Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Battle of Ezekiel.

Tom's Journal.
Obama's Eligibility: Here's Your Sign!
By Timothy Baldwin

This article is exactly what I have been referring to in a few past issues of my blog! Don't worry-- it's not that difficult to understand... lol. This is what I was 'betting' on [plus other articles-- and the Bible, of course] as far as real biblical Christians 'knowing' that God will protect Israel-- even though the illegally elected, arrogant, bum in the WH has cut off support and shunned/ mistreated God's chosen people lately, shamelessly, the Israelites. Obama's crude remarks and behavior to our traditional allies-- Israel, will also bring God's DISFAVOR upon America, as there is a curse attached to nations/ people who try to hurt Israel. Only God can hurt or permit hurt to Israel when she disobeys God's commands/ instructions!! We are already seeing some of God's displeasure/ curses on our "god of money" being assaulted and shamed. After all, we are a very spoiled, materialistic country -- just like ancient Rome was before her crash and burn scene. Yes, history always repeats itself-- but few politicians and most Americans who voted the Prez into office-- realize this point.

Being a history buff and serious student of the Bible-- things come alive in panoramic color for me, when I see these prophecies being fulfilled right in front of my eyes! And you better believe these combined happenings have a direct bearing on how I conduct my current affairs at home. From purchases to investments to daily living, and my whole thought process, etc.
Like I always say, 'If you only knew that your ship was sinking-- you might have chosen to fly that day.' As I told my dear son, Andy, the USA might see a small spurt of progress in the Springtime-- but Christians KNOW that the economy will get MUCH worse this next year-- just for starters!! Personally, I would really study the Stock Market before I leaped into a high risk investment scheme, or most ANY stocks and bonds adventure. But this is only my personal opinion-- and I used to be Security Licensed. I invest in 'other ways' that I feel will be fruitful... including investing in Heaven! Doctors and Attorneys have asked for my investments advice-- when I was still licensed. I explain my thinking to a few very close friends-- just my opinions and strategy.

Right now, I have seen fit to invest in the 'new' DEFINED KJV bibles, that I consider a very fine tool to help people understand the Bible better, and perhaps I have 'over-extended' myself, as all my main heavy Springtime bills hit me in May. Hey! I am NOT the Gov't where they can just PRINT more money if they overspend our taxes...Ha! MY check book has to be balanced every day!
Remember: "Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to do it." That comes from the book: Murphy's Law.

Sharon made it to church today and we had a good time. The friends at church are precious to us and we feel comfortable there. I like to give candy out of my suit pocket to the friends there and watch them smile.

When many Christians and unbelievers finally find out that they have wasted precious time, effort, and treasure trying to use politics to "fix" our country's problems--- they will feel like fools because they could have been more busy doing the Lord's work, and getting s closer to Him in these 'Last Days.' And IF the article is correct-- even as it is provable and Bible based, right now we DON'T HAVE A LOT OF TIME ON OUR SIDE! I will NEVER reprove or shame my friends and readers-- because I just figured all this out about a year or two ago. I feel that the Bible scriptures listed below backs up my personal opinions and that is why I feel so strong about my convictions-- and so I press forward in my ministry and mission.
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The Battle of Ezekiel 38-39 … Part 1


In this update of our study on the coming battle of Ezekiel 38-39 we'll review the 2600 year old prophecy in light of recent world events.