Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pray for those still in darkness.

Tom's Journal.

Good Morning Folks.

I want to take a shot from a different angle today, because I fear that I am not getting through to my 'target readers and friends.'
There is still many good, believing, sincere friends and people out there who don't completely understand what is going on with the USA, Gov't and World, yet!
I won't point fingers because I was exactly in your same shoes until 2 years ago, still doing the human political fight and supporting other leaders whom I thought might bring the right kind of Constitutional 'CHANGE' to our country [NOT obama] and the world. I am sorry that I might disappoint my friends and scatter them... but we MUST understand that Ephesians [and many other places in the bible] firmly sets the record straight: Ephesians 6: 11- 17, and this is important: "Put on the whole armour of of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. [12] For we wrestle not against the flesh [humans, political parties, Gov't] and blood, but against principalities, against power, against the rulers of the darkness [the Devil and his agents] of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. [13] Wherefore, take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand." ~KJV. And then the apostle Paul-- guided by the Holy Spirit talks about the different pieces of armour, shield and sword, etc., "the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT, which is the WORLD OF GOD" [the Bible]. THAT is OUR sword! This means that our MAIN emphasis should be on the sword- the Bible, -- NOT humans, who no matter what, are imperfect and corruptible. God will NOT use humans any more to cleanse the earth or bring it back to a paradise state! Humans will NOT solve all the violence, terrorism, wickedness, hunger, and corruption! As a matter of fact, humans are rejecting God in the USA and kicking Him out of most everything, and many so-called "Christian churches" are watering down the Gospel and sucking up to the human powers that be in the WH, and Congress !! Pretty soon, the Gov't will outlaw preaching in the name of JESUS [and the Bible] anywhere in public, including the churches! Ahh, now at this point, you are scratching your heads and saying Tom is crazy, right..Ha?

Personally, I believe in keeping "hardware" in the house to protect against riots, drugged, drunk thieves and wicked ones who only want to rob, rape and steal. I think it is my God-given DUTY to protect hearth and home, friends and family against any kind of violence... but that is only my personal opinions, with some Bible based ideas, as a Christian soldier. Yet WE may even LOSE OUR GUNS! And when this happens in the spineless country of Liberals and Entitlement seekers, only true followers, servants of God will depend on Christ to save them, and that takes a lot of Faith that the majority of people on earth just do not possess. Most folks will take the 'MARK of the BEAST' and be led to hell, forever...and in the 7 year Tribulation and the small remnant of "Tribulation Saints' will have to die for their Faith, followed by God's Armageddon.

But the fine point I am attempting to get at today is the matter of 'good' people and Christians getting so involved in the humanist, political struggle to try and 'replace' the present Socialist Gov't in the USA, with a more conservative or "Republican" or even an "Independent" style of Gov't control. Friends, the Right Wing, conservative side may make SOME head way, but it JUST AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN or work! Mainly because the God of the Bible, the Father in Heaven has set His will in motion already and we have crossed too many "lines in the sand" to where we are a faithless, murderous, idolatrous, corrupt, greedy nation-- just as in ancient, biblical Israelite times, God had to chastise His own, chosen people!! America may well CEASE TO EXIST in a year or so-- or sooner--similar to Greece! I feel sorry for people who don't see the "hand writing on the Wall" -- how we are already "IMPLODING", CAVING IN UNDER THE HUGE DEBT. But that's only ONE facet--one point.

All the "Signs", all the composite, many prophecies are coming true too, and one only has to READ THE BOOK -- the Bible to see the truth of this old satanic system is going down the tube.. but more quickly than most think, to where it WILL certainly catch the MAJORITY of humankind in surprised and unaware! That means that the devil and our every day 'rat race of life' has had us so busy just worrying and working hard to survive, that it's just like the flood in Noah's time that "swept them all away" except for 8 people who were in the Ark!

There are other good Bloggers and Christians out there with the same correct message -- the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but many pastors and church leaders have already been swept away by the 'Emergent Church false teachings", modern bibles that take away the 'God-ship of Christ, etc, the Social Gospel, that "WE" can bring a paradise back to earth BY HUMAN MEANS, etc. Only the BIBLE can steer us right! ONLY accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Savior can SAVE us! See: Romans 10: 9-10.

My victories seem to be small and scattered, but I rejoice big time when even some one sees the light. Thank you, dear Lord.

Yet, I grow weary spending so much time at the computer, typing endlessly, but that's my job/ service/ trade, a sacrificial gift to my God.

That's all, folks. Please pray for my 3 children, my dear wife, and a new Vietnam Vet/ friend, Ed Lantz, who is struggling in Green Bay, etc.

tom schuckman

PS: From Penny: [Cartoon video included}
I know . . . too late now. Thank you Jesus that I know where I'm going. Penny

Now may the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the patience of Christ.

2 Thessalonians 3:5 (New King James Version)

Keep in mind this was not made today.., it was 1948. America has been in a fight for 'her' life from the beginning. Waynew