Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blind Believers.

Tom's Journal.

There were a couple of times in my life when I felt so stupid and ignorant that I decided to make a 'rapid departure' off the beaten path to fill my mind with smart, practical things that would enhance my 'hire-ability', skill level, proficiency, and self worth. A good man and college teacher I had used to tell us that, "we could never learn too much" and the more we knew-- the better equipped we would be able to 'sell our skills' in the job market, back around 1990.

I firmly believe that it's the same way with God and the Bible! Certainly, if we 'claim' that we LOVE God Almighty, wouldn't we want to know as much as we could about HIM?? If the entire bag of marbles, the timeless span of all eternity depended on our relationship with God, and Jesus Christ, would we take that lightly. I have heard about some drunk people who gambled away the family house, etc. I gambled a few times and lost about $40, and kicked my own butt around the block-- never to do that again!! My wife and I don't gamble. We believe in hard, smart work, study, reading, prayer, and research before we buy something or make a important discussion.

The bible even says that we can never learn and know EVERYTHING in the Bible... but we surely will NEVER learn even the basics if we don't physically crack open that fine book of instruction and love.
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." ~ John 3:16.
That's not so hard to understand, but why not read that whole chapter and get the full gist from it? It just might take 3 whole minutes of your time. Some folks recommend that new people read the Book of John, and then the Book of Romans, to gain the elementary knowledge of Salvation.

How easily people can lose their lives now days. People in my location, let's say in Milwaukee, WI., about 30 miles North of where we live, die every day and night, and about 2-4 killings, murders per NIGHT! Robberies, assaults, rapes, DUI related deaths, and break ins, etc..... and when you see the pix of the perps on TV, you realize how illegal aliens and misguided Gov't hand outs, 4th - 5th generation Welfare recipients, corrupt, godless, immoral text books and school policies, endowments, and poor teaching affects people who then grow up and fall into a life of crime and violence!

BUT...what about people who CLAIM to be 'believers', even from so-called 'Christian Schools' who graduate being Biblically Illiterate and dysfunctional ?? What a horrible tragedy it would be if there came some [actually a lot] people who claim to be Christian fall prey to agents of the devil, atheists, agnostics or Gov't entities who put pressure on so-called 'Christians' who can't whip their way out of a wet paper sack? Ha! We are supposed to 'give a good account of ourselves' and fight the fine fight. Hey! All the angels in heaven are looking on at the circus below on earth-- at the under achievers, and slack minded, lazy bums who won't read and learn the BASICS about their LORD and SAVIOR. How will these sort of people survive and expect to get Raptured up. Most of them don't have the foggiest idea of what heaven is all about, or what they ought to be doing on earth to serve God.

In college [MATC- Milwaukee] there was a big sign/ banner for all to see, and it went: "Those who do not read are just as bad off as the person who cannot read." As I repeat myself... The KJV Bible is written on a 5.63 grade level of reading. We can thank the 'Lefty-Libbies- Progressives' for "DUMBING DOWN" the school books and education level in America, and also TOO MANY PASTORS and CHURCHES for not stressing the importance of Bible reading and deep study! Shame....

I am taking Sharon to the lung/ respiratory doctor tomorrow morning, as she is coughing constantly. I KNOW that many of you fine people will continue to pray for us. Thank You!

Blind Believers

Q. It seems that there are SO many people today that just seem to have no idea of what is really going on in the world today. Makes me wonder how people can be so blind. Didn’t I read in the Bible some where that God will enlighten those that earnestly seek wisdom in regards to worldly matters ? Is that why so many are so blind ? They just aren’t seeking Gods enlightenment ? Or has Satan just blinded them ?

A. Spiritual blindness is pervasive even among believers. I believe this is so because there’s so little time and attention devoted to God’s Word. The lives of over 90% of self proclaimed born again believers are almost totally devoid of serious Bible study. Because of this they only have the secular world view through which to frame their perceptions. And it’s no secret that the secular world hasn’t a clue as to what’s coming.


Something I forgot about.

Tom's Journal.

Something I forgot about.

Yes, I forgot about Angels for quite some time... but they are as real as the sun rises in the East every morning in Wisconsin.

