Monday, June 21, 2010

The Bible Opposes Socialism.

Tom's Journal.

THE BIBLE OPPOSES SOCIALISM. Ain't it the truth ! It seems and feels to me as if we were playing football or some other sport-- and just as we were about to win the game through our hard work, training and skill, some one changes the RULES at the last minute!! For those of us who had a mommy and daddy who taught us a good, proper, hard work ethic-- living within our means-- being robbed by a new Socialist Gov't take over would make us miserable and resentful. The 'new laws' punish the hard workers and reward the bums who DON'T WORK, but spend all their money on stupidity and parties!

I was forced to live in the inner city of Milwaukee for a short time while I attended a great Tech college, MATC - Milwaukee, in 1994-5, and I saw first hand how the ghetto people live.... on food stamps, welfare, theft and crime.... NOT ALL OF THEM, but most of them. They seem to have money for smokes, liquor, drugs and junk food-- but never enough to pay the rent and utilities, and their kids are cheated out of a normal, balanced 2 parent family life. Actually, without the illegitimate kids, the adults wouldn't get any Gov't handouts! So they NEVER get married, because that would kill their 'golden goose' of "free Gov't money/ benefits. I just couldn't live like that.... sorry. But this has been going on in America for 5 generations. I remember Prez LBJ -- Johnson, and his 'Great Society' programs to help the poor. I believe that LBJ and his administration MEANT well, but their programs enslaved the poor,IMO, and taught them to "work the system" instead of trying to get educated and work for their keep. Socialism enslaves the people and bankrupts the country. Many disillusioned people, IMHO, think that their political party and different agendas can turn things around--- but they always leave out the GOD FACTOR, and the Bible, which plainly tells us that ONLY GOD can change the world! But... perish the thought that they should stoop so low and actually read and trust God's Word. After all, 'Cramps and narrow is the road leading to ever lasting life in heaven.... but broad and spacious is the road leading to destruction.' But now... this is only my personal opinion after living a long, fruitful, adventurous life-- some of it on the wild side, but also reading as many good books as I could.

I worry a lot about my poor wife and her slowly getting worse, even now, after all the hospitalization and new medicine. She told me that her female cardiologist verbally abused her and treated her poorly last week. Frankly, I am at the frazzled end of my wits where nothing works anymore, and I feel useless and depressed about my wife's poor condition. I need to turn it over to God's hands, instead of thinking that I can somehow control things. I have come to love Sharon more as we grow to know each other better. That's the spooky problem in life--- when you finally grow closer in friendship and love-- your friend/ partner 'leaves the scene !' It is for that reason that many soldiers in combat find it hard to commit to close relationships after they get out of the service. I like to think that I am different, but I get hurt too often trusting people who rob and cheat me-- my money and benefits, and then they split when they tire of me.

Sharon didn't feel like going to church yesterday, so I helped her to her EZ chair in the living room, and asked her to just stay there until I got back in 2 hours. After church I figured I could drive to the store to get some meat to grill outside on that fine sunny day for us. I tried to call home twice, but no one answered, and I got nervous, so I called a dear friend, Joe V, from church [at his home] to please run over and check on my wife-- and sure enough, Sharon fell down again and could not get up-- she is very weak yet. I got home 20 minutes later and Joe helped her up by that time. If she had only listened to me-- but she has always been stubborn and independent.... So now I just wonder how I will be able to keep my doctors' appointments, etc. She has fallen down too many times, trying to do stuff without my support and help. Any suggestions or ideas, folks??

I make her wear a whistle around her neck and tell her to always keep her cell phone with her where ever she goes/ walks. I worry about her all the time, and know a few other friends who are in the same boat with their own wives.
Thank you all for your continued prayers and well wishes.

P.S. Waking up in the morning and feeling her side of the bed wet, and not being able to wake her up [but she was breathing with her CPAP and Oxygen running for her], I called a few smart friends and the KMH- [hospital in Kenosha, WI], they advised me to call the EMT'S -- Rescue Squad right away, and so they came to haul Sharon BACK TO THE ER at St. Cat's in K-town and she looked serious and unresponsive. Her doctor was there and told me that if I had not got her here in time -- a bit later, she may have been much worse or died. But she is ALWAYS hard to get up in the morning, dizzy, slow headed and unresponsive!! Her blood sugar was too low, as they did a number of tests, and the 'Rescue Squad' in our one horse town didn't jack around this time, but shipped her directly to where we needed her to go. How was I to know that her blood sugar was so low, when she was bragging how great she felt Friday before the big Summer Storm that felled many trees in Wisconsin?! So she is in ICU again-- and I am totally un-nerved and distraught, and I always catch the blame no matter what I do-- so it seems. Sorry to cry in your beer today, dear friends. Just call me Yo-Yo. I been praying my head off all day, and have trouble concentrating--- so I am writing this mainly for self- therapy, and to let other friends know what is happening with Sharon, etc. I don't know if she heard me or not when I squeezed her hand and said, "I love you, Sharon." With stuff like this happening, out of the blue, I may get paranoid, and afraid to let myself relax enough to sleep. Just when we thought that my wife was "out of the woods...."
I called a good disabled Vietnam Vet- Marine friend [Marvin R. Ellis] that I used to work with at Chrysler, etc, and his wife told me that she is going through the same ordeal with him-- a very sick spouse that no one can help-- he is dying too. The devil is having a field day.


Warm Regards,

June 21, 2010

The Bible Opposes Socialism

Prof. Steve C. Halbrook / The New Geneva Leadership Blog:
The Bible's civil code (in the Older Testament) does not authorize rulers to redistribute wealth. While helping the poor is commanded, none of the laws regarding helping the poor are backed by a civil sanction. For instance, the law about leaving gleanings from the harvest for the poor and the sojourner (Leviticus 23:22; cf. 19:9) is not accompanied by a penalty to be enforced by the state if the law is violated. (The main penalties the state is permitted to enforce for certain sins include restitution [e.g. Exodus 22:1-4], flogging [e.g. Deuteronomy 25:1-3],and execution [e.g. Leviticus 24:16]). Of course, while the state is not to punish the sin of neglecting the poor, God nevertheless does. Whenever we neglect the poor, we risk God’s judgment in this life (cf.Deuteronomy 28:15), and we must answer to Him for it on judgment day (2 Corinthians 5:10).

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