Friday, May 14, 2010

Christians Unequally Yoked.

Tom's Journal.

People: Do you REALLY want these things to continue and spread? Can't YOU see the 'hand writing on the wall ?'

I sure cannot predict with any certainty exactly when the Lord will come back to Rapture up His saints and believers, but we believe we do know the "season" by all the biblical Signs that the good Lord sent to us in His holy Word. I think we beat that dead horse enough and need to move on. And like I have said many times, "Christianity is NOT a religion -- but a Way of Life !" We shall serve the God of the Bible forever, not just when we feel like it, doing the least to just get by -- so we get to heaven. We need to start now and practice the ways of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Master, and 'store up those treasures in heaven, where rust and moth cannot consume' although we cannot 'Buy our way to heaven' butit's the right thing to do! Get on the Ark of Salvation rather than try to build up a dike that will be washed away. I known many people, including some close relatives who will do ANYTHING except God's Will! They are too proud and arrogant to confess their sins, accept accountability for their actions and bow to Christ. I have tried ever method of polite, kind, conversation that I know of-- but I guess that there is still time to accept the Lord...
I just hated to come in late for work and endure the embarrassment and snide remarks of my co-workers, etc. But I noticed some 'pets' and irresponsible but good looking female workers doing just that all the time without getting into trouble....ahem. Somethings never change.
For the sake of Christ-- I would really worry about coming in to the fold one second late! Why take such a chance on our eternal welfare?

Now, as you read the fine short article below, remember that the majority of people in the USA believe in God or call themselves Christians and we figure that those kind of folks amount to about [let's say] 45% -- the ones who did NOT vote for obama. They MUST be getting mighty upset and ticked off about now with everything getting worse lately in the USA and world.... thanks to Glenn Beck for doing most of the research and digging on Fox Cable TV, and others, exposing the great obama, etc. Obama and his Dims are doing their level best to destroy and pull down Christians in America and infuse Sodomites in every phase of Gov't ! We Bloggers are betting that we shall be soon outlawed and banned from using the Net soon enough! I just had a taste of that when my PC hard drive just crashed and burned about 4 days ago! Well, then I would have to find other venues and avenues to preach and share the Gospel. Are the rest of my dear Christian friends making such contingencies now too?? Hey! If someone takes away our chain saws-- we have to sharpen the ax again and continue chopping wood for the Winter!

My wife, Sharon, and I are happy and glad to be back on-line, thanking all our dear friends for their comments and emails, and now have to pick up the lost pieces and start all over, rebuilding our repaired PC.

Tom and Sharon Schuckman
Jesus is Lord, and Heaven is our Home.

Christians Unequally Yoked

Posted: 14 May 2010 12:12 PM PDT

By Dr. Ted Baehr Recently in Washington, an attorney friend pointed out that career civil servants and federal officials were being driven out of their jobs and pressured to resign. The administration policy was to replace them with lesbian, gay, bisexual, "transgender" people, and others.In fact, on the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute's website, it calls for lesbian, gay,

Back to the Blog--Hard Drive was Kaput.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Guys,
Short note: My hard drive crashed and burned, just like a Huey shot down and dropped out of the sky, and the good crew and pilots burned up like "crispy critters" from the spilled JP-4 fuel -- with all due respect. We HAD TO HAVE THAT MORBID HUMOR IN 'NAM TO STAY SANE... believe it or not... but re-lived it all in it's entirety for the rest of our lives--PTSD. Any way, I am now going thru all the baloney of trying to put things back together. Maybe some of you brainy fine people can give me some help, please. Actually, my dear wife is more computer savvy than I am, but I'm afraid she uses the "trial and error" method too... lol.

A small local outfit near me did the repair, and they cleaned what ever parts of my old hard drive that they could savage but also gave me a NEW hard drive-- piggy backed, and now I am supposed to transfer some of the salvaged 'old stuff' into the NEW hard drive. They also gave me a different virus scanner. I thought they were reasonable @ about $125.... but time will tell.

Guess what? You get to 'let go' of the master or slave mind set -- living without your PC, that does everything in your life, except wash the dishes and cook your food..Ha! I actually got to spend more time with my wife and we studied the Bible together and she enjoyed learning new things we studied in 1st and 2nd Peter! It seems that almost every chapter has a golden nugget in it that will help you in real life, so we underscore/ highlight that verse, etc. That helps burn it into our memory for future use and the HOLY SPIRIT brings it back to mind when we need it. I compare that to regular school study and cramming.

But let us distinguish between acquiring "head knowledge" and "heart/ spirit knowledge"
that helps us grow closer to the |Lord Jesus Christ!! I say that we need both! That is why when I want to really inculcate/ memorize stuff in the bible, I call on the HOLY SPIRIT to help me burn it into my memory for future use-- but also draw me closer to God. It works for me.... Praise the Lord.

When I make a new, close friend, I sit them down next to me and TEACH them many 'tricks' I learned over the years that helped me gain wisdom and understanding, and that is priceless, IMHO. It's the same thing in the Army, at work, at college, when your Dad spends quality time with his child teaching him the right way to do things. That is the reason why some kids grow up better balanced compared to broken marriages where there is no respectable Male figure in the house hold. IF someone doesn't teach you how to set the gauge and pressure on your Oxygen and Acetylene torch in welding / cutting -- you will blow yourself up and other too! Acetylene is a wacky gas and very unstable, so you must give it respect and handle it the correct way-- and the added Oxygen multiplies the force/ power/ potential and accelerates the burning and /or explosion, BIG TIME! If someone much smarter/ trained than you doesn't teach you safety when you are operating power saws, etc, you will probably cut off your fingers! If you don't have someone knowledgeable who has God's Spirit teaching you the Bible [or at least getting you started in the right direction] -- chances are that your mind will be lop sided and you have to learn things in life the HARD WAY and perhaps end up in the "wrong place."

OK, friends and readers, that's all my rantings for today. Thank you for all your emails and comments.

Take care and Pray for the Spirit to be present in your lives-- and mine too.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman