Friday, June 11, 2010

Salad for Friday's Lunch.

Tom's Journal.

I weeded part of the garden 'till I ran out of steam, then sat on the "Walnut Picnic table" to read a new book I just started reading: GLIMPSES of HEAVEN, by Trudy Harris, RN. Not to be morbid, but we all must die some day --- unless we believe in the SCRIPTURAL promise of the RAPTURE! And I LOVE the way this short article deals with understanding Bible prophecy! Wow!

If some of you are wondering if I sit by the PC all day long banging the key board, I don't. I love the out doors and used to cruise on my motorcycles until the wheels fell off, garden, camp, fish, hunt, work and play. MAYBE, the Lord 'allowed me' to become physically disabled to open my eyes-- just as the apostle Paul was blinded on the road to Damascus and knocked off his ass. Since some horrific crashes with trucks and cycles, my eyes have been opened BIG TIME! PTL.

IF you knew that you would die on a certain day in a certain year, what would you do in the remaining time you had left? This is the very
reason that God chooses to keep the Day of Rapture hidden from us now. As sinful, imperfect humans our corrupt hearts would say: " 'Live life on the Wild Side' ,and then, latter -- repent as that day draws near." I have had silly dreams of owning my own island with many paid servants and pleasures, toys, gold and silver all over the place, etc.... but working every day, either welding or on the Chrysler assembly line was the honest, stark, REALITY..LOL! Many times as you knew your assembly auto job so well and it was so tedious, you almost HAD TO 'let your mind dream a little' to stay sane. So much for day dreaming...Ha! The Bible is NOT a dream or "Pipe Smoke." [that was the name of a small helicopter detachment where I served TDY for a short time at Phu Loi, RVN-- 1968.].

When I post in my Blog about the relative "time" that something will happen -- [and we do know the "season", but not the day... ~Luke 21: 26-34] ] just like the coming War in the Middle East-- between Israel and her hateful Muslim neighbors, I am giving my 'educated GUESS." Now, we do KNOW that these thing WILL take place and we see the 'signs' every day and "News" but that is about as far as it goes. God is in the back ground controlling things, and we ought to be very happy about that. Now, in the mean time, what ought we Christians to do?? Borrow, Buy, Spend, Charge more on our plastic ? Or hunker down, pay attention to the times, "Store up our treasures in Heaven," and SERVE THE LORD THE BEST WAY WE CAN? The Bible says that MOST of the world will ignore this counsel and run with the 'herd of the misled world/ system of Satan.' Remember: 'Cramped and narrow is the read leading to everlasting life.'
Let us pray to the God Almighty of the Bible that will rescue and save the children of ISRAEL. Their eyes will be opened soon too... and they will embrace the Messiah, Jesus Christ. God ALWAYS keeps His promise! And His Will IS TRANSPARENT to those who have the Holy Spirit. Sorry... I honestly doubt that the 'folks in D.C. have the Holy Spirit...' --They do have 'another, totally different type of spirit.' And his name starts with an "S."

Tom Schuckman
Jesus is Lord, and Heaven is my Home.

Is There A Weakness In Your Rapture Position?

Q. I love your site and read it everyday – I have a question regarding the comments about believing that the second coming would be by 2018 thus putting us out of here by end of 2011. I truly believe we are there but my “there” also leaves room for more years than that because of uncertainty. Is there anything in your discernment and study/reasoning that is questionable, that is the weak link in believing the rapture to be by 2011? If so what would that point be?

A. Because of confirmations I’ve received, I have a great deal of confidence in my findings. But every human interpretation of prophecy has one gigantic weakness, and mine is no exception. It’s called human frailty. Even though I have the Holy Spirit to guide me and have spent nearly three decades studying prophecy, there’s a chance that I’ve missed or misunderstood something. As evidence of this, I am regularly blessed with new insight, suddenly making a passage so clear I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t see it before. I’ve always maintained that the only way to always interpret prophecy correctly is to wait for the event to happen, compare the fulfillment with the prophecy, and say, “So that’s what He meant.”

This is why you should always study prophecy carefully and refuse to take anybody’s word for anything until the Holy Spirit has confirmed it in your own mind. According to Acts 17:11 it’s not enough to ask a teacher to defend his or her interpretation. You must also search the Scriptures daily, to see whether these things be true.


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Obama pushes to take away fire arms.

Tom's Journal.

In my humble opinion, Obama and the Dims will settle for nothing less than total Socialism.... and the majority of people in the USA are also very ignorant of History-- which will come back to bite them. If this post sounds grim-- it is.

Darla, ADMIN…
Check out the video 'Obama Doesn't Want You to See This'
Sorry... if you have already viewed this...

Obama Doesn't Want You to See This
Obama Doesn't Want You to See This
Pretty Good accounting of events.
Video link:
Obama Doesn't Want You to See This

Tom Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70

A special message from:

Obama Pushes UN Anti-Gun Rights Treaty

Political scientist Rudy Rummel estimates that 262 million people were murdered by their own government during the last century - that is 2.6 million per year even when they have the small arms to defend themselves. How many more would have died unable to fight back if we had the UN Small Arms Treaty?

