Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Replacement Theology.

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Too many times I've wondered just who I am preaching and sharing to with my Christian posts, even though I love to talk about the bible and God's mercy. I will never know exactly who reads my Blog as many are too 'sheepish' to comment publicly. I am NOT into this Journalism for the glory... as once I started writing my own book and only got to page 150, then finding the Lord [or as some people put it---when He found me], my book didn't matter so much anymore, however, I still have the first draft and corrected manuscript. I guess I am content to just blog, meet new people and other bloggers/ writers, and live in peace.

Some 'Replacement Theology' people have contacted me and one even sent me a book about it via snail mail, which I did read, but then they try to sneak into my 'Comments' area with the intention of hit and run, laying down their own agenda instead of staying on subject...Ha! That is why I had to go back to 'comment moderation' again. And I also think that was a safer way to confine and fight InterNet spam and viruses. But it's the dishonesty that I don't care for!

After examining all the alternatives and mindsets about Pre- Mid and Post Tribulation ideas, I felt that Pre-Tribulation Rapture is the only Biblical way to understand and accept... and is also very logical. And my love for history and the Old Testament teaching helps me to spot illogical and misleading baloney, besides having been raised in Catholicism and then getting misled for 22 years by the JW org, I have a vast experience with false religion. Remember Romans 8: 28: "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose." We cannot help how, where or who we were born, and 'into a particular religion/ faith.' But the Word of God -- the bible is abundant and the Christian preaching work has left everyone of us with at least ONE chance to know the God of the bible ! Many of us have had MANY chances to grow, study, read the Bible and find out the pure truth --that God wants ALL to gain salvation and be SAVED! [See 2nd Peter]
So what is YOUR story?? I have spelled mine out many times to many people, and I know where I am going-- and why.

The following article is the most clear and understandable mention of the "Replacement Theology" I have found yet. It would be smart to save/ ear mark this post and share it with your best friend. I have heard some preachers say that we Saved Christians will have to watch our 'lost' friends point to us in front of the Judgment throne and ask WHY did we never tell them about Jesus Christ! Who knows how much more time we all have to share the Gospel...

Well, the docs just might keep Sharon in the hospital for a while longer because of her throwing up all the time and growing weak. She had 3 specialists see her today and made that determination. Got to get the lawn cut tomorrow-- the only day of the week it won't rain.

Replacement Theology - Part 1

Posted: 15 Jun 2010 12:29 PM PDT

By James A. Showers The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry If you watch the news headlines, you may have read these: “Episcopal Church Is the Next to Shun Israel,” “Presbyterian Church to Justify Israel Divestment,” and “Methodist Church Renews Drive for Divestment From Israel.”Divestment involves withdrawing investments from companies doing business with a particular nation in order to put

Pace Yourselves.

Tom's Journal.http://tomschuckmanjournal.blogspot.com/tschuckman@aol.com

I saw my wife this morning, but she was so sleepy from all the drugs and medications the staff gave her for vomiting all the last night and this morning and 'held back' her lunch after she threw up her breakfast. She could hardly speak coherently and dozed off in front of me all the time I was there at KMH - Kenosha hospital. So at this point, dizzy and unstable, I don't really know if they will let her come home tomorrow or not. You can never bank on what the staff will do or say.

I was having some scary chest pain episodes last night as I tried to get to sleep, so I prayed a few times, and fell asleep. I may look normal on the outside and 'talk a good game' but I carry too much stress on the inside, and maybe it's my 'Type- A' personality, and then the Combat PTSD kicks in when I am over stressed too. I believe in prayer and the HOLY SPIRIT with all my heart, and can testify to HIS POWER. Cracking open the Bible, and Prayer work on me just like a injection of sedative. Yet, we know that the Lord sweated BLOOD while praying in the Garden before He was arrested and hung on the cross. I just read an article that defined the term, "fearful" in Revelation 21: 8 as meaning 'without faith'-- when I used to think it meant cowardice before. So it makes sense that 'one without Faith in Jesus Christ WOULD/ ought to be afraid and scared of how to deal with hard times, sickness and death! That's not to say that we all are made of Eisen und Blut [Iron and Blood]. We are not men of steal or stone, but borne in the image of God --- LOVE, and we have emotions and human frailties.

Aw, heck, I have been praying all my life for the quality of BALANCE! Not too radical in any direction, please, Lord. People have always picked me as their spokesman for my outspokenness and verbal aptitude.... but I wanted and needed to know exactly what to say and get some insight before I cocked my cannon and fired. I remember when I was in grade school someone made fun and ridiculed me for not knowing what a word meant-- that I didn't know what I was talking about, so I dived into the dictionary and even read it for fun, never to make that mistake again. I was a talk, slim guy working on Dad's farm in WI, but I poured myself into all sorts of books and info. That paid off in latter years and now.

I know and love many friends who constantly try to help me these past years as I deal with a sick, disabled spouse. I love and cherish their daily comments and support. They care for me-- and that feels so good! I just have to implement what I already know and pace myself. I am still looking for someone to cut my lawn and do a few chores for me. The young punks just don't have the 'work ethic', are too money oriented and puny... LOL. It's always the older friends who have their own limitation and disabilities who end up coming over to help me out. But aside from noting this solid fact, we also have to just accept that it will continue to be this way until the Lord comes to 'clean up and set things right' AFTER He Raptures up the Faithful dead and then His living followers/ believers. [please see that great article I posted yesterday]. In the mean time, we just continue on faithfully and help each other like the Word says.

The air temperature is only 73, but the humidity is way up high! That's why Wisconsin is so green, lush and ideal for growing corn, soybeans, fruit and crops, and I can't wait to get back into the garden to hoe, hoe, hoe!

Tom Schuckman
Jesus is my Lord and Savior