Thursday, June 3, 2010

Catastrophic Events Before the Rapture.

Tom's Journal.

Now I don't believe everything in print, but this has the biblical ring of truth and logic. This will be so COOL! Part of me wants to bask in the sublime glory of, "I told you so !" But all glory goes to the God of the Bible, and I am just happy and grateful to be His humble servant and spread the divine truth of the Gospel. And so, I doubt if we Christians walk away without any bruises... and real Soldiers in combat know that they could get hurt or killed [and they fight and die for things much less noble and of less importance-- than for God Almighty and Heaven as true Christians do!], so we have to be hanging tough, loyal, prepared, and ready to die for our Lord, Master, and Savior. Many of us have been "training" for this event most of our lives, and I know the feeling of flying into battle/ combat in a helicopter on a DAILY basis. Wow! What a rush!

Real Christians keep training DAILY by reading/ studying their own copies of the BIBLE,praying, and associating with real Christians of like Faith at least on a weekly basis, if not also on the Net and snail mail or phone, IMHO.

Note: If you attend a 'church' where people DON'T bring their own Bibles with them, and / or there are not bibles in the pews/ seats either-- a big red flag should go up in your brain. Even if a 'church' puts a few scriptures on a big screen, it's still not the same, and your mind and fingers get lazy from lack of finding scriptures in your own Bible.

But, hey, I know that some of you people just can't find a good church near you, and you are very busy, and you don't know many Christians to talk to. What I did was hunt for the right church that taught the pure Bible Gospel, and actually it did take a long time. And in days to come, finding a real, biblical Christian church will get much harder, IMHO. I figured that if I needed to grow closer to Jesus, I needed to do much personal study on my own, and that I was primarily responsible for pulling my own weight, learning how to serve God and do His work. The BIBLE shows us how to do all these things. I fall short in my walk with God too, and need to whip myself into action! But just think, that even the "Elect" the chosen Saints, some of them may be misled in the final days with all the confusion, lies, and false teachers/ prophets!! So then, how about the newly converted, new 'young Christians' who are are still immature in the Faith?? Best to get with the Program NOW! Reading other Christian Blogs and Journals helps me... and let me take this time to THANK all my friends for their splendid job in writing their public encouragement! THANK YOU!

I feel like I am ready for what is to come down the pike-- but I also feel electricity in the air-- a sense of urgency, even though I might be burning out in the complacency of our day/ year/ time --2010. And can you believe that even some Christian buddies are still trying to beat the dead horse by pushing a political agenda... 'vote for some human who can somehow CHANGE the USA and the world, Ha!' They either still don't understand GOD's plan, don't care, or are being mislead by Satan and his earthly agents!! Sure, I may vote for the "best man" but i am just going through the motions. God's Kingdom come, no matter what puny humans do, try, talk, speculate, work, connive.
There will soon come a time [Matthew 10] when we will have to forsake all other humans on earth who refuse to accept the Lord Jesus-- and act like REAL Christian Soldiers and line up behind our Lord. We will have to CHOOSE. Better to make that choice NOW and FOREVER.

I just feel that if we are going to put enroll as soldiers of Christ-- we ought to jump in with both feet and try to do our best, with heart, soul, mind and vital force! This 'game' is for ALL THE MARBLES, and for KEEPS!

Please pray for my cousin Wanda Jane, in Kansas, so she can deal with all her trials lately. Thank you.

Tom Schuckman

Heaven is my Home.

Catastrophic Events Before The Rapture?

Q. I want to start by saying that I really enjoyed reading your study on Ezekiel 38. It was very instructive and wonderfully written. I do however, have a question. You mentioned in the study as stated by Ezekiel that the Gog Magog battle will take place when Israel is living is safety in a land without walls (paraphrasing). Your postulation is that this event will take place after the rapture, My question is this, how forward in the future will this event take place after the rapture?

It is implausible to think that a world which could easily see over 1/3 of its 6 billion inhabitants vanish would be in any state other than that of heightened alert. This is specially true with a nation like Israel. This is the part of the study which raises a question for me as to the timing of the rapture and whether we will perhaps witness some catastrophic events before the rapture. I would love to hear your clarification on this.

A. Sorry but you’ll have to direct your first question to God. He hasn’t revealed the specifics of His time line yet. In my feature article this week I referred to a future battle prophesied in Psalm 83 and why I think it will create the conditions for Ezekiel 38.

As for catastrophic events before the Rapture, there are several in some stage of development in the world right now. War in the Middle East is widely expected this summer and a war between North and South Korea is also possible. There’s huge financial turmoil in Europe and some are predicting major problems for the dollar as well, with another recession just around the corner. Experts don’t know how to stop the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico and the hurricane season that begins this month could blow oil and water all over the place, causing billions more in damage. In short we could be in for quite a ride between now and the end of the year so you’d better fasten your seat belt and make sure your faith is strong. The world could soon be an entirely different place in which to live.


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