The UN's solution: Take guns from patriot freedom fighters leaving them defenseless against notorious totalitarian regimes. The UN cannot protect the people of the world from tyrannical governments such as Syria, Cuba, Rwanda, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, and Sierra Leone all of which support the UN Gun Ban Treaty.

If this UN Treaty were in place in 1776 there would be no United States and we would still be part of the British Empire. Why does Obama want it now? Why take gun rights away from US citizens and leave us powerless?

Select Here - STOP the UN Small Arms Treaty Fax All 100 Senators

The UN says guns used by insurgents in armed conflicts cause 300,000 deaths worldwide every year. But not all insurgencies are "bad." To ban providing guns to freedom fighters in totalitarian countries is like arguing that people do not have the right to defend themselves.

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and President Obama have said the U.S. will commit to and sign the UN Small Arms Treaty that will set the stage for foreign gun control laws in the U.S.

Obama is not telling the truth and continues to say "I'm not going to take your guns away" and "Lawful gun owners have nothing to fear... I think people can take me at my word." Yeah right and the government has the Gulf Oil Spill under control.

Get Your Sticker - STOP the UN Small Arms Treaty - Fax All 100 Senators Tell Obama to Keep the "Change"
Obama continues to work to keep the UN Treaty cloaked in secrecy, so that there will be no publicized gun control debates in the media or votes in Congress. Take action now, do not wake up one morning and find that the United States has signed a UN treaty that:
  • Prohibits firearm and ammunition manufacturers from selling to the public.
  • Prohibits any transfer of firearm ownership.
  • Requires US citizens to deliver any firearm they own to the local government collection and destruction center or face imprisonment.
This has happened in other countries, and is happening now!

Hillary Clinton and her anti-constitution cronies are partnering up with the anti-Second Amendment collaborators of the United Nations to pass "The Small Arms Treaty." If this treaty is passed YOUR firearms rights will be compromised and the Second Amendment will be obliterated. "The Small Arms Treaty" is being touted by liberal gun-grabbers as a treaty that will help fight against "terrorism," "insurgency" and "international crime rings." The treaty is merely a facade to seize control of ALL FIREARMS owned by law abiding American citizens.

Select Here - STOP the UN Small Arms Treaty Fax All 100 Senators

UN To Confiscate and Destroy "Unauthorized" Small Arms

The treaty calls for tougher licensing requirements. That means everyday, law-abiding Americans will be subjected to even more bogus bureaucracy to obtain a firearm. It is unfathomable that regular citizens would be treated just like the criminals the treaty claims to protect us from. "The Small Arms Treaty" will hijack and destroy all weapons that are classified "unauthorized." What exactly classifies a firearm as "unauthorized" is up to the liberal gun-haters. The treaty will ban the trade, sale, and private ownership of all semi-automatic weapons. Clinton, Obama and their anti-liberty commission are also calling for an INTERNATIONAL GUN REGISTRY that would pave the way to eventually disarming every American citizen.

Select Here - STOP the UN Small Arms Treaty Fax All 100 Senators

The globalist gun agenda ultimately seeks to take away not only your individual liberties, but also more importantly, your complete autonomy. Obama, Hilary and the United Nations conspirators believe that every single American is not capable of making their own decisions so they want to make them for us. Just like Obamacare, again big bureaucrats want to take away your right to live freely without the government breathing down your neck.

Select Here - STOP the UN Small Arms Treaty Fax All 100 Senators

Now is the time to take action. We can't afford to lose this battle. This treaty has to be ratified in the Senate. It ONLY takes 67 members of the Senate to ratify and pass this unconstitutional treaty. NOW it is time to speak out against "The Small Arms Treaty."

Select Here - STOP the UN Small Arms Treaty Fax All 100 Senators

Keep calling your Senators today, toll free numbers include 1-877-851-6437 and 1-866-220-0044, or call toll 1-202-225-3121 AND REGISTER YOU'RE OUTRAGE at ongoing efforts to take guns away!

CALL PRESIDENT Obama, 202-456-1111 and 202-456-1414 expressing your disdain and ABSOLUTE REJECTION of all GUN BANS.


NOTE: We need TENS OF THOUSANDS of faxes and PHONE CALLS and EMAILS delivered to ALL Senators right away!

For our projects to be successful, we must count on the voluntary financial support from individuals like you who care.

Your contribution of $20 or $25 is urgently needed today. If you can afford to send $50 or $100 or more it would truly be a godsend.

The rights you save may be your own!

Remember, protecting our freedom is not inexpensive.

But then, it's impossible to put a price tag on freedom.

Together, we can preserve the Constitutional rights our Founding Fathers intended our people to have forever.

For more information about CCRKBA go to

Thank you. I know I can count on you.


Alan Gottlieb
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

If you prefer to donate by check, please mail to:

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
12500 NE Tenth Place
Dept Code 4251
Bellevue, Washington 98005

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is one of the nation's premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States. Contributions are not tax deductible. The Citizens Committee can be reached by phone at (425) 454-4911, on the Internet at or by email to

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