Poor Sharon is having trouble breathing again with fluid build up in her lungs, but she is trying hard NOT to go back onto the dreaded hospital again, and I leave it up to her wishes and desires, what to do. I don't want to force her to do anything against her will. I prayed for her when I was outside roasting some Polish sausages and Usinger wieners on the grill, and although we have everything good in the Frig, we just had a very simple lunch today. Times are tough... LOL|, but I don't feel like complaining or bitching about the times. I figure that we Americans will look back on the year 2010 as a sort of 'Paradise' compared to what is to come NEXT year, and down the road-- like the Trib...

But the subject of angels is of interest to many people, and the BIBLE alone holds the answers for us. I like the way Heidi Swander puts things in her fine article-- with all the scriptural back up. It's true that God ALLOWS some of His servants to die-- and be martyred so all the angels can see the Faith of the Saints-- even unto death, and the grand hope of the Resurrection--- with is the very foundation of Christianity. We MUST ALL BE PREPARED TO DIE FOR OUR LORD AND SAVIOR! But God has proved many times that He knows how to save his worshipers. Just ask Daniel and his three Hebrew buddies---- 'my Shack, your Shake, and a Bungalow.... LOL. And don't tell me that joke is a 'groaner...' Ha! But when some sissified, sheltered, myopic person claims with pride that he/ she would NEVER eat a baloney sandwich without 'Miracle Whip', lettuce and tomato ... he/ she has a lot to learn in humility and "real life." Just ask the old soldiers who fought in WW-1- 2 and Vietnam, and our great grand parents to toughed it out during the Great Depression of 1929 ! Even my own humble stories of combat in Vietnam would made most of you retch and get sick....Ha! By the way, the Royal Thai Army makes roasted rat taste very delicious.

But, please be careful NEVER to pray TO angels, for they are creatures similar to us,and as the article shows, someday WE humans will judge them! Now... guys and gals, there are many things in the Bible that are somewhat of a stretch for me to grasp, but because I know God's holy Word to be all True-- I believe. When I was young, I never thought I would see men walking on the moon either.... or a Socialist in the WH hell bent on destroying the USA and trashing our Constitution, and giving the working class money to people who don't want to work!!

I don't know if November will even get here so we can see if the Tea Party can throw the bad guys out, and the better guys and gals into public office. I WILL VOTE for the people who best reflect my Christian mind set and those who respect and cherish the U.S. Constitution. But the "GOD FACTOR" , that I personally coined, is the one thing I am banking on! Sure, I want to have a peaceful, friendly place to live where I can continue to preach, teach, SHARE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, by word of mouth, snail mail, email, etc. But I and my wife are preparing for the worst case scenario... and an old Soldier knows how to hunker down and keep his 'power dry.'
I asked my dear wife, Sharon, if she would make her famous bacon and Boston baked beans for us tomorrow--- and I just love it!! But don't light up a match after I've eaten it.... LOL. That gas is flammable!

I enjoy your comments.
Have a great day -- before the tornado and hurricane seasons come upon the USA, etc.
Tell all those you care for NOW that you love them dearly and share the Good News of the Kingdom and Gospel with them TODAY!

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

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Nearer Than You Think -- Angels Are Watching
by Heidi Swander

June 9, 2010

Time for some good news, don't you agree? Here it is: When you accepted Christ as your personal Savior you received: God's grace, forgiveness of sins, hope, eternal life, adoption into the family of God, a divine inheritance, a teacher and comforter and down payment on your inheritance in the form of God's Holy Spirit, an advocate with the Father - Jesus Christ, peace, joy, a place in the Father's house. How are you doing? Is this perking you up a bit in these days of distress we live in? That's quite a list, and it is by no means exhaustive.

But there's one more provision you and I received at salvation that we don't hear a lot about and I'd like to expound on it just a bit. We have, at our Father's direction, an entire host of angels -- heavenly bodyguards, if you will -- to watch over us! Did you know this? True story!

Of God's angels the writer of the book of Hebrews says, Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation? (1:14). If you are a member of the family of God through faith in Jesus Christ - bound for the New Jerusalem with an inheritance in waiting -- this verse is talking about you!

The psalmist wrote, He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty . . . He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways . . . (91:1, 11). The word, "keep" in the last verse means, "to hedge about; i.e., guard; generally to protect, attend to."

