Monday, June 28, 2010

Help from my Daughters.

Tom's Journal.

My two fine daughters were such a blessing to me and my wife today! Barbara, my oldest, spent some quality time with me today as we visited my own mother, then we ate lunch and visited my wife, who has been fighting for survival with all her various surgeries in the past 2 years! We think that the staff will recommend that she be transferred to a near by Rehab place-- and that's good. My 2 girls are compassionate and treat my wife well with love and kindness.

Then, my youngest daughter, Sarah, had to juggle her two small kids while weeding my veggie garden, did laundry, and cleaned the upstairs, and that was a tall order! I like to shower them with gifts even if they didn't ask for anything. I am NOT used to 2 and 4 year olds playing, jumping and crying non-stop, even as I love them dearly-- and I am just getting so tired with my current regimen going to and from my wife's hospital daily-- 44 miles round trip, and entertaining my own kids and grand kids along with all these other major stressors lately. Sometimes I feel that I need to "hide myself" to be alone and 'chill out' so I don't fall over with a death dealing heart attack! That wouldn't help any of my loved ones and wife. I see it as my "fail safe" mechanism.

Indeed, care takers rob themselves of years off their own life with the stress of caring for people they love, like a spouse. But you wouldn't want strangers now days [with only their paycheck in mind] taking care of you-- because their greedy little hearts are certainly not in it for love of the patient. See: Last Days hard to deal with-- Timothy.
To be sure, I am very blessed with some very good Christians and my children that help me when I really need it. They are worth their weight in gold--- and in heaven.

It seems like I am spending too much money lately, but if it's used to further God's Kingdom-- then surely the Lord will continue to take care of me and mine. He has never failed me as long as I am doing His will. I ordered more DEFINED KJV Bibles again-- 4, and that comes to $80 with shipping-- the books are heavy. I end up giving most of them away- but how can you put a price on someone being SAVED or drawn closer to God?? I figure that as long as we are about our Father's work-- we won't spend too much time doing wrong or having a "pity party."

It's going to be cooler and sunny tomorrow-- time to get more sun on my big body --to get some vitamin D, etc. Good old, Deuce the Rottweiler keeps me company and we are buddies. I can't believe it's 10:00!