Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sharon still in the hospital.

Tom's Journal

I kind of wish that more people agreed with me concerning the real truth about both political parties being corrupt and greedy in the USA, and the fact that the entire world is in an economic 'melt-down' mode right now. I tried to tell my own son that fact tonight, but he is an unbeliever and too young to make the right choice... what a shame and pity! I told him that this hell bent world economy WILL NOT BE GETTING BETTER in the future. Maybe a small, short Springtime seasonal spurt-- but thing will get progressively worse and fail, says the BIBLE. Does ANYONE want to bet $$$ ?? I am not some 'conspiracy theory' nut job, but most educated History and Bible students and professionals KNOW that this is going on, and pretty soon the Gov't and "News Media" won't be able to conceal it any longer-- and by that time, most people will drown in debt and struggle to stay afloat! But biblical Christians need NOT fear the future-- because we have the Rapture and Salvation!

You have to understand that people like obama and other corrupt leaders and privileged elites have some kind of plan for their OWN survival. No one could be this suicidal and stupid enough to destroy their OWN nest/ country/ world, without some sort of escape, back door, built into the system. Just like there can never be a "pure Socialism" --as every greedy dog at the top will have more power and wealth, while the majority of the underlings slave and beg for table scraps.

But what they don't understand is the "GOD FACTOR." God laughs at humans' puny plans of power, wealth, and boasting, and His own time table is set in all biblical Christians well know. The wicked, godless, unbelieving bums think that they are hiding from God, but in reality, they stick out like a fire in the night-- and God sees all. Others also claim that they don't attend a Christian church near them because someone hurt their feelings or there are so many hypocrites in churches. Unless there is a REAL bad problem in that church because they are not teaching/ preaching the pure truth of the Bible-- people ought to settle their differences and grow/ mature spiritually by the Grace of God, and the Holy Spirit, IMHO. How can they claim to love God when they hate their neighbor/ fellow Christian brother or sister??

When the Lord started his first congregation-- He didn't have any perfect people to work with, so He did the next best thing... He chose IM-perfect people! ...Ha! Hey... I have had a few problems and disagreements over the years
, but they are resolved now and all is well-- and I am happy/ content. I have to admit that I was young and immature years ago too... but God wanted me as His servant and believer, and it's the finest, BEST thing that ever happened to me. I cringe when people say that some human, machine, house, car, or pet is their "most precious thing in the world..." God should always come first. He alone has the power to grant life eternal in one of 2 places-- and YOU [we] are here for eternity weather you believe it, like it -- or not! Are you going to 'get into the Ark' of Salvation, or be a stupid rebel [Satan's name = Resister/ Rebel] like the vast majority of humankind?? It doesn't matter if you are rich/ poor, sick/ healthy, skinny or fat, all races get the same extension/ chance of Salvation in the Lord's eyes. How long with YOU [we] limp around making some dog dung excuses for NOT taking/ making the right move NOW??

, I need to see Sharon in the morning and bring her a a few things as she will stay in the hospital ... again, for a few more days. But half the time, I don't really think the 'doctors' know what they will do from day to day... lol. Got to fill my gas tank again and shop a little, and then meet a buddy from church who might till my Victory garden, if the weather is good.

I am happy and thankful for the new people who just joined my blog/ became followers. The more--the merrier, and I just like to email and visit with people, as it seems like I live 'single' half the time, with poor Sharon sick all the time.

Warm Regards,