire Video.

Tom's Journal.

I have good and bad news today... and here is the good news: The very fine, eye opener Video just below, really knocked my socks off, and I agree with it 100%. Did you ever have that sneaky feeling about something or someone that you didn't like-- but couldn't put your finger on it exactly? I learned so many great cliches and humorous jingles while studying Investments and Finance with PFS Investments in the early -90's, like: "It's the Banks and Insurance Companies that you always hated-- but didn't know why!" Somethings are so RIGHT IN OUR FACE AND STINKY-- but we are so misled, misinformed and lied to, that we JUST DON'T GET IT !! Politics and 'Religion' fall into this category, but you've got to do some reading and research to actually figure it all out.... sorry folks. Hey, did you think that everything is easy in life? Shake your head, "NO !" You all have read my blog posts to know me by now-- and it would make sense to 'figure out the TRUTH about the Bible so you can separate the manure from the pearls of God's Kingdom and Heaven, right? "Eternity" -- remember our goal?

At least Glenn Beck is getting most of this right -- although there is a limit to what his producers will "let him say on TV..." Today I am presenting YOU with something that ties everything together, and you will find out that we have all been played for fools by BOTH political parties. Sorry, you must have at least had your suspicions about this nasty truth, and now you will have the PROOF. But it also links in the so-called 'Christians' -- or at least CHINO's, plastic, pseudo-christians, who are also betraying millions of people.
Sorry to burst YOUR bubble, but I got suckered in too until lately, about one year ago, concerning the politics of our nation-- and the world. And I know that I must have shocked you with some of my 'revelations' / posts, as some may have thought that I COULD NOT have been a disabled Vietnam Veteran who loved his country by telling the truth about RINO's and fake 'conservatives' / traitors, etc. The bottom line is that we [actually the whole world] have been betrayed by the 'man behind the curtain-- in OZ"... the evil Progressives that had this planned all the time in the back rooms! Many of you will thank me -- after you've got this all figured out and digested.

As for real biblical Christian who know their Bible well-- we were on the right track and SAVED anyway, but it's good to have this special knowledge now too.

The bad news is: that I had to take Sharon back to the Kenosha, WI Hospital ER at 10AM this morning -- AGAIN, for more fluid build up in her right lung, etc. CHAMPVA helped to screw her up by fumbling her medication and mountains of paper work [and when she called their pharmacy to complain -- they hung up on her!] -- so she ran out and and had major problems. Remember that she is 'blessed' to get that special CHAMPVA because I am a disabled combat Veteran, and it's supported by "TRI-CARE" --same group as the VA ... in other words, the Federal Gov't. Can't you just wait for 'obama-care'... the GOVERNMENT running and dictating YOUR health care and medications, etc??? Ha! And you will be enlightened about health care TOO from this Video --that I ask you to watch and hear. "You ain't seen NOTHIN' yet!" [sic].

Black Regiment Please, please, please watch this video. If you want to understand what
is happening in the temporal institutions of this world as well in the
spiritual realm, and the Church, as well as how it is being implemented,
please watch this video in its entirety.