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How to help the pain of swollen feet and legs.

Tom's Journal.

I hope this info may help some of my friends. I also believe in soaking feet in hot water with Epson salt, and even apple cider vinegar... and that makes my feet HAPPY!

Tom Schuckman

Herbs for Swollen Feet

From LoveToKnow Herbs

Herbs for swollen feet improve circulation and eliminate water retention, two common causes of edema, or foot swelling. Herbs can be used as tinctures, teas, and in energizing foot soaks.
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Edema, or swelling, occurs when water builds up under the fatty tissue directly under the skin. If you notice foot swelling, press your finger into the swollen area for a second. When the depression remains after you remove your finger, chances are it’s simple edema.
Causes of edema include common problems, such as too much salt in the diet, improperly fitting shoes, or monthly hormonal changes. However, edema can also be caused by more serious ailments. It’s important to see your doctor if you notice edema in your feet and ankles, as this can be an early warning sign of heart, circulatory, and kidney problems. Your doctor can rule out serious problems and consult with you on your treatment for swollen feet.

Some Herbs for Swollen Feet

Herbs for swollen feet treat water retention and circulation issues.


Yes, that green garnish on your plate next to the steak is actually a useful medicinal herb. Parsley (Petroselinum crispus) acts as a powerful diuretic. Parsley also contains minerals, vitamins and chlorophyll, all vital for good health and nutrition. You can grow your own parsley with a simple pot of soil, seeds, and bright sunlight. Incorporate fresh parsley into salads or meals for an easy way to consume this useful herb.
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You may think of dandelions as annoying weeds ruining a perfect lawn, but herbalists see dandelions in a different light. The lowly dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) provides excellent relief for water retention. The natural diuretic action flushes excess water from the body, relieving swollen feet caused by fluid retention. Used since ancient times by Arabian, Persian and European healers, dandelion is also an excellent liver and kidney tonic. Dandelion may be taken as a tea, tincture, or in capsule form.


Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Ginkgo improves circulation, which in turn reduces water retention to the feet and legs. Always consult an herbalist or natural health practitioner if you have underlying circulatory problems before taking ginkgo.
Ginkgo is perhaps one of the most-studied herbs in the natural pharmacopeia. Even the Mayo Clinic, one of the most respected medical authorities in the United Sates, gives Ginkgo a grade of “A” in relieving circulatory problems associated with painful legs.


Rounding out the top three herbs for swollen feet is peppermint (Mentha piperita). If you love the refreshing scent of peppermint, enjoy this herb in a footbath to relieve tired, swollen feet. Peppermint energizes, refreshes, and makes a welcome addition to treatments for edema.

Treating Swollen Feet

You can try many safe and effective treatments at home for swollen feet.

Change Your Shoes

Too-tight shoes constrict blood circulation to the foot, causing swelling and pain. In addition to tight shoes, poorly fitting shoes may also cause swelling. If you notice that your feet swell after wearing certain shoes, change your shoes to see if that helps.

Elevate Your Feet

Elevate your feet if they’re swollen. Elevating the feet higher than the heart decreases fluid retention. Simply place your feet on a pillow and rest for twenty minutes. Sleeping with your feet elevated may also help.


Give yourself a foot massage. Rub your feet with peppermint oils and fragrant herbal oils. Massage improves circulation, which in turn reduces edema. You can also take a tennis ball and place it under your foot, rolling the ball around under your foot for several minutes. This exercises all the muscles in the foot and can relieve swelling.

Peppermint Foot Soak

Another technique to reduce foot swelling is a hot and cold peppermint foot soak. You’ll need a tub of hot and of cold water and a towel. Soak your feet in a tub of hot water, as hot as you can stand, for no more than ten minutes. Then quickly switch to a tub of ice-cold water for just 30 seconds. Repeat the cycle several times, adding peppermint as needed to the cold-water bath for more zing. Always end with the cold-water bath.


If you suspect too much salt in your diet is causing swollen feet, try changing your diet. The DASH Diet, recommended by the American Heart Association, is a low-sodium diet that may help reduce water retention in individuals who are sensitive to sodium. Don’t be afraid of a boring menu if you try the DASH Diet. Tasty menu choices add variety.

Sodomite Army-- USA.

Tom's Journal.

I have posted on this subject a few times and shared my concerns with a few Christians who chose to re-enlist. The implications, IMO, are profound, and I would have pause back in 1967 joining an Army of perverts.

I was a bit afraid to get into trouble and lose my rank [as rank meant money on payday, etc.]/ Now, ponder on this: If a pervert or a group of perverts jumped your bones and you fought back, you never know how the "new action Army" would adjudicate at your hearing or court martial. And who would want to live in fear or worry about one more thing when a soldier or sailor needs to focus on the task of operations and combat?! We may surely see a lesser retention rate and many good Christian warriors may NOT chose to join our once great Armed Forces.... now when we have more enemies than ever looking to destroy America from within and without. I heard that over 100 Generals and Admirals have already retired because of this shameless policy. I would say that these brave warriors are men of honor, and most likely Christians.
The figures show that after Clinton's 'don't ask -- don't tell Gay policy' there was a huge jump in sexual assaults to both male and female soldiers and sailors, from what i heard on Hannity on Fox News last night. Shame! Why would the obozo Gov't want to weaken our military...hummm? Just one more nail in our coffin as America glides down that slippery slope of destruction.

Hey! Do you want the TRUTH... or just nice flowery words and cover-ups?

Very Important to Listen! >>>

Brannon Howse: May 25, 2010
Special Report with host Brannon Howse and guest John Loeffler. The Coming Persecution of Christians in the West and how to respond and prepare. Brannon and John will explore the five stages for establishing the persecution of Christians. Stage one. Define the opposition. Stage two: Marginalize the opposition. Stage Three: Vilify the Opposition. Stage Four: Pass laws criminalizing the activities of the opposition. Stage Five: Enforce the new laws against the opposition.
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Tom Schuckman

May 26, 2010

Gates Gives Endorsement for Sodomite Military

The Associated Press
The Associated Press is reporting that a lukewarm endorsement from Defense Secretary Robert Gates and opposition among some lawmakers cast doubt Tuesday on whether Congress this week would lift a 17-year-old ban on sex offenders serving openly in the military. Homosexuals predicted that the bill might pass the House but face a tough road in the Senate. "The door isn't closed, but it's barely cracked," said Aubrey Sarvis, executive director of Servicemembers Legal Defense Network Executive Director. A compromise was struck on Monday by the White House and a small group of Democrats who fear that repeal efforts will be doomed if Republicans regain control of one or both houses of Congress after fall elections.

Flashback - March 25, 2010
Gates Makes It Harder to Oust Homosex Troops
The Associated Press:
Defense Secretary Robert Gates Thursday approved new rules that will make it harder to discharge [sex offenders] from the military, calling the changes a matter of "common sense and common decency." Gates announced new guidelines for how the Pentagon carries out the 1993 law banning gays from serving openly in the military -- rules which essentially put higher-ranking officers in charge of discharge proceedings and impose tougher requirements for evidence used against gays.

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