Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Death of the West.

Tom's Journal.

Hello Folks,
I only have a few minutes to share something that I really believe in concerning the 'West' -- America being misled down the wrong road, and the present 'Administration' leading the way. But most of the 'Christian churches' have been echoing the same trash about how selfish and decadent we Americans and Western nations are... always greedy and 'pushing down other races of people'...Ha! With any true study at all, we find that true Christianity is very generous with time, energy, money, goods, and help... missionaries, and physical help to less functional economics in 3rd world nations. Question: What have the 3rd world countries, the heathen and Islamic countries done for Society and their own people ?? It's a self imposed poverty and stone age living conditions. Trampling on women, stoning them for un-biblical offenses, killing unwanted babies, usually female, etc.

Bottom line: After touring Europe and Asia and reading, I would MUCH RATHER LIVE IN THE WEST-- AMERICA, than the poor and corrupt 3rd world nations! Been there-- done that. 'You can't help the homeless if your own house burns down!' But what really makes this whole idea ugly and wrong is that the Western 'churches' is laying a guilt trip on their people, when in fact we are a very generous nation that was formed out of pure Christianity. Hey! Let's get things straight... please.
Christianity & The Death of the West
By Pastor Bret McAtee