Friday, May 28, 2010

Be Careful on the Highways.

Tom's Journal.

Sorry Folks... I got nothing to complain about today...LOL. The day is sunny and beautiful, and I have a good sun burn [just the way I like it--ahhh, makes me look GOOD and hides the old age-- a bit!], Sharon clipped the dog's toe nails, the garden is growing very well, and we intend to just have a good time this week end--Memorial Day- 2010. I had a new young man from church mow the lawn yesterday, Josh B., and I showed him my electric guitar, Amp, etc, and my wood shop, and gave him a new DEFINED KJV Bible, as he attends the same church as we do.

Sometimes I think that I can "WILL" myself to be happy and content...Ha! My head and stomach really need a break from all the DAILY B.S. [berry sap] BAD, VIOLENT news that comes across my TV and PC screens, but... if I WANTED to dwell on the daily bad News of Milwaukee, with shootings, murders, drive byes, rapes, robberies and traffic accidents-- I could probably induces some internal bleeding that I don't need, but thanks anyway. I want to block the 'bad news' out of my mind, just for this week end, so I can relax, enjoy life with my dear, wonderful wife-y pooh. I don't care if I live in a tent or rat hole-- we must have A/C for Sharon to live, and we do. I may have plenty of bad habits and personality flaws -- but I always supported my family and made it safe, with plenty of good, wholesome food, etc. Sharon is making some grilled ham and cheese for us now at 2:41 PM, and then I still need to water the garden and charge up my power scooter that carries me so well in the huge stores that I visit. Life can be good -- and praise the Lord for small and simple pleasures.

I have always admired and envied real, biblical Christians who loved and understood God so much, and His Word, the Bible--and I am blessed to be in that group too. Somehow they learned how to allow the Holy Spirit to work in them and apply the Holy Scriptures to work the "fruits of the Spirit"-- book of Galatians 5:22, into their daily lives so that it is very visible in their faces and demeanor for all to see. Really-- why should REAL Christian worry so much--- with the divine Promises of God soon to be realized... Glory with God in HEAVEN! Wow! 'No more crying, pain, want, out cry, depression, sadness' FOREVER in HEAVEN!! See Revelation, last 2 chapters. The book of Hebrews tells us to 'NOT FORSAKE THE FREQUENT GATHERING OF OURSELVES.' That means we should attend the meetings at church on a REGULAR basis, 'to incite one another to love and fine works.' And it NOT putting on our "church faces" or being a hypocrite-- but who wants to see a 'Rainy Jane' or 'Tiny Tears' act every Sunday morning ?? That's not to say that we should not show our true feelings. But the next/ other person may very much have bigger fish to fry, death in the family, or terrible sickness and injury! Reach out and Touch someone! Learn English and Learn the Bible. In fact, the apostle Paul told the young elder, Timothy, in this letter that: "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That he man of God may be perfect, throughly* [completely equipped] furnished unto all good works." ~ 2nd Timothy 3: 16, 17. -- from the DEFINED KJV Bible [DEFINED KING JAMES BIBLE].

And for the myopic, less mature, sour people and unbelievers, Just consider this: If someone with a good and honorable reputation invited you to a fine dinner at their house, would you call them up on the phone and ask them /what kind of meat/ food/ silverware and veggies they were serving / using, or if they were going to serve the best wine or desert in the world??
NO!! That would be a very bad insult to the host! So then, how could someone question or insult the Most High -- Most Powerful God of the Universe by questioning if it were worth the trip to heaven for eternity? What crass, impolite, bad mannered, ungrateful, base, curs [dogs] some of us are....Shame! Being satisfied in heaven would be the LEAST of my worries -- but just getting there is my main, chief goal in life, besides pleasing the Lord, working hard in His Service, sharing the Gospel and keeping myself clean as much as I can.

I don't consider myself a perfectionist, just a faithful, obedient Old Soldier doing my J.O.B. on earth, not taking my eyes off the Prize of Heaven.

That's all folks.
Hats off and salutes to all the fine American and Allied warriors/ soldiers who fought in our wars for our freedom back home-- even for those who abuse that very freedom and liberty-- and pervert justice in high places. God surely sees what harm and evil they work, even with a snide, smirky smile on their corrupt, Socialist faces. God Bless my friends and fellow soldiers on the Vietnam Memorial WALL in Washington D.C., and all the other burial sites in the world, and on the field of honor, including my combat mates in Australia.

Be Safe and Careful on the Highways this Holiday weekend, and don't spill your blood or others, please.

Tom and Sharon Schuckman

The Church And The Tribulation Believers

Q. How can the rapture of the church occur when the fullness of the gentiles come in when millions of gentiles come to faith during the tribulation? Also, how can I prove the sheep&goat judgment occurs at the 2nd coming and is not the same as the great white throne judgment?

A. In his phrase “fullness of the Gentiles” Paul was referring to the Church. We know this because he said after this group comes in (is raptured), God will turn to Israel again. This is a reference to Israel fulfilling their final 7 years from Daniel 9:24-27. The millions who come to faith during those final years are not part of the Church but are of a group we call Tribulation believers.

You can prove the Sheep and Goat judgment happens just after the 2nd Coming by looking at the reference to its timing in Matt. 25:31, “When the Son of Man comes in all his glory …” Also, in Matt 25:34 He welcomes the “sheep” (surviving Tribulation believers) into the Millennial Kingdom. The Great White Throne judgment takes place at the end of the Millennium and is for unbelievers only.

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