Monday, May 17, 2010

More Panic.

Tom's Journal.

A friend of mine thought that it was very possible that certain web sites recommended by Glenn Beck [that we ought to check out to help him] may be have been sown with viruses and Trojan Horses by the enemy. Glenn /Beck meant well-- to harvest all the Dims/ Progressives info before they pulled the sites, but some may be "poisoned" to keep the Patriots away. Shame. We need to 'burn' the material onto CD's in their entirety to share after they are pulled the evil that exists. As you may know, I just had to have to replace my PC Hard Drive, and so I am more protected now too. Not to be a dooms day-er, but I expect obama to swallow up and control the InterNet soon enough too.

Too, it's not far fetched for some enemy to have deep sea dived to blow up/ rupture the Gulf Oil platforms and pipes in our Gulf. I am not saying that is what happened, but it would come in handy for obama to make political climate hard to accept more drilling in the Gulf, etc, and that would help throw us into an 'ARTIFICIAL OIL CRISIS / Shortage' now, wouldn't it ?? And you know that he will surely find a scape goat to pin the blame, as he always does. He thinks he's made of Teflon. Where is the transparency and accountability? And how long will the RINO's / Jellyfish stand for all our loss of Rights and freedoms? I think that they are two peas in a pod. The smart, loyal, combat Veterans are too old, too disabled to keep up the fight for our Constitution-- and all we have left are Progressive, weak minded idiots, and enemies who have infiltrated into our barbed wire perimeter base camp... or so it seems. Sorry folks, sometimes I get too excited.

On a new note, more panic, IMO, and more daily news accounts of murder in Milwaukee and traffic accidents. Accidents happen when people are panic stricken, running around like a headless chicken, driving while on cell phones. I would like to get a sign/ bumper sticker: "HANG UP and drive!" And when will the cops start enforcing the laws already on the books?

And if you get a chance, look up, James David Manning, Ph.,D, and listen to some of his wild but truthful rants...LOL! He's a riot and so funny. I know we are supposed to be 'sober minded' in these Last Days, but I sure need some levity too. Talk about the "Long legged Mac Daddy' --obama, etc...Ha!

I hope I got my point across about getting so involved in so-called "good causes", organizations, activities and Patriot movements, etc. -- that we lose sight of the "Main Prize" HEAVEN IS OUR HOME ! When Jesus cured all the lame, blind, sinners, demon possessed and sick -- they still have to complete their earthly life and ACCEPT JESUS AS THEIR PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOR -- to get to heaven. Jesus even said, "What good is it to gain the world and then lose your soul ??" I feel like I am beating a dead horse when I say that we only live to be about 80-90 years old and then we pass on to eternity--to one place or another!

Yes, panic is in the air-- but the majority of people on earth are still going to miss the last "jet out-- and the Rapture." Heaven is ALL I WANT... except to do the Will of the Father and help 'soul-save' others. I feel like I am suffering from burn out, and something inside tells me to lay back and relax and enjoy what I have. We have the deaths, sickness, Summer vacations at our humble church, and life goes on. We also have the 'doers of the Word' and the 'sayers of the Word' like most other places. Heck, I have enough on my own plate than to worry about everything wrong in the world,and can only do so much. Some of my blogger friends may be burning out too... and I know they been doing the hard work of the Lord for many years. Pray for them, please. Pray we all can continue to fight the temptations and machinations of the devil, and the rapid moral decline of our nation-- America, and all the woes that come with it.

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