In his uplifting book, Angels Among Us, Dr. Ron Rhodes offers encouraging words when he writes, "A vast world of intelligent, powerful, invisible spirit beings is all around us . . . The angels are nearer than you think . . . taking care of us and ministering to us when we're not even aware of their presence."

Do you remember the story about Elisha and his servant? They awoke one morning and found that the Syrian army had surrounded their city. When the servant cried out, Elisha prayed and the Lord opened the servant's eyes to a heavenly army of fire that was surrounding them to protect them. Has this kind of divine provision ceased simply because we are not living in biblical times? No way.

In his book Dr. Rhodes presents some powerful stories of present-day Christians who have been ministered to by angels of God at His direction. I've got to tell you just one:

Reverend John G. Paton was a missionary in the New Hebrides Islands. According to his testimony, his mission headquarters was surrounded by hostile natives one night. They apparently intended to burn the building to the ground and put John and his wife to death.

The Patons turned to God, throwing themselves on His mercy and asking Him to deliver them. They prayed throughout the night, and when the first rays of sunlight came the next morning, the Patons were utterly amazed to see the natives had left.

About a year later, the chief of that tribe became a Christian. When Paton asked the chief why the tribe had refrained from burning down the headquarters on that fateful night, the chief surprised him by inquiring, "Who were all those men you had there with you?"

Paton answered, "There were no men there - just my wife and I."

The chief then told Paton that he and his warriors had seen hundreds of men standing guard outside the headquarters that night - all dressed in shining garments with swords drawn. These guards completely encircled the headquarters, and the tribe dared not attack.

Paton then realized that God had dispatched His angels to guard him and his wife.

Isn't that awesome?

In a discussion with His disciples, Jesus also reflected on the ministry of angels in the life of a believer when He said, Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven (Matt. 18:10).

Dr. John MacArthur's note on this verse in The MacArthur Study Bible is enlightening. He says, ". . . the pronoun [their] is collective and refers to the fact that believers are served by angels in general. These angels are pictured 'always' watching the face of God so as to hear His command to them to help a believer when needed." I can just see this army of angels waiting before the Father's throne. With a word from the Father - on a dime - an angel or an entire host of them are dispatched to attend to one of His children in distress. Can you picture it? Can you picture it for you?

Dr. Rhodes observes that, "Most people generally walk by sight and not by faith - that is, they live their lives and interpret reality according to what is tangibly real to their physical senses. Of course, if we limit our understanding of reality to the physical world, we remain ignorant of the vast world of invisible spirit beings around us." And he challenges, "If we as Christians were more fully aware of God's provision of angelic protection . . . we would most certainly be less fearful of our circumstances and enemies."

Randy Alcorn in his book Heaven also reflects, "If we really believed angels were with us daily, here and now, wouldn't it motivate us to make wiser choices? Wouldn't we feel accountability to holy beings who serve us as God's representatives?" Interesting question, because according to Ephesians 3:10 and I Corinthians 4:9 the angelic hosts learn the wisdom of God by observing Christ's church! If we are walking by sight and not by faith (in direct contradiction to Paul's admonition), what kind of example of wisdom are we setting for these heavenly watchers?

In fact, it is sobering to consider that in addition to providing them with an example in the here-and-now, Paul taught that in eternity the saints of God (that's us!) will govern angels (I Corinthians 6:3). We have only been made lower than the angels for a little while (Hebrews 2:7).

There is so much more to understand about these holy, powerful, immortal beings that serve the God of the universe and, at His command, minister to and protect us. But what I want to do for you today is to encourage you that in the midst of a crashing worldwide economy; a socialist run-up to the one-world government prophesied in Scripture; numerous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as well as the personal turmoil assaulting many of us on a daily basis, one of the ways God provides for our care is through the protection and ministration of angels.

If this whole subject is a breath of fresh air to contemplate, I encourage you to get a copy of Ron Rhodes' book. You'll learn a lot, and the process will be a pleasure!

As Evangelist Billy Graham once said, "Every true believer in Christ should be encouraged and strengthened! Angels are watching; they mark your path. They superintend all the events of your life and protect the interest of the Lord God, always working to promote His plans and bring about His highest will for you."

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Heidi Swander
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